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Families covered: Welby of Denton, Welby of Muskham

It appears that quite a few families took their name from Welby (Wellebi), near Grantham in Lincolnshire, and that it is difficult to be sure from which of those families the following one descended. Possibly son of William Welby of Harlaxton, which indicates but does not prove that he was descended from the Welbys of Harlaxton (previously of Harrowby), which if proven could take the pedigree back another 10 generations or so to (at least) the 13th century, was ...
John Welby of Priory Farm, Denton, Lincolnshire (a 1523)
m. _?? (probably dau of John Symond, sister of Robert)
1. John Welby of Denton (bur 1547)
  A. William Welby of Denton (d 1613)
  m. Alice Worsley (d 1614, dau of R. Worsley)
i. William Welby of Denton (d 1627)
  m. (1602) Judith Newton (b 1579, d 1617, dau of William Newton of Gonerby)
  a. John Welby (b 1603, d 1604)
  b. William Welby of Denton (b 1604, d 1657)
  m. (1633) Eleanor Williams (b 1614, d 1688, dau of William Williams of Denton)
  (1) William Welby of Denton (d unm 1704)
(2) Richard Welby of Denton, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (d 1713, 'youngest brother')
  m. Mary Towers (dau of John Towers of Haddenham) @@ below
  (A) William Welby of Denton, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (d 29.06.1792)
  m. Catharine Cholmeley (dau of James Cholmeley of Easton)
(i) Sir William Earle Welby, 1st Bart of Denton (d 06.11.1815)
  m1. Penelope Glynne (d 02.1771, dau of Sir John Glynne of Hawarden Castle)
  (a) Sir William Earle Welby, 2nd Bart of Denton (b 14.11.1768, d 03.11.1852) had issue
  m. (30.08.1792) Wilhelmina Spry (d 04.02.1847, dau of William Spry, Governor of Barbados)
  (b) Penelope Welby (d 07.11.1792)
  m. Thomas Northmore of Cleve
  m2. (03.1773) Elizabeth Cope (d 18.02.1825, dau of Robert Cope of Spondon, widow of Thomas Williamson of Allington Hall)
  (c) Richard Earle Welby (b 1779, d 03.10.1834, 5th son) had issue
  m. (05.10.1812) ?? (widow of Henry Penton MP)
  (d) John Earle Welby (b 11.09.1786, d 09.07.1867, rector of Harston)
  m. (20.05.1819) Felicia Elizabetha Hole (d 09.11.1888, dau of Rev. George Hole of Chumleigh & North Tawton)
  (e)+ other issue - Thomas Earle of Alligton, Charles Cope of Allington, Montague Earle (b c1778, d 12.10.1871), Katherine (d 20.11.1849), Elizabeth (d 22.203.1862), Eleanora Charlotte (d unm 19.01.1855), Maria Rebecca (d 23.11.1878)
(B) Richard Welby of Welbourne (d 08.03.1782) had issue
  m. Mary King (dau of Neville King of Ashby)
  (C) Selina Welby
  m. Humphrey Monoux of Sandy Potton
  (D) Eleanor Welby
  m. William Gery of Bushmead Priory
  (3) Judith Welby probably of this generation
  m. William Welby of Rauceby (b 1641, bur 1690) @@ just below
  (4) Eleanor Welby (bpt 12.04.1646) probably of this generation
  m1. Sir Richard Earle, 3rd Bart of Stragglethorpe (bur 1684)
  m2. Edward Payne of Hough
  (5) Selina Welby (d before 04.1698) probably of this generation
  m. Sir Thomas Halford, 2nd Bart of Wistow
c. Richard Welby of Denton then Hather (b 1606, d 1663)
  m. ?? (d 1663, probably widow of _ Everett)
  (1) William Welby of Rauceby (b 1641, bur 1690)
  m. Judith Welby (dau of William Welby of Denton by Eleanor) just above
  (A) Benjamin Welby (dsp 1697)
  (B) William Welby (a 1755)
  m. Dorothy or Anne Twentyman (bur 1720, dau of William Twentyman of Newark)
  (i) William Welby of Muskham, Nottinghamshire (a 1755)
m. Anne Goodbarn (dau of William Goodbarn of Foston)
  (a) William Welby of Islington (a 1802)
  m. Elizabeth Caesar (dau of Charles Caesar)
  ((1)) Adlard Welby of South Rauceby (a 1840) had issue
  m. Mary Hall (dau of Rev. (Thomas) Hall of Westborough)
  ((2))+ other issue (a 1802) - Selina, Catherine
  (b) Mary Welby (bpt 1726)
  m. Thomas Rowland, later Litchford, of Bitchfield
  (c)+ other issue - child (bur 1729), Anne (a 1755)
  (ii) Richard Welby (b 1700, bur 1774, rector of Saperton)
  (iii) John Welby of South Muskham (b 1708, bur 1779)
  m1/2. (sp) Bridget Burton (dau of vicar of South Muskham, sister of Lady Bellasis, widow of Captaion Stuart)
  m2/1. Anne Melbourne (b 1739, d 1780, dau of George Melbourne of North Muskham)
  (a) John Welby of North Muskham (b 1756, d 1807)
  m. Anne Brown (dau of William Brown of Willoughby)
  ((1)) John Welby (b 1781, d 1859) had issue
  m. (1810) Elizabeth Swallow (b 1783, d 1818, dau of John Swallow of Clapham by Elizabeth)
  ((2)) William Welby (b 1783, d 1837, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (1812) Elizabeth Wyan (d 1826, dau of James Wyan of Morton by Ann)
  ((3)) Ann Welby (b 1789, d 1864)
  m. (1808) Francis Butt of Stamford
  ((4))+ other issue - Richard (b 1782, d 1799), Adlard (b 1784, d 1786), Frederick (b 1786, dsp 1809), Charles (b 1787, d 1794)
  (b) Richard Welby of North Muskham (d 1827)
  m. Mary Bristowe (dau of Thomas Bristowe of Beethorpe)
  ((1))+ issue (dsp) - William (a 1802), Richard (a 1802), John
  (c)+ other issue - Selina (b 1760, d unm 118), Arabella (a 1802)
  (iv) Judith Welby
  m. Ralph Clark of Grantham
  (C) Elizabeth Welby
  m. (1691) Morice Houston
  (2) Richard Welby (dsp 1675)
  m. Mary
  (3)+ other issue (a 1663) - Thomas, John
d. Thomas Welby (b 1609, d 1658)
  m. Susannah Dickenson (d1658, dau of Peter Dickenson)
  (1) William Welby (b 1637, dsp 1658)
  e. John Welby of Barkstone (b 1611, d 1646)
  m. Mary Buck (dau of Peregrine Buck)
  (1) John Welby (d young)
  (2) Selina Welby
  m. John Towers 'of Haddenham'
  (A) Mary Towers
  m. Richard Welby of Denton (d 1713) @@ above
  f. Anne Welby (b 1611, a 1646)
  m. William Stevens
  g. Selina Welby
  m. (1635) William Parish
  (1) Selina Parish
  m. _ Dickenson (son of Peter)
  ii. Augustine Welby of Easthorpe, Bottesford (b 1570, d c1617)
  m. (1607) Agnes or Ann Orson of Harlaxton
  a. Benjamin Welby (bur 1665)
  iii. Thomas Welby of Harston (b 1571, bur 1638, curate)
  m. Hester
  a. Jarvis Welby (a 1638, dsp c1650)
  b. Alice Welby (dsp 1657)
  m. John Waite of Wolsthorpe
  iv. Margaret Welby
  m. (1580) Robert Wyng of Denton
  a.+ issue - Richard (b 1582, a 1638), William (b 1585, d 1591), Alice (b 1581), Mary (b 1584), Jane (b 1588)
  v. Mary Welby (b 1563)
  m1. (1588) Anthony Whithede (d 1601?, rector of Denton)
  a.+ issue - John (b 1591, a 1627), George (b 1597, d 1598), George (b 1599, a 1623)
  m2. (1603) Leonard Brown
  vi. Jane Welby (b 1575)
  m. (1600) William Martyn of Wellingore
  a. Thomas Martyn (a 1647)
  vii.+ other issue - George (b 1556, d 1617), John (b 1565, d 1566), Alice (d 1581), Mary (b 1561, d 1562)
  B. Elizabeth Welby
2. Symon Welby at Denton (d 1558)
  m. Elizabeth Soly (a 1558, sister of Lawrence & Agnes Soly of Rauceby)
  A. Alice Welby (a 1558)
  m. _ Sprot
  B.+ other issue (a 1558) - Elizabeth, Mary (b 1538), Agnes (b 1544), Anne
3. Richard Welby in Denton

Main source(s): BP1934 (Denton) with support/input from Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, Welby of Denton) and input from Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, Welby of Haydor, South Rauceby (co. Lincoln), and Muskham (co. Notts))
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