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Families covered: Wharton of Dryburn, Wharton of Gillingwood, Wharton of Grinkle Park, Wharton of Kirkby Thore, Wharton of Old Park, Wharton of Winston

Gilbert Wharton of Kirkby Thore
m1. Catherine Machell (dau of John Machell of Crackenthorpe)
1. John Wharton of Kirkby Thore (d 08.09.1609)
  m. Cecily Thornborough (dau of Sir William Thornborough of Selsall)
  A. Thomas Wharton ("whose male line became extinct 1664")
  B. John Wharton of Winston, co. Durham
  m. (23.10.1582) Margaret Crewe (d 04.1597)
  i. John Wharton of Winston, 1st of Old Park (bur 06.1629)
  m. Elizabeth Hodgson (dau of Ralph Hodgson or Hodson of Fountains Abbey (Winston))
  a. Thomas Wharton of Old Park (b 1614, d 10.1673)
m. Jane Ashbridge (dau of William Ashbridge of London)
  (1) Thomas Wharton of Old Park (b c1657, d 1714, physician)
  m1. Mary Hall (dau of John Hall, Alderman of Durham)
  (A) George Wharton of Old Park (b 1688, dsp 21.03.1739, physician)
  m. Anna Maria Petty (dau of William Petty)
  (B) Robert Wharton of Old Park, Mayor of Durham (b 1690, 5th son)
  m. (05.05.1715) Mary or Margaret Myddleton (dau of Richard Myddleton of Offerton)
  (i) Thomas Wharton of Old Park (d 1794)
m. Margaret Wilkinson (d 1803, dau of Anthony Wilkinson of Sheraton, Hulam & Crossgate)
  (a) Robert Wharton, later Wharton-Myddleton of Old Park & Grinkle Park (Yorkshire) (b 1760)
  m1. Penelope Stainsby
  ((1)) Richard Wharton-Myddleton of Old Park & Grinkle Park (dsp 07.10.1885)
  m. Frances Penelope Watson (d 01.09.1878, dau of Lt.. Col. _ Watson)
  ((2)) Anne Wharton
  m. John Wilmer Field of Heaton Hall
  ((3)) Frances Wharton
  m. John Wilkinson
  ((4)) Elizabeth Wharton
  m. James R. Watson
  m2. Elizabeth Sophia Pococke (dau of Captain _ Pococke)
  ((5)) Sophia Wharton
  m. Rev. R. Gray
((6))+ other issue - Henrietta, Catherine
  (b) Richard Wharton of Offerton (b 1764, a 1812) mentioned by Commoners
  m. Henrietta Ferrers (dau of James Ferrers of Lincoln's Inn)
  (c) Deborah Wharton
  m. Rev. Thomas Brand
  (d) Catherine Wharton (d before 1798)
  m. (28.07.1785) Anthony Salvin of Sunderland Bridge (d 04.1844, Lt. General)
  (e)+ other issue - Margaret, Elizabeth
  (ii) Richard Wharton, Mayor of Durham (b 1721, d 1764)
m. Anne Lloyd (dau of Rev. William Lloyd of Durham, son of William, Bishop of Worcester)
  (a) Robert Wharton (b 14.06.1751, d 29.01.1808, Chancellor of Lincoln, Archdeacon of Stowe)
  m. (19.12.1786) Sarah Whaley (dau of Rev. John Whaley of Huggate)
  ((1)) William Lloyd Wharton of Dryburn, Sheriff of co. Durham (b 18.10.1789, dsp 15.11.1867)
  m. (06.1818) Frances Jacob (d 28.02.1879, dau of Rev. John Henry Jacob of The Close, Salisbury)
  ((2)) John Thomas Wharton of Aberford, later of Dryburn (b 1795, d 25.09.1871) had issue
  m. (1832) Mary Jacob (d 1874, dau of Rev. John Henry Jacob of The Close)
  ((3)) Robert Wharton in Yorkshire (b 13.02.1801, d 27.10.1849, judge) had issue
  m. (08.1832) Catherine Mary Croft (d 1876, dau of Rev. Robert Croft)
  ((4))+ other issue - Anne Elizabeth (d 1851), Catherine (d 1862)
  (iii) Jonathan Wharton of London (dsp 1768)
  m. Mary Wilson (dau of George Wilson) named by Commoners
  (iv) Catherine Wharton
  m. (27.01.1782) William Etttrick of High Barnes (d 22.02.1808)
  (v) Elizabeth Wharton
  m. Rev. Thomas Leighton
  The following other children of this marriage were reported by Commoners (vol I, Wharton-Myddleton of Old Park).
  (C) Jane Wharton
  m. John Carter of Essex
(D)+ other issue - Robert (d infant), Thomas (d infant), John (d infant), Thomas (d 1745, to Virginia), Jane (d unm), Alice (d unm)
  m2. ?? (dsp)
  The following comes from Visitation (Durham, 1575+1615+1666, Wharton of Old Parke).
  (2)+ other issue (d young) - Charles, William
  b. Dorothy Wharton
  m. John Simpson of Winston
ii.+ other issue - Henry, Eleanor
m2. Elizabeth Crackenthorpe (dau of ?? Crackenthorpe of Newbiggin)
The following is partly supported by Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1612, 'Wharton of Gilling') & 'The History and Antiquities of Cleveland' (John Walker Ord, 1846, 'Pedigree of Wharton of Skelton Castle', p255).
2. Anthony Wharton of Rigwell Grange
  m. Mary Beane (dau of John Beane, Lord Mayor of York)
  A. Thomas Wharton (a 1612)
  m. Mary Marton (dau of Christopher Marton of Marton)
  i.+ issue - Lancelot, Humfrey
B. Humphrey Wharton of Gillingwood (d 1635)
  m. Agnes Cleburne (dau of Richard Cleburne of Cleburne)
  i. Sir Anthony Wharton
  ii. Thomas Wharton of Gillingwood (d 1641)
  m. Elizabeth Lambert (dau of Benjamin Lambert of Carlton)
  a. Humphrey Wharton of Gillingwood & Kirkby Thore (b c1628, d 1669)
  m. Mary Byerley (dau of Christopher Byerley of Midridge Grange)
(1) Anthony Wharton of Gillingwood (4th son)
  m. (1694) Margaret Hicks (dau of Sir William Hicks, 2nd (not 1st) Bart of Beverton Castle & Ruckhalls)
  (A) Anne Wharton (bpt 10.08.1695)
  m. Ambrose Stevenson of Manor House, Durham
  (i) Anne Stevenson (d 1790)
  m. (1738) John Hall, later Hall-Stevenson of Skelton Castle (b c1718, d 1785)
  (B)+ other issue (d unm) - William (d 1776), Margaret of York (b 1697, d before 03.05.1788), Mary (d before 03.05.1788)
  (2) Elizabeth Wharton probably of this generation
  m. John Senhouse of Alneburgh Hall (d 1667)
  (3)+ other issue (dsp) - Humphrey, Robert, Christopher
  iii. Philadephia Wharton
  m. (1612) Robert Mitford of Mitford Castle (bur 28.06.1674)
  iv.+ othert issue (a 1612) - William, Philip, George, Jemima, Elizabeth
  C. Gilbert Wharton of Shildon
  m. Jane Lilburne (dau of John Lilburne of Thickly)
  i. Humphrey Wharton
3. Richard Wharton
  m. Mary Swale (dau of John Swale of Grinton)
  A. William Wharton
  m. Grace Pickering (dau of Lancelot Pickering of Crosby)
4.+ other issue - Nicholas, Mary

Main source(s): BLG1952 ('Ringrose-Wharton of Skelton Castle') with some support from 'The History and Antiquities of Cleveland' (John Walker Ord, 1846, 'Pedigree of Wharton-Myddleton of Grinkle Park and Old Park', p288) and as reported above
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