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This page is still being researched. It has NOT yet been launched formally into the Database but is shown here TEMPORARILY (albeit for an uncertain length of time pending further research), partly to record connections that we fear we might otherwise lose sight of and partly in the hope that one or more visitors to the site will contribute information that will enable us to develop our information on the families covered in this page to a standard that would support release of a dedicated page in the Database.
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This section first uploaded on 24.10.07.
Reginald or Raynold (probably not Richard) Warcope or Warcopp 'of Smardale (Westmoreland)'
m. Thomasin Ratclyff (dau of Thomas Ratclyff)
1. Edward Warcop or Warcopp
  m. Ann Layton (dau of Thomas Layton of Saxhowe)
  A. John Warcop
  m. Ann Lancaster (dau of Geoffrey Lancaster of Cracktrees)
  i. Thomas Warcop 'of Smardale (Snaredell)'
  m. Anne Thornborough (dau of Rowland Thornborough)
  a. (Frances) Warcop
  m. John Dalston of Dalston (a 1612)
  b. (Agnes) Warcop
  m. Talbot Bowes (dsp 1637-8, son of Sir George)
  ii. Elizabeth Warcop
  m. Cuthbert Warcope or Warcopp of Cowlbey or Carley
  iii.+ other issue - James, Edward, George, Matthew, Jane, Margaret, Anne, Katherine
The following connections are wholly presumptuous.
(1) Various web sites show the undermentioned Thomas of Tanfield as the same person as the above Thomas of Smardale. However, Visitation shows only 2 unnamed daughters of that Thomas (their names come from the records of their husbands) but we have found reference to at least one other lady who appears to have been another daughter of the Thomas of Tanfield. It is true that Agnes & Anne were often interchangeable and that it would not have been unusual for a widow to marry her late husband's brother but Visitation (Durham, 15575+1615+1666, 'Bowes of Streatlam') gives no indication that one brother married the other's widow. Noting that it is thought not unlikely that they were at least quite closely related, we provisionally show Thomas of Tanfield as cousin of Thomas of Smardale.
(2) Having set Thomas of Tanfield as cousin of Thomas of Smardale, we have an intermediary generation, a brother of John and another son of Edward. For no reason other than similarity of designation and rough guidance from the dates, we show the following Leonard, father of Eizabeth, as possibly father of Thomas.
  B. Leonard Warcop of Tanfield (Yorkshire)
  i. Thomas Warcop of Tanfield possibly of this generation,
  a. John Warcop of East Tanfield possibly fits here
  m. (31.05.1684) Philadelphia Bendlowes (bpt 1663, dau of Rev. Thomas Bendlowes) probably wife of this John, possibly mother of ...
  (1) Priscilla Warcop (heir)
  m. Thomas Peacock of Brawith Hall
(A) Elizabeth Peacock (d 1767, heir)
  m. (01.1742) Peter Consett of Brawith Hall (d 1787)
  b. Anne Warcop
  m. Thomas Bowes of Streatlam Castle (d c1628, younger brother of Talbot)
  c. Margaret Warcop probably of this generation
  m. Christopher Bulmer (b 02.1574, a 1629, bailiff of Barnard Castle)
  d. Elizabeth Warcop (d 1653) possibly of this family, of this generation
  m. Anthony Lucas of Fenton (bpt 15.03.1589, d 29.05.1613)
  ii. Elizabeth Warcop probably of this generation
  m. William Bate of West Lather 'of Dighton'
2. Agnes (or Margaret) Warcop probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Wharton of Wharton
3. Mabell Warcop mentioned in Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, 'Carnaby'), probably of this generation
  m. William Carnaby
Shown by Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, Warcop of Gatenby near Bedale) as of this generation were ...
4.+ other issue - Reginald of Byland (d bfore 11.07.1576), William of Bempton (d before 22.04.1591)



This section first uploaded on 27.10.07.
John Dombleton or Dumbleton
m. Emme
1. Phillip Dombleton
  Visitation (Worcestershire, 1569, 'Habington') describes Phillip as "lord of the mannor of Brockhampton". Visitation (Worcestershire, 1569, 'Barnaby') shows him as husband of Agnes Croftes with his son John as married to the heiress of Brokhampton. Visitation (Herefordshire, 1569, 'Abington') just shows Elizabeth, wife of William Abington, as "D. and h. of Brokhampton, nupta Dumbalton" which suggests that her mother was the heiress of Brokhampton.
  A. John Dombleton of Brockhampton
  m. Agnes Croftes (sister of Sir Richard & dau of William Croftes by Margaret Walwin)
  i. Elizabeth Dombleton
  m. William Habington of Winchingford
  ii. Perino Dombleton
  m. John Browne



This section first uploaded on 12.12.08.
Thomas Wheelock of Wheelock, Cheshire
1. John Wheelock of Wheelock
  A. Richard Wheelock (d 1438)
  m. Elenor Vernon
  i. Thomas Wheelock (dvpsp)
2. Elizabeth Wheelock
  m. Thomas Worth
  A. Agnes Worth (b by 1398, a 1438)
  m. Richard Leversege
3. Alice Wheelock (b c1388, a 1438)



This section first uploaded on 24.07.09.
John Le Marshall of Foxcote, Warwickshire
1. Jeffrey Le Marshall
  m. Mary Bridport (dau/heir of John Bridport of Bridport)
  A. Gilbert Le Marshall
  i. Eustatia Le Marshall
  m. John Salmon (son/heir of Thomas of Chedle)
  a. Agnes Salmon, heiress of Foxcote
  m. Thomas Canning
  b. Matilda Salmon
  m. Edmund Dalby



This section first uploaded on 19.04.10.
Robert de Egglescliffe
1. Walter de Barden of Barden (a 1283, 1301)
  A. Robert de Barden (a 1327)
  B. Walter de Egglescliffe, later de Barde (a 1348) succeeded by ...
  i. John de Barden of Barden
  a. Katherine Barden
  m. Matthew Ellerton
  (1) Agnes Ellerton (heir)
  m. George Thoresby of Barden (son of Robert of Thoresby)
  b. daughter
  m. ?? Aislaby
  c. daughter
  m. (?) _ Spence

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(2) For Dombleton : Visitation (Worcestershire, 1569, 'Habington'), Visitation (Worcestershire, 1569, 'Barnaby')
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