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Families covered: Basset of Ipsden (Ippesden), Basset of Tehidy, Basset of Trevalga, Basset of Umberleigh

Osmund Basset of Oakley and Ipsden (Ippesden) (b c1104)
m. Basilia (widow of Luvet de Brai)
1. John Basset of Ipsden or Ippesden (a temp Henry II who r. 1154-1189)
  A. William Basset of Ipsden (Ippesden) & Tehidy (a 1220)
  m. (c1205) Cecilia de Dunstanville (dau of Alan de Dunstanville of Castle Combe)
  i. Sir Alan Basset of Whitechapel, Tehidy & Trevalga
  m. Lucia Peverel (dau of Sir Hugh Peverel, sister of Sir William of Sampford Peverell)
  a. Alan Basset of Tehidy & Trevalga (a 1262)
  m. _ Haccombe (dau of Sir Andrew Haccombe)
  (1) Lawrence Basset of Whitechapel, Tehidy & Trevalga (a 1295)
  m. Hawysia identified by Vivian as dau of Sir Ralph Mallet
  (A) William Basset of Tehidy and Trevalga (d 1305)
  m. Alice Wallis (dau of (Sir) John Wallis)
  (i) Sir William Basset of Tehidy, Sheriff of Cornwall (b c1301, d 1340-1)
There are differences between our sources over the next few generations. Vivian shows this Sir William as m. Johanna Bottreaux and father of (inter alia) Sir William (d 1384) who was father by Margaret Fleming of the John (d 1463) who m. Johanna Beaumont. We follow BLG1886 & BLG1952 which show additional generations. They do not identify this Sir William's wife. Provisionally we follow Vivian in showing that she was ...
  m. Johanna Bottreaux (a 1334, 1361, dau of Sir William Bottreaux, m2. Sir Richard Turberville)
  (a) (Sir) William Basset of Tehidy (d before 1346)
  m. Joan
  ((1)) John Basset of Tehidy (d(spm) c1348)
  (b) Thomas Basset of Tehidy (d 1354)
  ((1)) William Basset of Tehidy and Trevalga (d 27.10.1384) - continued below
  m. Margaret (Fleming)
  Vivian shows the following as additional children (to the Sir William who m. Margaret Fleming) of the Sir William who m. Johanna Bottreaux. As we have followed BLG in inserting additional generations, we are left uncertain where to place the following. Provisionally we place them as follows..
  ((2)) Thomas Basset
  m. Margaret Helegan (dau/coheir of Richard Helegan)
((A)) Thomas Basset (dsp)
  ((3)) Isabell Basset
  m. Peter Antron
  ((4)) Dyonisia Basset
  m. Ralph Key
  (B) Alice Basset
  m. William Rosewarne
  ii.+ other issue - Richard, Gilbert
2. Wiliam Basset ancestor of Bassets in Northamptonshire



William Basset of Tehidy and Trevalga (d 27.10.1384) - continued above
BLG1886/1952 name William's wife just as Margaret. Provisionally, and somewhat speculatively, we presume that she was ...
m. Margaret Fleming (dau of Sir Simon Fleming by Cicily, dau of Thomas Champernowne of Modbury)
1. John Basset of Tehidy (b c1374/1377, d 1463?)
  BLG1886/1952 show John (b 1377, d 1463) m. Anne, parents of John (b 1441, d 1485) father, by Joan Beaumont, of 5 sons & several daughters. Vivian shows John (b c1374, d 18.06.1463) father by Joan Beaumont of an intervening Sir John (m. Elizabeth Budockshyde). Clearly there has been confusion between the generations.
  m. Anne
  A. John Basset of Tehidy (d 1463?)
Although it is possible that this was the same John as the John we show as his father, that would have meant that he was a lot older than his father-in-law. We speculate that this John died in the same year as his father, something that could have led to the confusion between them.
  m. Joan Beaumont (dau of Sir Thomas Beaumont of Shirwell & Umberleigh, sister of Philip of Sherwell)
  i. Sir John Basset of Tehidy and Umberleigh (b 1441, d 11.06.1485)
As indicated above, we suspect that both BLG1886/1952 & Vivian have omitted one or more generations. We are now following Vivian in showing that the mother of the Sir John who m1. Ann/Elizabeth Dennys m2. Honora Granville was ...
  m. Elizabeth Budockshyde (dau of Thomas Budockshyde)
  a. Sir John Basset of Tehidy and Umberleigh (b 1463, d 31.01.1528)
  m1. Elizabeth or Anne Denys (dau of John Denys)
(1) Anne Basset identified by BLG1886/1952 as only child of this marriage
  m. James Courtenay (son of Sir William of Powderham)
  (2) Mary Basset mentioned by Vivian
  m. William Marrys
  m2. (1515) Honora Granville (dau of Sir Thomas Granville or Grenville, m2. Arthur Plantagenet)
  (3) Sir John Basset of Tehidy & Umberleigh, Sheriff of Cornwall (b 1519, d 20.04.1541)
  m. Frances Plantagenet (dau of Arthur Plantagenet, Viscount Lisle, natural son of King Edward IV, m2. Thomas Monke)
  (A) Sir Arthur Basset of Tehidy, Umberleigh and Heanton Court (b 1540, d 1586)
  m. Eleanor Chichester (dau of Sir John Chichester of Raleigh)
  (B) Eleanor Basset
m1. (19.07.1568) William Whiddon
  m2. Christhoper Chichester of Frithelstock
  (4) George Basset, later of Tehidy (d 05.11.1589)
  m. Jacquetta Coffin (dau of John/James (probably not George) Coffin of Portledge, m2. Humphry Jones)
  (A) James Basset of Tehidy (d 08.02.1603/4)
  m. (1587) Jane Godolphin (dau of Sir Francis Godolphin of Godolphin)
  (B) Catherine Basset
  m. James Cary of Cockington
  (C) Blanche Basset
  m. William Newman of Plemyn
  (5) James Basset (b 1523, d 21.11.1557/8)
  m. Mary Roper (d 20.03.1573, dau of William (probably not Thomas) Roper, widow of Stephen Clarke)
(A) Philip Basset (b 1557)
  m. _ Verney
  (i)+ 2 daughters
  (B) Charles Basset (b 1558-9, d 1584, Jesuit)
  (6) Katherine Basset
  m. Sir Henry Ashley
  (7) Anne Basset
  m. Francis Hungerford
  (8) Mary Basset (bur 21.05.1598)
  m. (08.06.1557) John Wollacombe of Combe (bur 06.1590)
  (9)+ other issue - Jane, Thomasine, Phillipa
  b. Alice or Agnes Basset
  m. Thomas Hatch or Hache
  c.+ other issue - Thomas, Thomas, Martin, John, daughters

Main source(s): BLG1886 (Basset of Trehidy), BLG1952 (Basset formerly of Tehidy), BLG1886 (Basset of Umberleigh and Watermouth), Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, Basset of Tehidy), Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Basset of Umberleigh)
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