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Families covered: Barley of Albury, Barlee of Bibsworth
[Much of this page was first launched on 18.12.08 as a Draft page (Barley01).]

We have seen a web site (FabPedigree.com) which provides the following pedigree that links to what we show below: Simon (a 1066) father of John father of Robert father of John father of Roger father of Ralph father of Robert father of John (a 1270) father of George father of George father of Richard father of the following John (m. Joan de Lee) father of John (m. Catherine de Walden) father of Henry m. Anne Colvill) father of William (m. Elizabeth Darcy) father of Henry (m. Anne Grey) father of Elizabeth (m. Edward Leventhorp). Whilst the later generations largely follow VCH (see note just below), and whilst the early generations appear to offer some overlap with what is shown (with a significant caveat) on Bailey1 (a Draft page), we have not yet determined what connection (if any) there was between the Barleys of Barley (Hertfordshire) and the Barleys or Baileys of Barley/Bailey (Derbyshire) AND we have not yet obtained comfort that other sources have not mixed-up those families. For the moment we are 'playing safe' and show below only what we have some confidence in (even though VCH offers some contradiction, as reported below). Chauncy & MGH start with ...
John Barley of Albury & Patmore, Sheriff of Essex & Hertfordshire (d 1445)
m. Joan de la Lee (dau/coheir of Sir John de la Lee of Albury)
VCH (Hertfordshire, vol 3, Parishes - Braughing) shows the manor of Cockhamsted (which apparently was linked to Albury) passing from John & Joan to John (d 02.1445-6, m. "Katherine of the Prior of Anglesey") to Henry (d 1475) father of William (d 03.1521-2) father of Henry (d 1529) father of William father of the Dorothy who married Thomas Leventhorpe. MGH (NS5 vol 3 (1918), p65+) shows John as father (by Joan) of Henry father (by Katharine (d 1464), dau/heir of John de Walden) of William (m. Elizabeth Darcy) & Thomas. Chauncy shows as follows ...
1. William Barley of Albury, Sheriff of Hertfordshire & Essex (a 1425, 1445)
  A. Henry Barley of Albury, Sheriff of Hertfordshire & Essex (d 1475-6)
  m. Katharine
  i. daughter
ii. daughter
  m. _ Lenthal
  iii. daughter
  m. _ Scroggs
  B. William Barley of Albury (d 17.03.1521-2)
  m. Elizabeth Darcy (dau of Sir Robert Darcy of Danbury) mother of Henry, presumed also of Dorothy
i. Henry Barley of Albury, Sheriff of Hertfordshire & Essex (b 1487, d 12.11.1529, MP)
  Chauncy reports that Henry married Lady Anne, widow of Edward, Lord Grey. As no other marriage was mentioned, this implies that she was mother of his children (William, Anthony, Anne, Margaret & Elizabeth). However, HoP ("Henry Barley") reports that he married as shown below, with "at least 1s." by Elizabeth Northwood and "1s. 3da." by Ann Jerningham. His son William is reported to have been aged 19 when Henry made his will (10.1529) and it is thought that Lord Edward Grey, one of Anne Jerningham's earlier husbands, died not long before 1517. Accordingly, Elizabeth must have been mother of at least William.
m1. Elizabeth Northwood (dau/coheir of John Northwood of Northwood)
  a. William Barley of Albury (b c1510, d 1564-5)
  m. Joice Perient (dau of John Perient of Digswell)
  (1) Dorothy Barley
  m1. _ Clopton of Suffolk
  m2. Thomas Leventhorp (son of Edward of Shingey Hall in Sawbridgeworth)
  (2) Anne Barley
m. Richard Barley @@ below
  m2. Anne
  m3. Anne Jerningham (dau of Sir Edward Jernegan of Somerleyton, widow of Lord Edward Grey & (Henry) Berkeley, later married Sir Robert Drury & Sir Edmund Walsingham)
  b. Anne Barley
  m. Philip Gunter
c. Elizabeth Barley reported by HoP to have married ...
  m. (after 10.1529) Edward Leventhorp
  d.+ other issue - Anthony, Margaret
  ii.+ other issue - Dorothy (d c1557, Abbess of Berking Nunnery), 2 daughters mentioned by HoP
  C. Thomas Barley or Barlee of Patmore Hall, Hertfordshire shown by MGH as brother of William and father of ...
  i. Katherine Barlee
  m. John Harleston of Cambridgeshire



Visitation identifies this family's coat of arms (quartered with Lanway) as 'Ermine, three bars wavy sable, a crescent for difference'.
Thomas Barlee
m. Joan Glocester (dau of Thomas Glocester by Joan, dau of Sir Edmond Bibsworth of Bibsworth)
1. Robert Barlee 'of Bibsworth'
  m. Joan Skypwith
A. Francis Barlee 'of Essex' of Bibsworth Hall, Hertfordshire
  m. Dorothy Rich (dau of (Richard) Rich, Lord Chancellor)
  i. Richard Barlee of Elsenham (Essex) (d 31.07.1593)
  m. Anne Barlee (dau/coheir of William Barlee of Alberye son of Henry son of William) @@ above
  a. Dorothy Barlee ['coheir')
  m. Sir John Osborn of Chicksands Abbey (d 1628)
  b.+ other issue - Thomas (a 1593), Anne, Ellen, Mary
  ii. John Barlee or Barley of Bibsworth Hall
The following comes from Visitation (Hertfordshire, 1634, 'Barley of Bibsworth Hall') which identifies this branch's coat of arms as 'Barry wavy of six Ermine and Sable, a crescent for difference'.
  m. Ann Inglesby
  a. Richard Barley (dsp)
  b. Robert Barley of Kimpton, Hertfordshire (a 1634)
  ii. Elizabeth Barlee
  m. Rafe Wiseman of Ryvenall
  iii. Mary Barlee
  m. _ Draper
  iv. Lucy Barlee
  m. John Hare
  B. Alice Barley probably of this generation
  m. William Tooke of Pope

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : 'The Historical Antiquities of Hertfordshire' (Sir Henry Chauncy, vol I, 1826, p292+) with a little inputt, support & contradiction from MGH (NS5 vol 3 (1918), 'Pedigree of the Scroggs Family', p65+)
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Essex, 1552, 'Barlee') with input as reported above
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