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This section first uploaded 12.05.21.
Smart identifies the first Heron of Bokenfield as John, son of Sir William Heron of Symonburne who in turn is identified as son of Sir William Heron of Ford Castle who as "summoned to Parliament, 44 Ed. III" (c1370). It appears that there has been confusion about that Lord William, even within TCP. 'Medigen', used for Heron01, shows the following Liell as ancestor of the Herons of Bockenfield.
Liell Heron of Bockenfield illegitimate son of William Heron of Ford (who d 10.11.1400), possibly father of ...
1. John Heron of Bokenfield
  A. John Heron of Bokenfield possibly father or grandfather of ....
  i. daughter
  m. Richard Alder of Alnwick (a 1506)



This section first uploaded 16.05.21.
Matthew Lacy of Aplsey Shillington, Bedfordshire
1. Sarah Lacy
  m1. (1726) Peter Haslewood
  A. Sarah Haslewood (b c1728, d 20.11.1803, coheir)
  m1. (1757) Dixie Gregory (b 1727, d 01.04.1767)
  m2. (1771) Thomas Birt (Rector of St. Mary's Bedford)
  m2. (1736) William Bedford (Rector of Yieldon)
  B. Thomas Bedford (Vicar of Hawnes)
  m. (20.07.1813) Barbara St. John (dau/coheir of Henry Beauchamp St. John, 12th Baron St. John of Bletshoe)



This section first uploaded 18.05.21.
Robert Lynn of Shotton & Mainsforth (a 1673)
1. Robert Lynn of Mainsforth (d 1744-5)
  m1. Jane Wilson (dau of John Wilson of Cassop by Isabel, dau/coheir of Thomas Wilson of Seaton)
  A. Jane Lynn
  m. (29.03.1724) Robert Bewick of Close House, Sheriff of Northumberland
  m2. Margaret Woodhouse (dau of William Woodhouse of Cornforth)
  B. Robert Lynn of Mainsforth (bpt 10.04.1714)
  m. Jane Newton, heiress of Eachwick, etc. (dau of John Newton)
  i. Mary Lynn (d unm)
  ii. Jane Lynn
  m. Christopher Mawr
  iii. Dorothy Lynn
  m. (1785) John Smart of Trewhitt
2.+ son(s) (dvp)



This section first uploaded 24.06.21.
Peter Grey of Segenhoe, Bedfordshire (a 1570)
m. Elizabeth Wood (dau of Nicholas Wood of Fulborne)
1. Richard Grey of London (a 1576, of the Inner Temple)
  m. Mary Dade (dau of William Dade of Tannington)
  A. Mary Grey
  m. William Drayton of Atherston
  B. Anne Grey
  m. William Masters of Lichfield
  B. Penelope Grey
  m. _ Salter of Salop
  C.+ other issue (d unm) - Richard (b c1573, d c1663), John, Peter (d young)
2. Edward Grey



This section first uploaded 29.07.21.
?? Andrew
1. Thomas Andrew (d 1705)
  m. Martha (d before 1705)
  A. Mary Andrew (d 07.04.1713)
  m. (04.1706) John Acworth (m2. Ann Ball)
  B.+ other issue (d unm) - Nathaniel (d before 1705), Thomas (d before 1705), Martha (b c1685, d c1711)
2. daughter (a 1706)
  m. Sir Gabriel Roberts (d by 1715)
  A. Delicia Roberts (a 1715)
  m. _ Woolfe (d by 1714)
  B. Dorcas Roberts (a 1715)
  C. Sarah Roberts
  m. Peter Leppe
  i.+ 6 children



This section first uploaded 29.07.21.
John Blake of Estontown, Hampshire
m. Margaret Blake (dau of William Blake of Estontown)
1. William Blake of Haleshoiuse, Middlesex (d 1630)
  m. Mary Beverley (dau of Henry Beverley of London ("born in Yorkshire"))
  A. William Blake (d 1645)
2. Sarah Blake
  m1. William Rolfe of Enford
  m2. John Gerle of Enford (a 1616)
  A.+ issue - Thomas (d 1643), Alexander



This section first uploaded 01.08.21, reviewed 04.08.21.
John Turnor of Langham, Suffolk (d 12/19.02.1789, Recorder of Bury St. Edmunds)
m. (22.05.1704) Lady Isabella May (d 03.04.1730, natural dau of Baptist May, "first-cousin to John Hervey, 1st Earl of Bristol")
1. John Turnor of Langham (b c1705, d 10.02.1766)
  m. (14.08.1733) Bridget Gery (b 1716-7, d 12.11.1783, dau of Sir Thomas Gery)



This section first uploaded 02.08.21.
Sir Richard Prynce of The Whitehall, Shrewsbury (d 1665)
m. Mary Wrottesley (d 1663, dau of Walter Wrottesley of Wrottesley by Joyce, dau of Sir Edward Leighton of Wattlesborough)
1. Susanna Prynce
m. Leighton Scarlett of Hogstow, Salop (bur 06.12.1699)
  A. Peter Scarlett of Hogstow (d 09.12.1744)
  m(1). (14.11.1686) Sarah Haynes
  i. Susann Scarlett (d 1741, heiress)
  m. (1713) Edward Lloyd of Leaton (d 1764)



This section first uploaded 04.08.21.
Peter Lombard of Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk (d 05.05.1725, tailor to Queene Anne)
m. Marianne Ernault
1. Mary Magdalen Lombard (b c1695, d 09.03.1783)
  m. (21.07.1720) Horatio, 1st Baron Walpole (b 1678, d 1757)
2. Elizabeth Lombard (d 09.04.1750)
  m. Isaac Le Heup of Gunthorpe (b 1685-6, d 29.04.1747, MP)



This section first uploaded 03.09.21.
John Cradock
1. John Cradock
  A. John Cradock
  i. John Cradock of Betley, Staffordshire
  a. Anastasia Cradock
  m. John Fenton of Newcastle (d 03.1782, cousin)
  ii. Anne Cradock
  m. Thomas Fenton (recorder of Newacstle)

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