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Families covered: Walle of Burchor, Wall of Chester, Wall of Faintree Hall, Wall of Hellesby, Wall of Kingsland, Wall of Wensley, Wall of Worcester, Wall of Worthy Park

Visitation (Shropshire) identifies the arms of the following family as "Per fess or and azure, a fesse counter-embattled between three fleurs-de-lis counterchanged".
John Wall of Faintree Hall, Salop
m. _ Wall (dau/heir of _ Wall of Barton in Salop)
1. Roger or Robert Wall of Faintree Hall
  m. _ Cressett (dau of _ Cressett of Upton Cresset)
  A. William Wall of Faintree Hall
  m. Elizabeth Arden (dau of Thomas Arden of Billingsley)
  i. John Wall of Kingsland, Herefordshire
  m. Elizabeth Cressy (dau/heir of Miles Cressy of Harding by Mary, dau/heir of John Cherry of Yorkshire)
  a. Humphrey Wall of Leominster & Lawton, Herefordshire
  m. Mary Peryn (dau of Richard Peryn of Leymster (Leominster))
  (1)+ issue (a 1623?) - John, Francis, Toby, Fortune, Jane, Elizabeth, Katherin, Margrett, Elinor
  b. John Wall of Lillinghall, Herefordshire
  m. Joane Unet (dau of Jo. Unet of Lillinghall)
  (1) Bridget Wall
m. Arthur Reading (son of Richard of Underlie in Wolvertoin)
  c. Elianor Wall
  m. Philip (ap) Thomas of Lemster (Leominster)
  (1) Mary
  d. Dorothy Wall
  m. Jo. Rea of Kingsland
  (1)+ issue - John, Richard, Humphry, Thomas, Anne
  ii. John Wall of Faintree (2nd of the name)
  m. Ann Purslowe (dau of Thomas Purslowe of Sudbury)
  a.+ issue - Francis, John, Robert, Humfry, Richard, Elizabeth
  B. Henry Wall of Downton, Salop
  i. Thomas Wall of Downton
  C. John Wall
  i. daughter
  m. Thomas Tenestyle
  D. Richard Wall of Sutton, Salop
  m. Pernell Chester (dau of Thomas Chester)
  i. John Wall
  m. _ Knowles
  ii. Ellizabeth Wall
  m. William Sparry (Spery) of Sutton
  iii. Anne Wall
  m. Gilbert Penne
  iv. Mary Wall
  m. Thomas Baber
  v.+ other issue - Richard, George
  E. William Walle possibly of this generation
  The following comes from Visitation (Michael Powell Siddons (2002), Herefordshire, 1634, 'Wall of Strangworth' (p28+) & 'Wall of Burchor' (p29)). Showing William here is highly speculative. However, his family is shown as having the same coat of arms are the family above.
  i. Thomas Walle of Burchor, Herefordshire
  m. Ann Powle (dau of William Powle of Lemster (Leominster))
  a. George Walle of Burchor (a 1634)
  m. Mary Walton (dau of Richard Walton of Munckland)
  (1)+ issue (a 1634) - Thomas (b c1619), George, Elizabeth, Margret
  b. John Walle of Burchor
  ii. Henry Walle of Burchor
  m. Jane (widow of _ Barwar of Kingsland)
  a. John Walle of Kingsland
  m. Ann Colman (dau/heir of William Colman of Lawton)
  (1) John Walle of Kingsland
  m. _ Smallward of Stafford
  (2) Walter Walle, Mayor of Hereford (a 1634)
  (3) Thomas Walle of Strangworth, Herefordshire (a 1634)
  m1. Ann Colman (dau of William Colman of Kingsland)
  (A)+ issue (a 1634) - William (b c1622), Thomas, Ann, Eleanor
  m2. Ann Hopwood (dau of Roger Hopwood of Milton)
  (E)+ other issue - Joseph, Katherin



BLG1863 shows that the following family has the same coat of arms as the above family.
Samuel Wall of Brockhampton, Worcestershire (b 1697, d 1775)
m. Mary Southall (dau of John Southall of Great Witley)
1. Samuel Wall of Worcester (b 1734, d 1812, banker)
  m. Millicent Ellis (b 1792, d 1810, dau/heir of William Ellis of Worcester, sister/coheir of John of Claines)
  A. William Wall of Great Malvern & Worcester (b 21.05.1766) had issue
  m. (21.09.1802) Elizabeth Williams (dau of Edward Williams of Enfield)
  B. Samuel Wall of Worthy Park (Hampshire), Sheriff of Worcestershire (b 29.05.1775, d 11.1843) had issue
  m1. (24.10.1812) Eliza Binns (dau/coheir of John Binns of Leeds (banker))
  m2. (14.02.1837, sp?) Eliza Anne Lechmere (dau of Sir Anthony Lechmere of The Rhyd, Bart)



FMG, which mentions the following family 'in passing' and so does not show whether or not they had a coat of arms, starts with 2 brothers, shown here as sons of ...
?? Wall
1. William Wall of Wensley, Derbyshire
  A. Stephen Wall
  i. Henry Wall
  a. Stephen Wall of Ryber in Matlock (a 09.1803)
  (1)+ issue - Henry, John, George
2. Anthony Wall
  A. John Wall of Wensley
  m. Anne Gregson (dau of George Gregson of Turnditch & Derby by Mary Buxton)
  i. George Wall of Wensley (d 20.01.1753)
  m. Mary Staley (dau of John Staley, m2. John Wilkinson of Chesterfield)
  a. Anna Maria Wall (d unm 01.05.1762)
  ii. John Wall of Wensley (dsp 06.1773)
  m. Mary Goodwin (dau of William Goodwin of Winster, m2. _ Bushby)



BLG1847 identifies the arms of the following family as "Arg., on a cross, sa. five lions, rampant, or" which implies that there was no known connection with the families shown above.
James Wall (rector of Woodborough, Wiltshire)
m. Mar Anne Hawkins
1. Thomas Wall (b 1721, d 1812)
  m. (1746) Elizabeth Ellis
  A. Charles Wall (b 1756, d 1815)
  m. (1790) Harriet Baring (d 1838, dau of Sir Francis Baring, Bart)
  i. Charles Baring Wall of Norman Court, Hampshire (b 1795)



The Harleian editor identifies the arms of the following family as "Argent, a crescent Azure, between three bears' heads, erased Gules, muzzled Or; in chief three pellets" which implies that there was no known connection with the families shown above.
John Wall of Hellesby
m. Elizabeth Worrall (dau of Richard Worrall, Mayor of Chester in 1508)
1. William Wall (dsp, cleric)
2. Raffe Wall of Hellesbye in Frodsham, Cheshire
  m. Elizabeth Dutton (dau of John Dutton of Hellesbie (Helsby) by Johan (dau of John Tatton (Baron of the Exchequer), widow of _ Hynton of Hynton))
  A. John Wall
i. Raffe Wall had issue ("many children")
  B. William Wall, Mayor of Chester (Mayor in 1586)
  m. Agnes Grymsditche (dau of Richard Grymsditche of Chester (m. Margerie Foster of Stafford), son of Richard of Chester)
  i. Robert Wall of Chester
  m. (07.12.1589) Ales Brerewoode (dau of Robert Brerewoode of Chester (alderman))
  a. Agnes Wall
  m. Thomas Fletcher of Cheshire (alderman)
  (1)+ issue - William, Thomas, Agnes, Sara, Jane
  b. Sara Wall
  m(1). Henry Hamnet (son/heir of William (alderman))
  (1)+ issue - William, Thomas, Agnes
  This is possibly the Sara, dau of Robert Wall of Chester (alderman) & sister of Richard of Chester, who also married the following John who, if this is the case, was her 1st cousin.
  m2. John Brerewood (bpt 27.12.1589)
  c.+ other issue - John (d young), William
  C. Robert Wall of Chester
  m. Jane Hankye (dau/coheir of John Hankye of Churtone County)
  i.+ "many children" including Edward (d unm 24.09.1614, 3rd son)
3. Richard Wall of Allesburye
  A. daughter
  m. Richard Lyteler
  i.+ 2 daughters
4. Robert Wall of Chester
  A. Alice Wall
  m. Roger Lynyall of Chester
  i. 2 Thomas Lynyall
5. Thomas Wall of Northwiche, Cheshire had issue ("di'use children")

Main source(s):
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(2) For 2nd section : BLG1863 ('Wall of Worthy Park'), CountyGen (Berry, Hampshire, p65)
(3) For 3rd section (first uploaded to a Temporary page on 17.02.12) : within FMG (vol 1, MS99, 'Gregson', p217+)
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(5) For lower section : Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, 'Wall of Cheshire' in Appendix)
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