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Brunolph,Count in the Ardenne
1. Alberic, Count of Hainault
  A. Walter I, Count of Hainault
  i. Walter II, Count of Hainault
  a. Walter III, Count of Hainault
  (1) daughter EGHJRSWY
  m. Albon I, Count of Hainault @@ just below EGHJRSWY



Albon I, Count of Hainault
m. daughter of Walter III, Count of Hainault @@ just above
1. Albon II, Count of Hainault
  A. Giselbert II von Maasgau, Count of Hainault (b 830, d 892)
  m. (c846) Irmgard (b 830, dau of Emperor Lothar I)
  i. Reginar I 'Langhals', Duke of Lotharingia (Lorraine) (b c850, d 915/6)
  m. Alberada
a. Giselbert, Duke of Lotharingia (Lorraine) (d 02.10.939)
  m. (928/9) Gerpirga of Saxony (d 05.05.984, dau of Henry I, Duke of Saxony, King of Germany)
  (1) Alberade of Lotharingia
  m. Ragnold or Renaud, Count of Roucy (d 10.05.967)
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  (A) Gilbert I de Roucy (d 990)
  m. (972) ?? of Aquitaine (dau of William III, Duke of Aquitaine)
  (i) Eubles I de Roucy (d 1033)
  m. Beatrix of Hainault (dau of Reginar IV, Count of Hainault) @@ below
  (a) Alice / Adelaide de Roucy GHJSWY
  m. Hilduin, Count of Montdidier, Count de Roucy GHJSWY
(b) Avice / Avoise de Roucy G
  m. Godfroi, Sn de Rumigny G
  (ii) Yvette of Roucy
  m. Manasses, Count of Rethel (d 1056)
  (B) Ermentrude of Reims EGHJSWY
  m1. Aubri II, Count of Macon (d c975) EGHJSWY
  m2. (975/80) Otto Guillaume, Count of Burgundy, etc. (b 958/9, d 21.09.1026) EGHJSWY
(2) Gerberga of Lotharingia (b c935, d after 07.09.978) GHJRSWY
  m. (before 954) Albert, Count of Vermandois (d 08.09.987) GHJRSWY
  (3)+ other issue - Heinrich (d 943/4), Haduid
  b. Reginar (Reinier) II, Count of Hainault
  m. Alix of Provence (b c900, dau of Richard II 'the Justiciar', Duke of Burgundy, etc)
  (1) Reginar III, Count of Hainault (d 973)
  m. Adela (d 961)
  (A) Reginar IV, Count of Hainault and Mons (b after 947, d 1013)
  m. (c996) Hedwige of France (b c969, d after 1013, dau of Hugh Capet, King of France)
(i) Reginar V, Count of Hainault (d after 1039)
  m. (c1015) Mathilde of Verdun (d after 1039, dau of Herman, Count of Verdun)
  (a) Richilde of Hainault (b c1031, d 15.03.1086) GHJSWY
  m. (c1055) Baldwin VI, Count of Flanders (b c1029, d 10.07.1070) GHJSWY
  (ii) Beatrix of Hainault GHJSWY
  m1. (div by 1021) Ebles, Count de Roucy (d 1033) @@ above GHJSWY
  m2. Manasses de Ramerupt
  (B) Lambert I, Count of Louvain (b c950, d Florennes 12.09.1015) EGHJRSWY
  m. (c994) Gerberge of Lorraine (b c975/7, d 1018, dau of Charles of Laon, Duke of Lower Lorraine) EGHJRSWY
  (2) daughter (b after 912, d after 958)
  m. Nevelung, Graf in der Betuwe (d 953)
  (3)+ other issue - Rudolf (Count in Maasgau), Liethard
  ii. Albert, Count in Maasgau (b c860, d 928/936)

Main source(s): GenEU (Brabant1), ROYL (table CCCLIII)
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