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Families covered: Uniacke of Ballyhobbert, Uniacke of Ballyvergyn, Uniacke of Barnageehy, Uniacke of Castletown, Uniacke of Corkbeg, Uniacke of Cottage, Uniacke of Kermincham, Uniacke of Lisquinian, Uniacke of Mount Uniacke, Uniacke of Woodhouse, Uniacke of Youghal, Judkin-FitzGerald of Lisheen

Thomas Unack or Uniack, Mayor of Youghal, co. Cork (a 1500, 1562)
m. Margaret
1. James Uniack of Ballyhobbert & Youghal (d 1578)
  m. Margaret FitzGerald (dau of Edmund FizGerald of Ballymartyr, sister of John, seneschal of Imokilly)
  A. John Uniacke of Ballyhobbert, Youghal, etc (b c1562, dsp before 1623)
  m. Johanna Copinger (d by 02.1637, dau of Thomas Copinger or Coppinger, Mayor of Youghal)
  B.+ other issue - Ellen, Christian
2. Edmund Uniacke of Youghal (a 1578)
  A. Thomas Uniacke of Youghal
  m. Margaret FitzGerald of Glenane
  i. Maurice Uniacke of Ballyvergyn, Mayor of Youghal then the Staple (d before 18.07.1649)
  m. Margrett Kearney (dau/heir of Richard Kearney of Youghal)
  a. Thomas Uniacke of Ballyvergyn & Barnageehy (bur 08.04.1708, alderman of Youghal)
  m. (c1670) Ellinor FitzGerald (bur 19.01.1703/4, dau of Garret FitzGerald of Lisquinian, brother/coheir of Robert)
(1) Thomas Uniacke of Ballyvergyn & Barnageehy & Woodhouse, Mayor of Youghal (d 1734)
  m. (c03.1707) Helena Bor (dau/coheir of General Christian Bor of Bor Mount by Ellen, "an heiress of the family of Hore, co Wexford")
  (A) Bor Uniacke of Ballyvergyn, Youghal & Woodhouse (b 1710, d 25.04.1777)
  m. (c04.1742) Anne Trench (dau of Frederick Trench of Moate)
  (i) Robert Uniacke of Woodhouse, co Waterford (d 1802, Colonel)
m. (1790) Anne Constantia Beresford (dau of John Bereseford, brother of 1st Marquess of Waterford)
  (a) Robert John Uniacke of Woodhouse (d 1851) had issue
  m. (08.1821) Mildred Bourke (d 29.07.1869, sister of 5th Earl of Mayo)
  (b)+ other issue - John FitzGerald (b 1798, d 1825, Sheriff & Provost Marshal of New South Wales in Australia), 6 daughters
  (ii) Helena Uniacke (b 1744, d 16.09.1779)
m. Richard Uniacke of Abadda (son of Richard of Mount Uniacke) @1@ below
  (iii) Elizabeth Uniacke (b 1754)
  m. Crofton Uniacke of Ballyre (son of Norman of Castletown) @2@ below
  (iv)+ other issue (d young) - Frederick, Mary (b 1748)
  (B) Robert Uniacke, later FitzGerald, of Lisquinlan & Corkbeg (bpt 08.02.1711/2, d 25.05.1778)
  m1. Jane Smyth (d 1746, dau of Richard Smyth of Ballynatray)
(i) Gertrude Uniacke
  m. (09.12.1763) John La Touche of Harristown (son of David Diges of Marlay)
  m2. Frances Judkin (d 12.08.1791, dau of John Judkin of Cashel, sister of John of Cashel)
  (ii) Robert Uniacke, later Uniacke-FitzGerald of Lisquinlan & Corkbeg (b 1751, d 1814)
  m. Louisa Bullen (dau of Rev. R. Bullen)
  (a) Robert Uniacke (dsp 1832)
m. Gertrude Blakeney Lyon (dau/heir of Thomas Lyon of Watercastle by Grace, dau of Col. Robert Blakeney of Abbert)
  (b) Louisa Pettitot Uniacke (d 28.10.1854)
  m. (12.07.1794) James Penrose of Woodhill (d 19.04.1845)
  Lisquinlan & Corkbeg passed to one of their sons who assumed the name Penrose-Fitzgerald.
  (c) Gertrude Uniacke
m. Walter Atkin of Carystown (Captain)
  (d) Mary Aubrey Uniacke or FitzGerald(d 06.12.1868)
  m. Edward Wallis Hoare (Admiral, son of Sir Edward, 2nd Bart)
  (e) Elizabeth Uniacke or FitzGerald(dsp)
  m. _ Scoresby (Captain)
  (f) Eleanor Uniacke or FitzGerald
  m. (1821) Norman Uniacke of Castletown (d 1835, Colonel) @3@ below
  (g)+ other issue (d unm) - Clotilda, Harriet, Fanny, Helena (d 1870), Marguerite (d 1869)
  (iii) Sir Thomas Uniacke of Lisheen, later Judkin-FitzGerald, 1st Bart (b 05.5.1754, d 24.09.1810)
  The following comes from BP1934 (Judkin-FitzGerald of Lisheen).
  m. (01.1785) Elizabeth Capel (d 1834, dau/coheir of Joseph Capel of Cloghroe House, m2. Anderson Saunders of Newtown)
  (a) Sir John Uniacke or FitzGerald, later Judkin-FitzGerald, 2nd Bart of Lisheen (b 27.08.1787, d 28.02.1860) had issue
  m1. (10.08.1816) Elizabeth Pennefather (d 26.04.1835, dau of Richard Pennefather of New Park, widow of Major Acheson Montgomery Moore of Garvagh)
m2. (10.11.1837, spm) Geraldine Fitzgerald (d 11.02.1839, dau of Preston Fitzgerald of Dublin)
  m3. (27.04.1854, sp) Margaret Warner (b c1806, d 09.09.1883, dau of William Warner of Kitwell, widow of Robert Jones Parry then Samuel Banks)
  (b) Joseph Capel Uniacke (b 28.07.1789, dsps 20.02.1840)
m. (10.1820) Melissime Lavinia Richards (dau of James Richards of Elin Grove)
  (c) Robert Uniacke (b 04.1792, d Salamanca 1812)
  (iv) Eleanor Uniacke or FitzGerald
  m. Rev. Robert Dring (son of Simon of Cork)
  (v) Helen Uniacke or FitzGerald
  m. Henry Brabazon of Willville
(vi)+ other issue - Clotilda, Elizabeth (d unm 1799)
  (C) Maurice Uniacke of Woodhouse (d 02.02.1743)
  m. Katherine Uniacke (dau/heir of James Uniacke of Cappagh) @4@ below
  (i) Barbara Uniacke
  m. (06.1751) Walter Atkin of Leadington
  (D) Clotilda Uniacke
  m. (16.10.1738) William Wallis of Ballycrenane
  (2) James Uniacke of Corneveagh, co Cork (d 1712)
  m. Anstace or Anastacia Ronayne (dau of Philip FitzJames Ronayne of Ronayne's Court, m2. Gibbon FitzGibbon of Cashmore)
  (A) Helen Uniacke
  m. _ Prendergast
  (B)+ other issue - Maurice (b 1705), James in Jamaica (had issue), Philip of Youghal (a 1737)
  (3)+ other issue - Margaret (b 1672), Elinor (d 1680)
b. James Uniacke of Coolegaragh (co Cork) & Dublin (d 10.08.1682)
  m. (c05.1665) Mary Neale of Dublin
  (1) James Uniacke of Mount Uniacke in Coolegaragh (b 12.10.1671, bur 11.06.1733, 2nd son)
  m. Mary Mathews (b c1684, d 1772, dau of William Mathews of Tempelyon)
  (A) Richard Uniacke of Mount Uniacke (bur 04.10.1761)
  m. Ann Longfield (bur 11.07.1787, dau of John Longfield of Castle Mary)
  (i) James Uniacke of Mount Uniacke (d 1803)
  m1. (17.09.1760) Caroline Coote (d 1792, dau of Charles Coote of Coote Hill, sister of Earl of Bellamont)
(a) Prudence Uniacke (b 1764, d infant)
  m2. Mary Higgins
  (b) Norman Uniacke of Mount Uniacke (b 1796, d 19.04.1861, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (07.10.1818) Eleanor Lax (d 1876, dau of George Lax of Wells)
  (c) Ann Uniacke
  m. Patrick Lawler
  (d)+ other issue - George Richard (d young), Elizabeth
  (ii) Richard Uniacke 'of Mount uniacke' of Dublin & Abadda, Mayor of Youghal (a 1781, 3rd son)
m. Helena Uniacke (d 16.09.1779, dau of Bor Uniacke of Woodhouse) @1@ above
  (a) Richard Uniacke (d young)
  (b) Mary Elizabeth Helena Uniacke
  m. (01.05.1800) John Bayly of Debsborough (d 08.03.1820)
  (iii) Robert Uniacke (d 1832, Colonel)
  m. (1777) Mary Baynes (dau of Arthur Baynes)
  (a) Richard Uniacke of Seaview, co Cork (General) had issue
  m. Judith Uniacke (dau of Redmond Uniacke of Old Court) @5@ below
  (b) Harriet Uniacke
  m. John Armstrong (Captain)
  (c)+ other issue (d unm) - Robert (Captain), Anne, Caroline, Mary, Catherine, Amy, Jane
  (iv) Elizabeth Uniacke
  m. John Swayne of Youghal
  (v) Harriet Uniacke
  m. Mathew Nash (Captain)
  (vi)+ other issue - John (d unm 1763), Ann (d unm), Mary (d unm)
  (B) John Uniacke of Carriggower, co Cork
  m. Judith Barry (dau of Redmond Barry of Ballyclough)
(i) Redmond Uniacke of Old Court
  m. (1782) Elizabeth Fleming (dau of Lionel Fleming of Green Park)
  (a) John Uniacke (d unm Cuidad Rodrigo 1812, Captain)
  (b) Lionel Uniacke had issue
  m. Elizabeth Crotty (dau of George Crotty)
(c) Thomas Fane Uniacke of Lymbury Lodge, co Westmeath had issue
  m. Elizabeth Rochfort (dau of Gustavus Rochfort of Rochfort Bridge)
  (d) Martha Uniacke (d 31.05.1839)
  m. (1799) Thomas Townsend of Clyda (d 13.04.1847, son of Richard of Dublin)
  (e) Elizabeth Uniacke
  m. Arthur Molloy (Captain)
  (f) Judith Uniacke
  m. Richard Uniacke (Captain, son of Colonel Robert) @5@ above
  (g) Isabella Uniacke
  m. Philip Somerville of The Prairy, Schull (son of Thomas of Castlehaven)
  (h) Henrietta Uniacke
  m. Edward Coxon (Captain)
  (ii) Mary Uniacke
m. Henry Ffolliott of Hollybrook (Major)
  (C) Norman Uniacke of Castletown, co Cork (d 1776)
  m. Alicia Purdon (dau/coheir of Bartholomew Coote Purdon of Ballyclough & Garrane James)
  (i) James Uniacke of Castletown (d 19.10.1835)
  m. Elizabeth Dring (dau of Simon Dring of Cork)
  (a) Norman Uniacke of Castletown (dvp 1835, Lt. Colonel) had issue
  m. (1821) Eleanor FitzGerald (dau of Col. Robert Uniacke FitzGerald of Corkbeg) @3@ above
  (b) James Uniacke of Glengarra (Major)
  m. Alicia Elizabeth Dring (dau of Simon Dring of Rockgrove by Mary Uniacke)
  (ii) Bartholomew Uniacke (d unm)
  (iii) Norman Uniacke (dsp)
  m. Mary Anne Dring (dau of Simon Dring of Rock Grove)
  (iv) Richard Uniacke of Mount Uniacke in Halifax, Nova Scotia (b 22.11.1753, d 11.10.1830, Attorney General in Canada)
  m1. (03.05.1775) Martha Maria de Lesdernier (d 09.02.1803, dau of Moses de Lesdernier of Geneva)
  (a) Norman FitzGerald Uniacke (b 1778, dsp 11.12.1846, judge in Lower Canada)
  m. Sopheia de Lesdernier
  (b) Crofton Uniacke (b 1783, d 26.10.1852, (judge in Nova Scotia) had issue
  m. (03.05.1805) Dorothea Fawson (dau of Capt. Jones Fawson)
  (c) Richard John Uniacke (b 1790, d 21.02.1834, judge in Nova Scotia) had issue
  m. Mary Anne Hill (d 10.01.1857, dau of Hon. Charles Hill of Halifax)
  (d) Robert FitzGerald Uniacke (b 1797, dsp 01.06.1870, rector in Halifax)
  m. Elizabeth Franklyn (d 23.12.1874, dau of Gould Franklyn)
(e) James Boyle Uniacke (b 19.01.1800, d 26.03.1858) had issue
  m. Rosina Jane Black (d 1858, dau of Hon. William Black)
  (f) Mary Uniacke (b 1782, d 25.02.1825)
  m. (03.05.1805) Sir Andrew Mitchell (Rear Admiral)
  (g) Martha Maria Uniacke
  m. (03.05.1805) Thomas N. Jeffery in Halifax
  (h) Alicia Uniacke
  m. William Scott of Sunderland Hall, Roxburghshire
  (i) Anne Margaret Uniacke (b 09.05.1794, d 26.02.1871)
  m. (30.10.1817) Kevan Izod Leslie of Wilton (Captain)
  (j) Elizabeth Uniacke (d unm 1849)
  (k) Eleanor Rebecca Uniacke (d 1849)
  m. William Hacket (d 29.05.1854)
m2. (14.01.1808) Elizabeth Newton (d 16.04.1849, dau of Major Philips Newton)
  (l) Andrew Mitchell Uniacke of Halifax (b 09.11.1808, d 26.07.1895, judge in Nova Scotia) had issue
  m. (06.02.1834) Elizabeth McLean Fraser (d 06.06.1886, dau of John Fraser)
  (v) Crofton Uniacke of Ballyre, co Cork (d 10.06.1831)
  m. (05.1788) Elizabeth Uniacke (d 28.10.1814, dau of Bor Uniacke of Woodhouse) @2@ above
  (a) Crofton Uniacke of Ballyre (b 20.12.1791, dsp 03.05.1864)
  m. (1835) Esther Smyth (d 20.03.1868, dau of Percy Scott Smyth of Headborough)
  (b)+ other issue (d unm) - Anne (b 1789), Alicia (d 1790)
  (vi) Mary Uniacke (d 02.11.1820)
  m. (06.07.1786) Samuel Dring of Rock Grove (d 23.04.1811)
  (D) Mary Uniacke
  m. James Lombard of Craig probably the James 'of Lombardstown' who was father of ...
  (i) Mary Lombard
  m. (07.1746) Simon Dring of Rockgrove
(E) Elizabeth Uniacke
  m. (1740) Perkins Crofton of Rochford (dsp 17.12.1768, Archdeacon of Aghadoe, Vicar General of Cork & Ross)
  (2) Norman Uniacke of Curragheen, co Cork (b 09.08.1678, d 05.12.1727)
  m. Elizabeth Supple (dau of William Supple of Aghadoe)
  (A) James Uniacke, Mayor of Youghal (a 1757)
  m. (23.04.1747) Jane Lucas (dau of Alderman John Lucas of Youghal)
  (i) Jasper Uniacke of Araglyn, co Cork (d 1798, 5th son)
  m. Maria Andrews (dau of Joshua Andrews of Kilworth)
  (a) James Uniacke (d China 21.07.1842, Major) had issue (1 dau)
  m. Emma Roche (dau of Edmond Roche)
  (ii)+ other issue - Norman WIlliam, Arthur Hyde, James Tonson, Richard
  (B) William Uniacke of Cork (d 1760)
  m. Elizabeth Morris
  (C) John Uniacke of Cottage, co Cork (d 09.09.1793)
  m. Frances Mainwaring (d 12.1796, dau/coheir of Roger Mainwaring of Kermincham)
  (i) John Uniacke of Cottage & Kermincham (Cheshire)
  m. Mary Blundell (dau of Dixie Blundell, Dean of Clontarf)
  (a) John Uniacke of Cottage & Kermincham, Mayor of Chester (a 1838) had issue
  m. (03.06.1823) Anne Pierrepont (dau of Vice Admiral _ Pierrepont)
  (b) Mary Uniacke
  m. (1812) Henry Chapman McVeagh of Drewstown
  (ii) Catherine Uniacke
  m. John R. Parker of Youghal & London
  (iii) Frances Uniacke
  m. Henry Turner of Bath
  (iv) Margaret Uniacke
  m. (12.11.1770) William Power of Drumraghill
  (D) Elizabeth Uniacke
  m. Edmond Browning of Dublin
  (E)+ other issue (a 1754) - Mary, Mabella
  (3) Anne Uniacke (b 21.11.1674, d 1771)
  m. James Uniacke of Cappagh (cousin) @5@ just above
(4)+ other issue - John of Curragheen (b 22.10.1669, d before 22.10.1730), Kearney (b 16.07.1681), Margaret (b 10.01.1667, a 1727), Mary (b 12.01.1672, d unm after 1730), Grace (b 1679, d young)
  c. Edmond Uniacke of Youghal (a 1682)
  (1) James Uniacke of Cappagh, co. Tipperary
  m1. Ann Uniacke (dau of James Uniacke of Dublin, cousin) @5@ just above
  m2. Barbara Power (dau of John Power of Clashmore)
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  (A) Katherine Uniacke
  m. Maurice Uniacke of Woodhouse @4@ above
  (2) Anstace Uniacke
  m. John Colpoys (son of Thomas of Rathfoland)
  d. Richard Uniacke of Gray's Inn, London (a 1669)
  (1) Elizabeth Uniacke (a 1734)
  m. _ Manners
  e. John Uniacke of Curreheen, co Cork (d after 12.03.1729, alderman of Youghal)
  m. Phillis Miagh (d 1684, dau of Pierce Miagh, alderman of Youghal)
  (1)+ 2 children (d young)
  f. Anstace Uniacke
  m. Theobald FitzGerald of Clones
  g. Joane Uniacke (a 1649)
  ii. daughter
  m. Nicholas Miagh of Youghal
  iii.+ other issue (a 1649) - Edmond, Christian

Main source(s): BIFR1976 (Uniacke), BLGI1912 (Uniacke late of Castletown)
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