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This section first uploaded 29.04.16.
John Tomson or Thomson of Thornsett
1. Elizabeth Thomson
  m. Richard Ibbotson
2. Dionysia Thomson
  m. Nicholas Stead
3. Ann Thomson
  m. Thomas Bromhead
  A. Emote Bromhead
  m. George Shaw
  B. Ellen Bromhead
  m. Nicholas Ronksley
4. Emote Thomson
  m. Richard Bromhead of Thornsett (d 1625?)



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?? Towne (alderman of Nottingham)
1. John Towne (rector of Sherland)
  m. Ann Broughton (dau of Peter Broughton of Lowdham, m2. Rev. William Wheeler of Chesterfield)
  A. James Towne (b 1739-40, d 27.01.1755)
2. daughter
  m. _ Blacksedge of Nottingham (executed)
  A. Benjamin Blacksedge of Nottingham (proctor)
  B. Ann Blacksedge
  m. Rev. John Bourne



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William Clark (Mayor of Doncaster)
1. Frances Clark (a 1653_
  m1. Robert Swift of Nabbs (bur 13.02.1626-7)
  m2. John Kaye of Nabbs (a 04.1669, 'ironmaster')
  A. Mary Kaye (bpt 11.01.1637-8, a 1669)
  m. Thomas Adams (a 1669)
  B. Susanna Kaye (a 1669)
  m. William Fell of Rotherham
  C.+ other issue - Francis (bpt 17.04.1629, a 1669), John (bpt 23.03.1629-30, d by 1669?), George (bpt 11.03.1630-1, d by 1669?), Edmund (bpt 30.12.1633, d by 1669?), Thomas (a 1669), Sarah (bpt 16.11.1638)



This section first uploaded 12.07.16.
William Clayton of Whitwell, Derbyshire (b 1622, d 29.06.1666)
m. Mary
1. Andrew Clayton of Rownsley (d 20.05.1703)
  m. Anna (a 1715?)
2. Robert Clayton of London (youngest son)
  m1. Elizabeth Vanham (dau/heir of George Vanham of London)
  A. Vanham Clayton of Clown (a 02.1715)
  B. daughter
  m. Richard Young of Medhurst
  m2. Ann
3. Mary Clayton
  m. Richard Bacon of Sheffield (d 28.05.1701)
4. Elizabeth Clayton
  m. John Garland of Todwick (b 1640, d 09.01.1691)
5.+ other issue - John (b 19.10.1666, d 12.03.1666-7), Rebecca (b 19.10.1666, d 19.03.1666-7)



This section first uploaded 05.03.22
John Dutton of Hellesbie (Helsby)
m. Johan Tatton (dau of John Tatton (Baron of the Exchequer), widow of _ Hynton of Hynton))
1. Elizabeth Dutton
  m. Raffe Wall of Hellesbye
2. Margaret Dutton
  m. Jo. Thornton
3. Alice Dutton
  m. George Leech of Chester (Alderman)

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