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Families covered: Bailey of Bailey (Barley of Barley, Barlow of Barlow)
This family is still being researched. It has NOT yet been launched formally into the Database but is shown here as DRAFT in the hope that one or more visitors to the site will contribute information that will enable us to develop this Family List to an acceptable standard.
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(1) There seems to be some overlap between the early generations shown below and the early generations given by some sources for the family on Barley1. This will be investigated further in due course.
(2) The following record is taken straight from FMG which is normally viewed as quite a reliable source. HOWEVER, the following is suspect for at least the following reasons:
(a) The early generations are clearly wrong inasmuch as at least some of the generations have been confused and mixed up. Furthermore, we get the impression that this is one of 'those pedigrees' where at least some of the names have been included so as to show connections with other well-connected families rather than to reflect real people.
(b) The name of the family is shown throughout as Bailey BUT the (surprisingly few) cross-references to the following that we have found normally use either Barley or Barlow. It is possible that this is just a major example of how confusing it can be when families spell their names in different ways. However, it leads us to lose confidence in the whole thing. The fact that, as far as we have seen, none of the (main) Visitations to Derbyshire mention this family, using any variation of the name, adds to the concern.
(c) The marriage of Robert Bailey with 'Building Bess' is shown as having produced children but it appears to be well-known that it did not.
(3) Hunter reports that "This pedigree is a copy of that of the Baileys drawn up by Thomas Eyre of Dronfield Woodhouse, Antiquary". We suspect that, whilst some of it may well be reliable, other parts of it are either spurious or so confused as to be unreliable. To emphasise this, we split the page into 2 sections and show all of the upper section in italics. However, the generation where the split is made has been chosen arbitrarily so it should not be assumed that we give any more credence to the lower section than we do to the upper section. As with other of the 'Temporary and Draft Pages', we would welcome comment from anyone who has studied this family.
Sir Simon de Bailey of Bailey (previously called Enfleete), Derbyshire (d 27.09.1098)
m. (1075) _ Dronfield (dau of Sir Philip Dronfield of Dronfield)
1. Sir John Bailey (a 1102)
  m. Arabella Dethick (dau of Sir Richard Dethick of Dethick)
  A. Sir Robert Bailey of Bailey (a 1194)
  m. _ Brelsford (dau of Sir Reginald Brelsford)
  i. Sir William Bailey of Bailey (a 1165)
  m. _ Mirfield (dau of Sir Adam Mirfield)
  a. Sir Roger Bailey of Bailey (a temp John who r. 1199-1216)
  m. _ Langford (dau of Sir Ralph Langford of Langford)
  (1) Sir Ralph Bailey of Bailey (a temp Henry I who r. 1100-1135)
  m. _ Fitzherbert (dau of Sir Thomas Fitzherbert)
  (A) Sir Robert Bailey of Bailey (a temp Henry III who r. 1216-1272)
m. _ Reresby (dau of Adam Rereseby of Thrybergh)
  (i) Sir John Bailey of Bailey (a temp Edward I who r. 1272-1307)
  m. _ Vernon (dau of Sir John Vernon of Haddon)
  (a) Sir George Bailey of Bailey
m. _ Curzon (dau of Clement Curzon of Croxall)
  ((1)) Sir Richard (Robert?) Bailey of Bailey
  m. _ Sacheverell (dau of Sir John Sacheverell of Hopewell)
  ((A)) Robert Bailey of Bailey (d 09.1458) - continued below
  m. Margaret Delves (dau of Henry Delves of Doddington)
  ((B)) Elizabeth Bailey
  m. Thomas Mapplethorpe
  ((C)) Isabel Bailey
  m. Richard Nottton
  ((D)) Mary Bailey
  m. Richard Egerton
  ((E)) Ann Bailey ('Barlow')
  m. Thomas Cockain of Ashbourne
  ((F)) Susan Bailey
  m. Henry Brimmingham
  ((2)) Ann Bailey
  m. John Dutton of Dutton
  (b) Robert Bailey
  m. _ Demvoual
  (c) Mary Bailey
  m. Thomas Rolstone of Mayfield
  (d) Alice Bailey
  m. John Bretsford
  (e) Helen Bailey
  m. Henry Bagshaw of Ridge
  (ii) Robert Bailey
  m. _ Foliot (dau of John Foliot)
  (iii) George Bailey
  m. _ Nevil (dau of Alexander Nevil)
  (iv) Christopher Bailey
  m. _ Blackwall (dau of Thomas Blackwall of Blackwall)
  (v) Henry Bailey
  m. _ Bostock (dau of Thomas Bostock of Moulton)
  (vi) daughter
  m. _ Montgomery (dau of John Montgomery of Culby)
  (vii) Mary Bailey
  m. W. Russel of Blore
  (viii) Anne Bailey
  m. Roger Okeover of Okeover
  (ix) Christina Bailey
  m. Thomas Rawson of Kent
  (B) Hugh Bailey
  m. _ Padley (dau of Thomas Padley of Padley)
  (C) Edmund Bailey
  m. _ Kniveton (dau of Thomas Kniveton of Mirkinson (Mercaston))
  (D) John Bailey
  m. ?? (dau of Brian Tin***d)
  (E) Thomas Bailey
  m. _ Hathersedge (dau of Thomas Hathersedge of Hathersedge)
  (2) Jane Bailey
  m. Christopher Babington
  (3) Margaret Bailey
  m. Thomas Bradborn of Bradborn
  b. Thomas Bailey
  m. _ Menil (dau of Sir Arthur Menil)
  c. Edmund Bailey
  m. _ Blaudeville (dau of Sir John Blaudeville)
  d. James Bailey
  m. _ Shawcross (dau of Robert Shawcross of Shawcross)
  e. Ralph Bailey
  m. _ Bradsall (dau of Robert Bradsall of Bradsall)
  ii. Christopher Bailey
  m. _ Blackwall (dau of John Blackwall of Blackwall)
  iii. Lucy Bailey
  m. Robert Pole
  B. Ann Bailey
  m. Sir John Wensley of Wensley



Robert Bailey of Bailey (d 09.1458) - continued above
m. Margaret Delves (dau of Henry Delves of Doddington)
1. Robert Bailey of Bailey
  m1. _ Freschvile (dsp, dau of Peres Freschvile of Staveley)
m2. _ Cockaine (dau of Sir Thomas Cockaine of Ashbourne)
  A. Robert Bailey of Bailey ('Barley of Barley')
  m. Margaret Eyre (dau of Robert Eyre of Padley, sister of Sir Arthur & Ann)
  i. Arthur (or Thomas?) Bailey of Bailey ('Barley of Barley') (a 12.1532)
  m. (Elizabeth) Chaworth (dau of Sir George Chaworth of Wiverton)
a. Robert Bailey of Bailey ('Barlow of Barlow' or 'Barley of Barley') (d 1532 sb 1544?)
  m. Elizabeth ('Bess') Hardwick (d 1608, dau of John Hardwick of Hardwick, m2. Sir William Cavendish, m3. Sir William St. Lo, m4. George Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury)
Various web sites suggest that this marriage was without issue. Indeed, Wikipedia ("Building Bess") suggests that the marriage "was never consummated because of their youth and Robert's sickly health". However, FMG shows the following children.
  (1) James Bailey, last of Bailey ('Barley of Barley') (3rd son)
  m. Jane Strelley (dau of Nicholas Strelley (probably not Shelley) of Beauchief)
  (A) Frances Bailey
  m. Peter Turner
  (B) Rosamund Bailey (or Barley)
  m. Henry (not James) Bullock of Brampton
  (C)+ other issue - Thomas, John
  (2) Arthur Bailey (dsp)
  m. _ Talbot (dau of John Talbot of Salisbury)
  (3) George Bailey
  m. Jane
  (A) Frances Bailey
m. Peter Lyns
  (B) Rosamund Bailey duplication with above?
  m. Henry Bullock of Brampton
(i) James Bullock
  (C)+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Edward (bpt 1592, dsp), Francis (bpt 30.09.1593)
  (4)+ other issue (dsp) - Robert, Peter
  b. George Bailey ('Barley of Barley')
  m. Jane Freschvile (dau of Sir Peter Freschvile of Staveley)
  (1) Jane Bailey
  m. George Foljambe of Moon
  B. Thomas Bailey ('Barley') of Dronfield Woodhouse
  m. Ann Eyre (dau of Robert Eyre of Padley, sister of Sir Arthur & Margaret)
  i.+ issue (d young) - George, Robert
  C. George Bailey of Stoke
  m. _ Illingworth (dau of Richard Illingworth of Bawtry)
  D. Samuel Bailey
  m. _ Shirley (dau of Sir J. Shirley of Standish)
  E. Pride Bailey
  m. I. Moulton
F. Margaret Bailey
  m. Nicholas Eyre of Hope
2. Thomas Bailey
  m. _ Hall (dau/heir of Thomas Hall of Hucklow)
3. Edmund Bailey
  m. _ Bradsall (dau of Edmund Bradsall)
4. Grace Bailey
  m. Robert Whittington of Whittington
  A. Elizabeth Whittington
  m. Roger Eyre of Holme Hall
5. Alice Bailey
  m. Alexander Leech of Chatsworth

Main source(s): FMG (Continuation ('Hunter's Pedigrees', 1936), 'Bailey of Bailey, co. Derby', p11+)
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