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Families covered: Wightwick of Marleston, Wightwick of Wightwick

Commoners reports that "This family derives its descent from the same source as the Wightwicks of Surrey, Berks, and Coventry. It has been seated for many generations in the counties of Stafford and Salop."
m. Juliana de Wictewike (dau of William de Wictewike)
1. Osbert "ad Portam" (a 1301)
  A. Simon de Writewike
  m. Margaret
  i. John (a 1330)
  a. Thomas
  Commoners does not name Thomas (who is shown by Macleane) but does give "John, son of Simon, from whom" ...
  (1) William de Wightwyke (a 1368)
  (A) John de Wightwicke (a 1396)
  m. Agnes
  (i) John de Wightwicke (a 1419)
  m. Alicia
  Visitation shows the following John (m. Joane Brooke) as son of Richard (Wightwick of Wightwick) son of John (Wightwick of Wightwick) but notes that "The pedigree given by Shaw (ii., 201) makes this John son of a William and Elizabeth, and grandson of John and Alice, who was son of John and Agnes." Macleane reports that "The earlier part of this pedigree follows Erdeswick's MS. History of Staffordshire, written about 1595. Shaw's Staffordshire and Jones's History of Tettenhall vary from it in some points." Macleane shows the next generation as John (dsp) + Agnes + Julian + William, father of John (m. Joan Brooke) + Henry of Compton. Provisionally, we follow Commoners.
  (a) John Wightwick
  m. Joanna Brooke (dau of Richard Brooke of Lichfield)
  ((1)) Richard Wightwick
  ((A)) John Wightwick
  ((2)) Henry Wightwick of Wightwick (d 1524-5)
  m. Thomasina Milson (dau of William Milson or Milston of Barnhurst)
  ((A)) John Wightwick (d 1539)
  m. Margaret Brooke (dau of John Brooke of Blackland)
  ((i)) Humphrey Wightwick (d 1594) - continued below
  m. Margaret Jenks (dau/coheir of Richard Jenks)
  ((ii))+ other issue - Hugh (Canon), Walter, Mathew, Anne, Elizabeth, Rose, Elinor, Margaret
  ((B)) Thomas Wightwick of Lilleshall
  m. Elizabeth Moseley (d 1580)
  ((i)) Richard Wightwick of Islesley, Berkshire (b 1547, d 1629/30, founder of Pembroke College, Oxford)
  ((ii)) Thomas Wightwick
  ((a)) Samuel Wightwick
  ((iii)) William Wightwick
  ((a))+ issue - William, Thomas, Walter, Mary
  ((iv)) Jane Wightwick
  m. (?) Edward Meare
  (b) William Wightwick (d 1455-6)
  m. Elizabeth
  ((1)) John Wightwick (a 1477)
  ((2)) Henry Wightwick of Compton
  ((A)) Thomas Wightwick
  ((i)) William Wightwick
  ((a)) Thomas Wightwick
  (((1))) Henry Wightwick
  (((A))) George Wightwick of Tettenhall
  (((i)))+     Henry Wightwick of Tettenhall (bpt 1627)
  (((2))) Humphrey Wightwick of Ashford, Kent (b 1570, d 1642) had issue in Kent
  (((3))) Richard Wightwick
  (((4))) George Wightwick of Pateshull (d 1640)
  m. Joan
  (((A))) William Wightwick of Covenry
  (((i)))+     John Wighwick (a 1637)
  (((B))) Thomas Wightwick of Coventry (a 1648)
  (((i)))+     issue - John, Thomas
  (((C))) Henry Wightwick (b 1610) descendants in Wiltshire
  (((D))) Margaret Wightwick (b 1613)
  m. Thomas Bourne
  (((E)))+ other issue - Robert, George (d 1672), Martha
  ((ii)) John Wightwick
  ((a)) Richard Wightwick
  (((1))) Humphrey Wightwick of Wolverhampton
  (((A)))+ issue - Richard, Margery
  (((2))) William Wightwick of Tamworth (bur 1625)
  (((A))) John Wightwick (serjeant-at-law)
  (((i)))+     issue - Thomas (a 1648), John, James
  (((B))) Elizabeth Wightwick
  m. _ Parkhurst
  (((C))) Alice Wightwick
  m. _ Allen
  (((D)))+ other issue - Matthew (bur 1644), Henry (b 1591, d 1671), Anne
  (ii) Henry de Wightwicke
  b. Roger de Wightwyke
  (1)+ issue - Simon, Henry
  B.+ other issue - Roger, Henry



Humphrey Wightwick (d 1594) - continued above
m. Margaret Jenks (dau/coheir of Richard Jenks of Salop by Agnes, dau/heir of Rowland Grosvenor (Gravenor) of Bridgnorth or Dallicott)
1. Francis Wightwick of Wightwick (d 1616, 3rd son)
m. Margaret Morton (dau of Mathew Morton or Moreton of Ingleton or Engleton)
  A. Alexander Wightwick of Wightwick (b 1587, d 1658-60)
  m1. Anne Hunt (dau/coheir of John Hunt of Shrewsbury)
  i. Francis Wightwick of Wightwick & Tunstall (b 1617-8, d 1692)
  m. Eliza Pyott (dau of Richard Pyott of Strethay)
  a. Francis Wightwick (b 1652-3, d c1697)
  m. Elizabeth Fowler (dau of Walter Fowler of Pendeford)
  (1) Francis Wightwick (b 04.1683, d c1697, bencher of the Middle Temple)
  m. Elizabeth
(A) John Wightwick (Rev.) had issue
  (B)+ other issue - Francis (d 1715), James (d 1749), Hancock (d unm 1731),Elizabeth (d 1736)
  (2)+ other issue - Elizabeth, Anna, Granada other issue as mentioned by Macleane
  (2)+ other issue - Elizabeth (b 1676-7, d 05.1683), Margaret, Granada, Mary other issue as mentioned by Visitation (Staffordshire, 1664-1700, Wightwick
  b. John Wightwick (b 1654-5, d 1695)
  m. Mary Fowler (dau of Walter Fowler of Pendeford)
  c. Richard Wightwick (b 1655-6)
  m. Martha (or Elizabeth) Willet (dau of Thomas Willet or Fillett of Fulham)
  (1) William Wightwick of Albrighton (3rd son?)
  The Visitation ends with the previous generation but the Harleian editor reports that Shaw's pedigree mentions that Richard married Martha Willett and had Thomas, Francis and Martha and that, after Thomas died, he left "an only sister and heiress, Martha". The editor also refers to Burke's Commoners and its report that there was a 3rd son, William who was born in 1647 (which is indeed what Commoners says). However, Visitation identifies his father Richard as have being aged 7 on 10.04.1663, indicating that William is reported as born some 8 years before his father. We report what Commoners & Macleane say but note that it is very likely that William's connection with the Wightwicks of Wightwicks has been mistaken.
  m. Catherine Luttyge
  (A) Thomas Wightwick (d 150.7.1754)
  m. (18.05.1714) Ann Tristram
  (i) William Wightwick
  m. Anne Green
(a) Thomas Wightwick of Sutton House in Albrighton
  m. Sarah Roden (dau/heir of _ Roden of Ruckley Grange)
  (ii) Thomas Wightwick of Bilbrook (b 09.01.1719, d 13.10.1798)
  m. Margaret Devey (dau of Thomas Devey of Kingslow)
  (a) Thomas Devey Wightwick (b 1758, d 25.03.1828)
  m. Lucy Stubbs (dau of Humphry Stubbs, niece/coheir of Mathew Stubbs of Water Eaton & Bloxwich)
  ((1)) Stubbs Wightwick of Bloxwich, Staffordshire (b 31.10.1794, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (02.05.1829) Dorothea Fryer (dau of Richard Fryer of the Wergs)
  ((2)) Lucy Wightwick
  m. Samuel Hall Lord of Pool Castle in Barbadoes
  ((3))+ other issue (d young) - Henry, John
  (iii) Tristram Wightwick (d unm)
  (2) Martha Wightwick
  m. Charles White of Mapes
  (3)+ other issue - Thomas (d 1722, York Herald), Francis
  d. Elizabeth Wightwick (b c1651-2)
  m. Rowland Fryer of Thornes
  ii. Samuel Wightwick of Deanes Hall in Brewood (d unm 03.09.1684)
iii. Margaret Wightwick (bur 24.03.1680)
  m. Edward Jorden or Jordan of Dunsley (bur 04.09.1667)
  a. Humphrey Jorden (a 1675)
  (1) William Jorden
  b. Elizabeth Jorden
  m. John Adams
  iv. Sarah Wightwick
  m. Richard Bracegirdle of Wolverhampton (d 29.03.1667, m1. ?? m2. ??)
  a. Sarah Bracegirdle (a 1682)
  m. John Bearcroft of Shernock Court
  m2. Alice Lane (dau of John Lane of Bentley)
  v. Mary Wightwick
  Commoners & Macleane identify Mary's 1st husband as James Beverely. Visitation (Staffordshire, 1664-1700, Wightwick) names him ...
  m1. Thomas Beverely (son/heir of Sir James of Buckinghamshire)
  m2. Edward Dobson of Gray's Inn (d 22.07.1764!?)
  vi. Jane Wightwick (d unm)
  B. John Wightwick mentioned by Visitation but not by Commoners
  m1. Mary (dau of Richard James or Jones of Shrewsbury)
  m2. Sarah Proude of Shrewsbury
  i. Matthew Wightwick (dsp)
  C. Samuel Wightwick of Marleston, Berkshire (d 1662, of the Inner Temple)
  The following is party supported by Visitation (Berkshire, 1664, Wightwicke of Marleston).
  m. Abigail Wright of Brookset in Essex
i. John Wightwick of Marleston (b c1630, a 03.1664)
  m. Jane Prichard (dau/coheir of Edward Prichard of Llancayach)
  a. Elizabeth Wightwick (b 1661-2)
  ii. Francis Wightwick of Wombridge in Laurence Waltham
  m. Thomasine Denys (dau/coheir of _ Denys or Dennis of Weymouth)
  iii. Humphrey Wightwick
  m. Letitia
  iv. Abigail Wightwick
  m1. Sir Henry Williams of Gwernevit, Bart
  m2. (29.08.1667) Thomas Lane of Bentley (b c1638, bur 25.01.1715)
  v.+ issue - Samuel (a 1644, dsp by 1649), Peter, George, Maria
2. George Wightwick (d 1612, of Clifford's Inn)
3. John Wightwick (b 1549, d 1596, of Clifford's Inn)
  m. (1575) Alice Olden
  A. Francis Wightwick of Albrighton, Salop (b 1576)
  i. Richard Wightwick
  B.+ other issue - George (b 1578, a 1630, curate at East Ilsley), Walter (b 1583, d 1622)
4. Joyce Wightwick
  m. John Granger
5. Margaret Wightwick
  m. Francis Tomkis

Main source(s): Commoners (vol 4, 'Wightwick of Bloxwich', p371+), 'A History of Pembroke College, Oxford' by Douglas Macleane (1897, 'Pedigree of the Wightwick Family', p177+), Visitation (Staffordshire, 1614+1663-4, 'Wightwick of Wightwick')
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