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BLG1886 shows the Rolfe coat of arms as "gyronny of eight or and az., on a chief sa. three annulets arg."
Robert Rolfe
1. Eustace Rolfe of Heacham, Norfolk (b c1516, d 06.1593)
  m. (27.05.1560) Joanna Jenner
  A. John Rolfe of Heacham (b 17.10.1562, d 29.11.1594)
  BLG1886 jumps from the unnamed son of Eustatitus (Eustace) who married Dorothea Mason to the "last direct male respresentative", Edmund, only son of Edmund by Dorothy Folkes. That he was named John comes from Wikipedia, on the entry for his son John, on the presumption that there was only one John of Heacham around this time who married ...
  m. (24.09.1582/26.07.1562) Dorothea Mason (d 17.10.1645, m2. Robert Redmaine)
  i. Eustace Rolfe (bpt 06.05.1585) presumed father of ...
  a. ?? Rolfe
  (1) ?? Rolfe
  (A) ?? Rolfe
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
(i) ?? Rolfe
  (a) ?? Rolfe
((1)) Edmund Rolfe of Heacham, Sheriff of Norfolk (a 1769)
  m. Dorothy Fulkes (dau of William Fulkes of Hillington Hall)
  ((A)) Edmund Rolfe of Heacham (dsp 17.12.1836)
  BLG1886 reports that Edmund bequeathed Heacham Hall to Strickland Charles Edward Neville, vicar of Heacham, who then assumed the surname and arms of Rolfe.
  ((B)) Dorothy Rolfe possibly of this generation
  m1. Walter Strickland (dsp)
  m2. Charles William Michel (dsp?)
  ii John Rolfe in Virginia (bpt 06.05.1585, d 1622) this line from Wikipedia
  m1. (1608) Sarah Hacker (d 1610)
  a. Bermuda Rolfe (b 1609, d 1610)
  m2. (05.04.1614) Matoaka (aka Pocahontas & Rebecca) (b c1596, d 03.1617, dau of Powhatan, chief of the Tsenacommacah)
  b. Thomas Rolfe (b 30.01.1615, d c1680?)
  m. Jane Poythress (dau of Captain Francis Poythress of Virginia by Alice Payton of England)
  (1) Jane Rolfe (b 10.10.1650, d 1676)
  m. (1675) Robert Bolling of Virginia (b 26.12.1646, d 17.07.1709, Colonel, (m2. Anne Stith Drury), son of John Bolling (son of Robert) by Mary Clarke)
  m3. (1619) Jane Pierce (m2. Captain Roger Smith)
  c. Elizabeth Rolfe (b 1620, d 1635)
  iii.+ other issue - Edward (bpt 22.02.1591), Henry
2. John Rolfe



Visitation (Hampshire, 1623, 'Rolfe') suggests that Enford was in Wiltshire which is suppored by the upper section on the relevant page in MGH. However, Visitation (Wiltshire, 1623, 'Rolfe'), which like the Hampshire Visitation shows just the 3 generations of men (and their wives) without mentioning Sarah Rolfe, suggests that Enford was in Southamptonshi re (i.e. Hampshire). Note that the Wilshire Visitation identifies the arms of the family as "Argent, three ravens sable".
Thomas Rolfe of Enford
1. William Rolfe of Enford
  m. Sarah Blake (dau of John Blake of Estontown (by Margaret, dau of William Blake of Estontown), m2. John Gerle of Enford)
  A. William Rolfe of Enford (d 1646)
  MGH shows that William m1. Sarah Deane and does not identify his 2nd wife. The Visitations identifies his marriage as follows.
  m1. (sp) Johanna Wright (dau/heir of William Wright of Sevenoaks)
  m2. Sarah Deane (dau/coheir of Richard Deane, alderman of London)
  B. Sarah Rolfe (d 1630)
  m. (1616) George Dyer (b 1596, d 1661)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 16.03.17) : BLG1886 ('Rolfe of Heacham') with input/support from various web sites including Wikipedia ("John Rolfe", "Pocahontas" & "Thomas Rolfe")
(2) For lower section (uploaded 29.07.21) : MGH (NS4 vol 1 1906), p321, lower pedigree)
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