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Families covered: Crum of Thornliebank, Cleveland in USA, Chad of Thursford, Cockshutt of Huthwaite, Carson of Shanroe

John Crum of Thornliebank
m. Agnes Brown (dau of Hugh Brown of Broadstone)
1. Alexander Crum of Thornliebank (d 1808)
  m. (1769) Jane Ewing (dau of Walter Ewing Maclae of Cathkin / Cathken)
A. John Crum (b 1795, d 1808)
  B. Walter Crum of Thornliebank (FRS)
  m. Jessie Graham (b 1801, dau of William Graham of Burntshields)
  i. Alexander Crum had issue
  m. Nina Ewing
  ii. William Crum of Thornliebank had issue
  m. Jean Campbell (dau of Rev. John McLeod Campbell)
  iii. Walter Crum had issue
  m. Sara Tinne
  iv. Margaret Crum (d 17.06.1870)
  m. (1852) William Thomson, Lord Kelvin of Largs (b 26.06.1824, d 17.12.1907)
  v. Elizabeth Graham Crum (d 11.12.1923)
  m. Sir Henry Houldsworth, 1st Bart (b 20.08.1834, d 18.04.1917)
  vi.+ 3 daughters (d unm)
C. Humphry Crum, later Crum-Ewing of Strathleven (b 16.07.1802)
  m. (1825) Helen Dick (d 27.08.1883, dau of Rev. John Dick)
  i. Alexander Crum-Ewing had issue
  m. (1859) Jane O'Grady (dau of Vice Admiral Hayes O'Grady of Erinagh House)
  ii. John Crum-Ewing
  iii. Humphry Crum-Ewing
  m. Jessie Robson (dau of Neil Robson)
  iv. Jane Coventry Crum-Ewing (d 14.08.1908)
  m. John Bayly (d 12.03.1905, General, son of Rev. Paget Lambart Bayly)
  D. James Crum of Busby (b 1807, d 1860)
  m. (04.11.1835) Agnes Pollok (b 15.01.1806, d 14.04.1887, dau of Allan Pollok of Faside)
  E. Margaret Crum
  m. John Brown (Rev.)
2. James Crum



Moses Cleveland (b c1624, d 1701/2)
1. Aaron Cleveland (b 1654/5, d 1716)
  A. Aaron Cleveland (b 1680, d c1755)
  i. Aaron Cleveland (b 1715, d 1757)
  m. Susanna Porter (b 1716, d 1785, dau of Rev. Aaron Porter)
  a. Aaron Cleveland (b 1744, d 1815)
  m. Abia Hyde (b 1749, d 1788, dau of James Hyde)
  (1) William Cleveland (b 1770, d 1837)
  (A) Richard Fally Cleveland (b 1804, d 1853)
  m. Anne Neal
  (i) Grover (Stephen) Cleveland, 22nd & 24th President of the USA (b 18.03.1837, d 24.06.1908)§F
  m. (02.06.1886) Frances Folsom (b 02.06.1886, d 29.10.1947)
  (ii)+ other issue



Robert Chad of Thurston, Norfolk
m. (1676) Frances Tidd (dau of Nicholas Tidd)
1. Robert Chad 'of Wells' (d 12.1736)
  m. Elizabeth Wright (dau of Charles Wright of Kilverstone, son of Thomas by Catharine Harbord)
  A. Sir George Chad, 1st Bart of Thurston (b 1730, d 24.11.1815)
  m1. (1775) Sarah Rowls (dau of John Rowls of Kingston)
  i. Sir Charles Chad, 2nd Bart of Thurston and of Pinkney Hall (b 24.04.1779, d 30.09.1855)
  m. (14.06.1810) Anne Turnour (d 02.02.1832, dau of Edward, 2nd Earl of Winterton)
  a. Edward Henry Chad (b 05.09.1811, dvpsp)
  ii. Frances Mary Chad (b 1776)
  m. (05.04.1803) John Winn Thomlinson of Cley
  iii.+ other issue - Robert John (b 1778, dvp 1793), George William (b 1784, envoy), Cecilia Rachael (b 1777, d unm 28.06.1828)
  m2. (1791, sp) Mary Fletcher (d 1794?, dau/heir of Edward Fletcher of Richmond)
  B. Frances Chad
  m. Harbord Wright of Norwich
  C. Susan Chad
  m. Rev. William Norris of Woodnorton



?? Cockshutt
1. John Cockshutt of Huthwaite, Yorkshire
  m. _ Scott??
  A. John Cockshutt of Huthwaite (dsp)
  m. _ Stedman of London
  B. James Cockshutt of Huthwaite (d unm 1819)
  C. Edward Cockshutt of Sion House, later of Huthwaite (dsp 1820)
  m. _ Pratt
  D. Thomas Cockshutt (rector of Hormead Parva, Hertfordshire)
  i. Mary Cockshutt (a 1820)
  E. Jane Cockshutt
  m. Joseph Bland of London (b 1745, d 1810)
  F. daughter
  m. (sp) _ Handford of Scarborough & London
2. Thomas Cockshutt (b 1711-2, d 13.04.1774, rector of Ordsal & Barnborough)
3. Anne Cockshutt
  m. (13.06.1727) Thomas Wheat of Retford



John Carson of Shanroe, co. Monaghan (a 1667)
1. Thomas Carson of Shanroe & Feymore, co. Tyrone (a 1715)
  A. Thomas Carson of Tyrone (Rector of Finnel, co. Donegal)
  m. (c11.1715) Catherine Robinson (d by 10.10.1734)
  i. Thomas Carson of Shanroe, etc.
  m. (c09.1762) Mary Dawson (dau of Jame Dawson of Kilmore (son of Richard) by Catherine, dau of George Scott of Roagh (Sheriff of co. Monaghan) by Jane, dau of Ralph Barlow, Mary m2. Matthew Burnside of Corvreavy House)
  a. Thomas Carson (Rector of Kilmahon) had issue
  m. (16.09.1802) Elizabeth Waggett (b 1773, d 14.11.1824, dau of Christopher Waggett of Kitsborough)
  b. Joseph Carson (b 1765, d 01.04.1702)
  m. (1797) Anne Caldbeck (dau of J. Caldbeck of Kalmashogue & Clondalkin)
  ii.+ other issue - Joseph (d by 07.10.1786), Elizabeth (a 04.1734, d by 23.04.1795)
  B. Joseph Carson (b 1695, a 1763, Vicar of Erngal Trough)

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