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Families covered: Becher of Aughadown, Becher of Creagh, Becher of Hollywood, Becher of Southwell

Fane Becher to co. Cork (d 1592/3)
m. (12.05.1572) Susan Dabridgecourt (dau of George Dabridgecourt of Stratfield Saye)
1. Henry Becher of Castle Mahon (co. Cork), President of Munster (d 1610)
  m. (14.03.1586) Mary Lyon (dau of William Lyon, Bishop of Cork, Cloyne & Ross)
  A. Henry Becher of Bandon in Baltimore, co. Cork (Major)
  m. _ Noales of Aughadown
  i. Thomas Becher of Sherkin Island & Aughadown, co. Cork (Colonel)
  m. Elizabeth Turner (dau of Henry Turner of Bandon Bridge by Dorothy, dau of Richard Boyle, Archbishop of Tuam)
a. Henry Becher of Aughadown
  m. Catherine Owen (dau of Colonel _ Owen of Stadham)
  (1) John Becher 'of Hollbrook' of Aughadown
  m1. Frances Eyre of Mount Hedges & Macroom Castle
  (A) Richard Hedges Becher of Hollywood, co. Cork
m1. (1772) Letitia Hungerford (dau of Richard Hungerford of The Island)
  (i) John Becher of Hollywood (d 20.02.1820)
  m. Susanna Hungerford (dau of Thomas Hungerford of The Island & Fox Hall)
  (a) Richard Henry Hedges Becher of Lakelands, co. Cork (dsp)
  m1. (12.02.1839) Melian O'Donovan (dau of Rev. Morgan O'Donovan of Dundurrow, 'The O'Donovan')
  m2. M. Somerville
  (b) Frances Eyre Becher
m. (18.09.1837) Richard Becher Hungerford of The Island (d 21.03.1904, cousin)
  (c)+ other issue - George Cranfield, Thomas Hungerford, Richard O'Donovan, Letitia Hungerford, Susanna Hungerford
  (ii) Henry Owen Becher of Aughadown had issue
  m1.(sp?) _ Germain
  m2. Ellen Jervois (dau of Samuel Jervois of Brande House)
  (iii) Frances Eyre Becher (d 12.09.1843)
  m. (04.1793) Richard Hungerford of The Island (cousin)
m2. Mary Alleyne of Ballyduvane
  (iv) Lucinda Becher
  m. James Hingston of Aglish (rector of Whitchurch)
  (v) Henrietta Becher
  m. Richard Hull of Learncon Manor (D 09.04.1846)
  (vi) Letitia Becher
  m. (23.02.1805) Henry Richard Orpen of Gortagea & Bridgeville Park (d 15.10.1838, Captain, son of Richard of Ardtully)
  (vii)+ other issue - Thomas (d unm), Richard (d unm), Michael Alleyne of Ballyduvane, Amelia, Mary, Elizabeth, Anne
(B) Michael Becher (d unm)
  (C) Jane Becher
  m. (1763) Daniel O'Donovan of Bawnlahan, 'The O'Donovan'
  (D) Eliza Becher
  m. William Evans (d 02.1796, son of John of Bulgaden Hall)
  m2. ?? (sp)
m3. ?? (sp)
  m4. ?? (sp)
  (2) Elizabeth Becher (d 1743) probably of this generation
  m. Richard Townsend of Castle Townsend (b 15.07.1684, d 1742)
  b. Edward Becher of Southwell (b 1676, d 1750, 6th son)
  m1. Bridget Lowe (d 1735, dau of Samuel Lowe of Southwell by dau of Edward Clay of Southwell)
  (1) Richard Turner Becher of Southwell (2nd son)
  m1. Anne Harding (d 1759)
  (A) Michael Becher (4th son)
  m. Henrietta Margaret Lowe (dau of Samuel Lowe of Southwell by Elizabeth Sherbrooke, widow of ?? Bugg)
  (B) Bridget Becher
  m. (08.05.1764) Sherbrooke Lowe of Southwell
  (C) Ann Becher
  m. (29.10.1770) Robert Lowe of Oxton & Southwell (d 28.07.1822)
  (D) Elizabeth Becher (bur 04.09.1782)
  m. Adam Hough of Comberton, later of Farnfield (d 1804, son of Adam of Comberton)
  (E) Mary Becher
  m1. _ Bousfield
  m2. _ Keeton
  (F)+ other issue - Richard (d unm 1801), Edward, John, Susannah (d young)
  m2. Elizabeth Lowe (dau of Samuel Lowe by Elizabeth, dau of Henry Sherbrooke of Oxton)
  (J) Henry Becher
  m. E. Wright
  (K) Margaret Becher
  m. J. Pigot of Derby
  (L) Henrietta Becher
  m. E. Rogers
  (2) Elizabeth Becher
  m1. _ Harding
  m2. William Swymmer of Roochborough
(3)+ other issue - Samuel (dsp), Michael
  m2. Mary (or Martha) Booth (dau/heir of William Booth, widow of William Law of Southwell)
  (5) William Becher of Southwell (Rev.)
  m. Elizabeth Lucas Drake (dau of Rev. Joseph Drake of Burley-on-the-Hill)
  (A) Mary Becher
  m. Rev. John Thomas Becher of Southwell (son of Michael) @@ below
  (B)+ other issue (d unm) - Sherard (Rev.), Cranfield William (d 18580, Elizabeth (d 1844), Adreana (d 1854)
  c. (Sir) John Becher of St. Michael's, Mayor of Bristol (b 1677)
  m. Hester Duddlestone (bur 11.01.1704, dau of Sir John Duddlestone, 1st Bart)
(1) John Becher of Creagh in Skibbereen, co. Cork (b 1700)
  m. (1727) Mary Townshend (dau of Rev. Philip Townshend, m2. Col. Mercer)
  (A) John Townshend Becher of Creagh & Annisgrove
  m. Mary O'Donovan (dau of Rev. Morgan O'Donovan of Ballincalla)
  (i) Henry Becher of Creagh (dsp)
  (ii) Anne Becher (dspm)
  m. James Lombard of Ballygriffin (Major)
  (a) Helena Trydell Lombard (d 01.06.1870, 3rd dau/coheir) probably of this generation
  m. (01.01.1820) Sir James Laurence Cotter, 3rd Bart of Rockforest (d 31.12.1834)
(iii) Mary Becher of Creagh
  m. (1778) William Wrixon of Cecilstown
  (B) Michael Becher
  m. Catherine French (dau of Colonel _ French)
  (i) John Thomas Becher of Hill House, Southwell (b 1790, d 03.01.1841, vicar-general of Southwell, etc.) had issue
  m. Mary Becher (dau of Rev. William Becher of Southwell) @@ above
  (C) Helena Becher
  m. Edward Mansel Townshend of Whitehall
  (2) Henry Becher (b 1702, rector in Bristol, royal chaplain)
  m. Mary Matthews
(A) John Becher (b 1736, Cmdr RN)
  m. Anne Heyshan
  (i) John Harman Becher
  m. ?? (m2. Major Butler)
  (a) Anne Becher
  m1. Richmond Thackeray (d 1816)
  Their son Wlliam Makepeace Thackeray was the famous novelist and illustrator.
  m2. Henry William Carmichael Smyth (dsp 09.09.1865, Major, 'brother of Major General Sir James Carmichael Smyth, Bart')
  (b) Maria Becher
  m. Allan Graham (Captain)
  (c) Harriet Becher
  (ii) William Alexander Becher (captain RN)
m. Frances Scott (dau of Rev. J. Scott of Port Jamaica)
  (a) Alexander Bridgport Becher (b 1796) had issue (1 dau)
  m. Anne Harriet Thorne
  (b) Frances Becher
  m. _ Townshend
  (c) Elizabeth Emma Becher
  m. _ Wood
(d) Harriet Martina Becher
  m. (20.11.1816) Frederick Nepean (d 17.09.1833, son of Sir Evan, 1st Bart)
  (e) Mary Becher
  m. _ Gill
  (3) Mary Cranfield Becher (d 1836) probably of this generation
  m. (1770) Thomas Hungerford of The Island & Fox Hall
  d. Elizabeth Becher
  m1. Horatio Townsend
  m2. Dive Downes, Bishop of Cork &Ross
  e. Susannah Becher (d 1738)
  m1. (1719) Thomas Hungerford
  m2. Samuel Jervois of Braade House (d 1764)
  e. Martha Becher probably of this generation
  m. Dillon Newman of Newbury (d 1733)
  f.+ other issue - Thomas, William, Michael, Richard, George, Lyonel
  ii. Elizabeth Becher
  m. Richard Tonson of Spanish Island (Major)
  B.+ other issue - William, Fane, Edward, Liionel, Alice, Catherine, Abigail, Susan, Mabel, Mary
2. Edward Becher
  m. _ Walcher of Dublin
3. Jane Becher
  m. Hugh Prescott of Staffordshire
4. Elizabeth Becher
  m. Randall Warner of London
5.+ other issue - Fane, William, Judith. Margaret

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