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Families covered: Abington of Abington, Abington of Brockhampton (Brokhampton), Abington of Dowdeswell, Habington (Abington) of Hindlip, Abington of Wychingford (Winchinford)

Philip de Abington of Abington, Kent (a temp Richard I who r. 1189-1199)
1. Ancelinus Abington of Abington
  A. Sir Phillip Abington of Abington
  m. Amice St. George (dau of Baldwin de St. George)
  i. Sir William Abington or Abyngton of Abington or Abyngton
  m. Matilda
  a. Edmund Abington of Abington
  (1) John Abington of Abington (d 1293-4)
  m. Alice
  (A) William Abington of Abington
(i) daughter
  (B) Richard Abington or Abyngton of Wychingford, Worcestershire
  The following comes from Visitation (Gloucestershire, 1623, Abyngton).
  (i) William Abington or Habington of Winchinford
  m. _ Delamore (dau of Sir Peter Delamore of Herefordshire)
  (a) Richard Abington
  m. Margaret Pauncefoote of Gloucestershire
  ((1)) William Abington - continued below @1@
  m. Parnell Dumbleton (dau of John Dumbleton)
  b. William de Abington or Habington of Bedwardin, Worcestershire
  The following comes from Visitation (Worcestershire, 1569 & 1634, Habington).
  m. Margery Beufiz (dau of William Beufiz of Eastleach)
(1) William de Abington or Habington of Winchingford
  m. Petronilla
  (A) Richard de Abington or Habington of Wichenford
  (i) James de Abington or Habington
  m. Agnes le Power (dau of John le Power or Poher of Wichenford)
  (a) William Abington or Habington of Winchingford (a 1402)
  m. Rose Byfield of Sheldon
  ((1)) Richard Abington or Habington of Winchingford (a 1431)
  m. Elizabeth
  ((A)) William Abington or Habington of Winchingford - continued below @2@
  m. Elizabeth Dombleton (dau of John Dombleton or Domulton)
  (2) Maude Abington or Habington
  m. Richard de Cobbey
  c. John Abington
  m. Alice



William Abington of Wychingford - continued above : alternatives @1@ and @2@
Visitation (Herefordshire, 1569, Abington) and Visitation (Worcestershire, 1569, Barnaby) both start with this William, though the latter shows the possibility that his name may have been Richard. As shown above, we have found conflicting pedigrees showing his ancestry.
m. Elizabeth Dombleton (dau of John Dumbalton or Dumbelton or Dombleton of Brockhampton)
Named Parnell by Visitation (Gloucestershire) but Elizabeth by the other sources.
1. Richard Abington of Brockhampton (Brokhampton), Herefordshire
  m. Eleanor Hanley (dau of Thomas or William Hanley or Handley of Hanley)
  A. Richard Abington of Brockhampton
  m. Joyce Shirley (dau of Thomas Shirley of Stockton, she m2. _ Blount)
  i. Mary Abington (d 09.07.1574)
  m. (before 1555) Richard Barnaby or Barneby of Acton (bur 04.12.1597)
ii. Jane Abington
  m1. Edward Stamford or Stanford of Rowley
  m2. Oliver Bridges or Brigges (d 1596)
  iii. Elinor Abington
  Visitation (Herefordshire, 1569, Abington) and Visitation (Worcestershire, 1569, Barnaby), supported by BLG1952 (Dansey), show her husbands as John Dantsey or Dancy then Sir Thomas Baskerville. Visitation (Worcestershire, 1569&1634, Habington) show her husbands as Sir Thomas Baskerville then John Gage. We presume she married 3 times as follows ...
  m1. John Dantsey or Dancey of Brinsop
  m2. Sir Thomas Baskerville
m3. John Gage of Wormersley Grange
  B. John Abington or Habington of Hindlip (Hindley), Worcestershire (b 1515, d 1581/2, 4th son Treasurer to Queen Elizabeth)
  The dates & descriptions of his line came from various web sites.
  m1. Catharine Wykes (dau of John Wykes or Wilkes of London, son of William of Morton Jeffries)
  i. Edward Abington or Habington of Hindlip (dsp 1586, conspirator in Gun Powder Plot)
  ii. Thomas Abington or Habington of Hindlip Hall (b 1550, d 1647, antiquary)
  m. Mary Parker (dau of Edward Parker, Lord Morley, sister of Lord Monteagle)
  a. William Habington of Hindlip (b 05.11.1605, d 30.11.1654, poet)
  m. (c1632) Lucy Herbert (dau of William Herbert, 1st Lord Powis)
  (1) Thomas Habington (dsp)
  b. Mary Habington
  m. Walter Compton of Hartbury
  c. Frances Habington
  m. John Braithwaite
  d.+ other issue - Anthony, Elizabeth
  iii. Richard Habington of Buckenhill, Herefordshire
  m1. Bridget Drury
  a. John Habington
  m2. Constance Edmonson
  b.+ other issue - Edward, Dorothy
  iv. Dorothy Habington
  m2. Dorothy Broadbeck or Brodbeke or Brodbill or Bradlett
  C. Elizabeth Habington
  m. Thomas Wykes of Morton Jeffries
  D. Anne Habington
  m. Richard Pitchard of Cradley
  E. Margaret Habington
  m. William Pitchard of Avenbury
  F. Mary Habington
  m. _ Strangways
  G. Joyce Habington
  m. John Hawkins of Sherington
  H.+ other issue (dsp) - George of Suckle, Edward, William
2. William Abington or Abyngton
  m. Maria Brodeways (dau of Alexander Brodeways (Broadways) of Postlip)
  A. Nicholas Abington of Dowdeswell, Gloucestershire
  m. Margaret Wood (dau of Richard Wood of Dowdeswell)
  i. Richard Abington of Dowdeswell
  m1. Alice Rogers (dau of Richard Rogers of Dowdeswell)
a. Edmund Abington of Dowdeswell
  m. Catherine Hereford (dau of Roger Hereford of Sutton)
  (1) Anthony Abington of Dowdeswell
  m. Elizabeth Ingram (dau of Richard Ingram of Earlscourt)
  (A) John Abington 'of Dowdeswell' (a 1623)
  m. Catherine Savage (dau of Walter Savage of Bradway)
  (B) Elizabeth Abington
  m. Charles Savage of Tedbury
  (C) Mary Abington
  m. (1615) Francis Izod of Stanton
  (D) Barbara Abington
  m. Thomas Ashfeild of Shepton
  (E) Judith Abington (dsp)
  m. John Ayleway
  (F)+ other issue - Anthony (dsp), Catharine
  b. John Habington
  m. Judith Banks of Shalford
  (1)+ issue - Edmund, William (dsp)
  m2. Catherine Bell of Gloucestershire
  c.+ other issue - Ancelmus, Anna
3. Grace Abington or Habington
  m. _ Creswell of Worcestershire

Main source(s): Visitation (Gloucestershire, 1623, Abyngton), Visitation (Worcestershire, 1569+1634, Habington), Visitation (Herefordshire, 1569, Abington), Visitation (Worcestershire, 1569, Barnaby)
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