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Families covered: Ayleworth of Ayleworth (Aylworth of Aylworth) , Ayleworth of London, Ayleworth of West Hanney

Henry Ayleworth
m. Hawis Wykeware (dau of Geffrey Wykeware)
1. John Ayleworth
  A. John Ayleworth of Ayleworth, Gloucestershire (a 1502)
  m. Elizabeth
  i. John Ayleworth of Ayleworth (d by 1525)
m. Elizabeth
  a. Anthony Ayleworth of Ayleworth (b c1495, d 1564-5)
  m1. ??
  (1) Richard Ayleworth of Ayleworth (d 1578-9)
  m. Elenor Gower (dau of William Gower of Woodhall)
  (A) Edward Ayleworth of Ayleworth
m. Anne Bray (dau of Edmund Bray of Barrington)
  (i) Bray Aylworth of Aylworth (b c1588, d 1638)
  The following is supported by Visitation (Gloucestershire, 1682-3, 'Aylworth of Aylworth in Naunton').
  m. (1616) Lucy Tracy (dau of Sir Paul Tracy of Stanway, Bart)
  (a) Richard Aylworth (b c1619, d 1659, 2nd son)
  m. Mary Sackville (dau of Sir Thomas Sackville of Bibury)
  ((1)) Abraham Aylworth of Aylworth (b c1660, a 1682, 3rd son?)
  ((2)) Mary Aylworth
  m. Jonathan Horwood
  ((3))+ other issue - Richard (b c1654, d 1677), Joshua (b c1656, d 1718), Abel (d young), Barbara (b c1654, d 1679), Hanna (a 1682)
  (b) Margaret Aylworth (b after 1623?)
  m1. _ Ven
  m2. _ Clerke
  m3. (by 1683?) _ Conyers
  (c) Isabella Aylworth (b after 1623?)
  m. _ Howard of Gloucestershire
  ((1)) Lucy Howard (b c1659, d 1732)
  m1. Timothy Nourse
m2. Thomas Stokes
  (d)+ other issue - Tracy (b c1612, a 1623, dsp), Gyles (dsp by 1623), Thomas of London (a 1623), Lucy, Elizabeth, Susan(na), Anne
  (i) Anne Ayleworth
  m. Edmond Major of Buckinghamshire
  (iii) Dorothy Ayleworth
  m. John Warren of Snowshill
(iv)+ other issue - Thomas, Anthony, Gyles (dsp), Mary, Elizabeth, Ellen
  (B) Susan Ayleworth possibly of this generation
  m. John Bourne of Wick
  (2) John Ayleworth or Aylworth 'of Polstow' of Wells (Somerset) & Holborn (b c1515, d 28.12.1575, MP)
  The following is supported by CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p312) with the connection confirmed by HoP ("John Aylworth").
  m. Elizabeth Ashton (dau/heir of _ Ashton)
  (A) Ashton Aylworth or Ayleworth of London (d by 1602, MP)
  m. (by 1580) Anne Fleetwood (dau of Thomas Fleetwood of The Vache)
  (i) Thomas Ayleworth of London
  m. _ Prideaux (dau of Edmund Prideaux) ## see here ##
  (a) Ashton Ayleworth
  (ii) Grace Ayleworth
  m. Robert Farneby of Lincolnshire
  (iii) Bridget Ayleworth
  m. Sir Thomas Gots
  (iv) Jane Ayleworth
  m. _ Maypowder of Somerset
  (v) Eliza Ayleworth
  m. Sir Thomas Ersfeild
(vi)+ other issue - Roger, John, Walter, Joyce
  (B) Walter Ayleworth of St. Stephens, Canterbury (a 1614)
  m. Jane Stokitt (a 1620, dau of Lewis Stokitt of London)
  (i) Elizabeth Ayleworth
  m. John White (d 1635)
  (a)+ issue - Henry, Joane
  (ii) Frances Ayleworth
  m. Thomas Stockett
  (iii) Lucy Ayleworth
  m. John Denne
  (iv)+ other issue - Peter (a 1630), Mary
  (C) Anthony Ayleworth of Oxford
  m. _ Bayly (dau of Walter or William Bayly) or Baily of Duckelton
  The following is supported by Visitation (Berkshire, 1665-6, 'Ayleworth of West Hannay').
  (i) Martin Ayleworth
  (ii) Athony Ayleworth of West Hanney (d 1662)
  m. Katherine Page (dau of William Page of Marcham)
  (a) Athony Ayleworth of West Hanney (b c1619, a 03.1664)
  m. Joyce Hawkins (dau of Mark Hawkis of Babington)
  ((1))+ issue - Anthony, Thomas, Elizabeth, Katharine
  (b) Thomas Ayleworth
  m. Martha Thatcher of Uffinton
  (c) Andrew Ayleworth
  m. Frances Champion (dau of George Champion of Wanting)
  ((1))+ issue - Martin, Anne, Dorothy, Katharine
  (d) William Ayleworth
m. Katherine Day
  (e) Anne Ayleworth
  m. Thomas Earle of Marcham
  (f) Katharine Ayleworth
  m. William Yeate of West Hanney
  (g) Milicent Ayleworth
  m. Richard Sherwood of Oxford
  (D) Frances Ayleworth
  m. Sir Thomas Reynall (Reynell) of Devon
  (E)+ other issue - Edward of Canterbury (b c1552, dsp1625, MP), Elizabeth (d unm)
  (3) Francis Ayleworth
  (4) Mary Ayleworth
  m. Thomas Watson of Stratton
m2. Anne Newers (dau/coheir of Thomas Newers of Tackley)
  (5) Peter Ayleworth of Tackley, Oxfordshire (d 1592, 5th son)
  The following is supported by Visitation (Oxfordshire, 1574, 'Aylworth of Tackley').
  m. Anne Gower (d 1591, dau of William (not Thomas) Gower of Woodhall)
  (A) Elizabeth Ayleworth (b c1570, a 1574) possibly the daughter of an Ayleworth of Tackley who married ...
  m. (sp) John Hanbury
  (B)+ other issue - Thomas, William, Edward, Mark (b after 1574?, a 1592)
  (6) Frisroid Ayleworth
  m. Walter Newsam of Chadsom
  (7)+ other issue - Edmund (dsp), Paul
  B. Walter Ayleworth
  i. Anne or Joan Ayleworth
  m. (Edmund) Compton of Compton (d 1492-3)

Main source(s): Visitation (Gloucestershire, 1623, 'Ayleworth') with input/support as mentioned above
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