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Families covered: Waggett (Wiggett) of Cork, Waggett of Kitsborough, Waggett of Spittle

BLG1847 reports that "The orthography of this name has varied at different periods; Wiggett, Waggit, and Waggett: they first settled in Dublin." BLG1847 then mentions the following Mayor Richard and identifies his father-in-law as John Perceval "and it was this connexion that led to the family's locating at Spittle, near Buttevant, co. Cork". BLG1847 does not identify the exact connection between Mayor Richard and the next mentioned, Robert of Spittle. We speculate that Richard was great-uncle of Robert, the connection being as follows.
?? Wiggett or Waggitt
1. Richard Wiggett, Mayor of Dublin (a 1622)
  m. Anne Perceval (dau of John Perceval of Dublin & Barntown)
2. ?? Wiggett or Waggitt
  A. ?? Wiggett or Waggitt or Wagget
  i. Robert Waggitt or Wagget of Spittle, co. Cork (d 1680) the first mentioned by MGH
  m. Anne Crofts (dau of Christopher Crofts of Buttevant & sister of George, m2. William Bowers)
a. Christopher Waggett of Spittle (2nd son)
  m. (03.08.1696) Mary Crofts (dau of George Crofts of Buttevant, cousin)
  (1) William Waggett (b 1698)
  MGH (by p150) identifies William's wife as Elizabeth Holmes, widow of James Webb "daughter of Thomas Holmes Pomeroy by Audria, his wife, daughter of Sampson Towgood, Esw., by Melian, only daughter of Sir Matthew Deane, first Baronet" (p186: b"y Elizabeth Wallis, his first wife"). Provisonally, as it leaves Elizabeth a generation closer to Sir Mathew Deane which we think slightly more likely, we follow BLG1847 which identifies her as
m. (1741) Elizabeth Holmes (dau of Thomas Holmes (by dau of Sir Mathew Deane), widow of John Webb)
  (A) Christopher Waggett of Kitsborough, Sheriff of Cork (b 05.03.1742-3, d 20.05.1796)
  m. (05.1770) Johanna Barclay (b 1742, d 05.1805, dau/heir of Thomas Barclay by Elizabeth Fosberry)
  (i) William Waggett of Kitsborough (b 1771, d unm 24.11.1840, Recorder of Cork, QC)
  (ii) Thomas George Waggett (dsp 17.07.1848, Captain)
  m. (04.08.1804) Phoebe Vincent (d 17.03.1823, relict of William Lane of Cork)
  (iii) Elizabeth Waggett (b 1773, d 14.11.1824)
  m. (16.09.1802) Thomas Carson (Rector of Kilmahon)
  (iv) Jane Waggett (b 1781, d 20.01.1834)
  m. (06.01.1803) Parker Duncombe (son of Nicholas of Mount Desert & great-grandson of William Dunscombe of Mount Desert, by Mary Roberts)
  (v)+ other issue - Christopher (b 1785, d young), Ellen (b 1780, d unm 13.05.1841)
  (B) Thomas Waggett, Mayor of Cork (b 14.03.1744, d 26.09.1817)
  m. (09.1778) Eliza Sealy (dau of George Sealy of Barleyfield by Anne Baldwin)
  (i) George Sealy Waggett, Sheriff of co. Cork (a 1807)
  (ii) Thomas Waggett (Rector of Rathelarin) had issue
  BLG1847 identifies Thomas's wife as Belinda, dau of Christopher Saunders of Newtown by Eliza Night. MGH identifies her as ...
  m. (27.12.1821) Belinda Sanders (d 01.03.1837, dau of Robert Stevelly Sanders of Dublin by Eliza, dau of Sir Christopher Knight of Newtown)
  (iii) Anne Waggett
  (iv) Eliza Waggett
  m. (13.09.1831) Morgan Jellett (Rector of Tullycorbett, m1. ??)
  (2) Anne Waggett
  m. (mcrt 28.02.1719) George Crofts of Churchtown
  b.+ other issue ("all extinct")

Main source(s): BLG1847 ('Waggett of Cork'), MGH (NS1, vol 3 (1880), 'Waggett of Cork' (at p186) & 'Carson of Shanroe' (at p150))
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