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Families covered: Berkeley of Berkeley, Berkeley of Cubberley, Berkeley of Dursley, Berkeley of Leonard Stanley

Roger de Berchelai (d 1093)
m. Rissa
1. Eustace de Berkeley of Nympsfield (d c1094)
2. Roger de Berkeley of Berkeley(d 1131)
  BE1883 (Berkeley of Nottingham) suggests that the father of Roger (father of Alice) was called William and that he was nephew rather than son of the first Roger. What we show is supported by TCP (Berkeley).
  A. Roger de Berkeley of Berkeley, lord of Dursley (d 1170)
  m. Rissa de Montgomery (dau of Robert de Belleme de Montgomery, 3rd Earl of Shrewsbury)
  i. Roger de Berkeley of Dursley (d 1191)
  m. Helen FitzHarding (dau of Robert FitzHarding de Berkeley)
  a. Roger de Berkeley of Dursley, Leonard Stanley, etc. (d before 05.1221)
  m(1). Hawise Paynel (d 1209, dau of Ralph Paynel)
  The following is supported by VCH (Gloucestershire, vol 10 ('Westbury and Whitstone Hundreds'), 'Leonard Stanley: Manor and other estates').
  (1) Henry de Berkeley of Dursley, Leonard Stanley, etc. (d 1221)
  m1. Agnes
  (A) John de Berkeley of Dursley, Leonard Stanley, etc. (b c1219, d by 1245)
  m. Sibill
  (i) Henry de Berkeley of Dursley, Leonard Stanley, etc. (d c1287)
m. Joan (a 1316)
  (a) John de Berkeley (dsp)
  m. Hawise
  (b) Henry de Berkeley
  ((1)) John de Berkeley of Dursley, Leonard Stanley, etc. (d 1349)
  m. Hawise (d c1350)
  ((A)) Nicholas Berkeley of Dursley, Leonard Stanley, etc. (dsp 1382)
m. Cecily (sister/heir of Sir John de la More)
  ((B)) Maud Berkeley (d c1403)
m. Robert de Cauntelo 'of Heddington'
  ((i)) Elizabeth Cauntelo
  m. Richard Cheddar (b 09.1379, d c06.1437)
  m2. Letuaria
  b. Isabella de Berkeley
  m1. Thomas de Rochefort (de Rocheford)
  m2. William Wallerand
  c.+ other issue - Robert (d c1224), Philip (d c1250), Oliver (d c1247)
  ii. Alice de Berkeley H
  m. (1153/4) Maurice FitzRobert FitzHarding de Berkeley (b c1120, d 16.06.1190) H
  iii. Letitia de Berkeley
  m. Richard de Clifford of Frampton
  iv.+ other issue - Philip, Oliver
3. son
  Barclay shows an unnamed 3rd son as father of William de Berkeley, ancestor of the Berkeleys of Cubberley. Fosbroke shows Ralph as son of William of Dursley & younger brother of Roger of Dursley (father of Robert who m. Alena, dau of Robert Fitzharding). It is therefore quite possible that this son (Ralph?) was of the next generation.
  A. William Berkeley of Cubberley, Gloucestershire
i. William Berkeley
  a. Robert Berkeley
  (1) Giles Berkeley
  (A) Nicholas Berkeley (dsp)
(B) Giles Berkeley
  (i) Sir Thomas Berkeley
  (a) Sir Thomas Berkeley of Cubberley & Stoke Archer (d 12.04.1405)
  The following comes from TCP (Chaundos).
  m. Margaret Chandos (d 04.04.1406, dau of Thomas Chandos of Snodhill)
  ((1)) Margaret Berkeley (b before 1376, d by 1435)
  m. Nicholas Mattesdon of Kingsholme (d 19.10.1435)
  ((A)) Robert Mattesdon of Kingsholme & Stoke Archer (dsp 16.02.1457/8)
  ((2)) Alice Berkeley (b before 1380, d 12.05.1414)
  m1. Thomas Brugge of Haresfield & Matson (d 07.04.1408)
  Ancestors of the Brydges Lords Chandos.
  m2. (1408) John Browning of Leigh (d 06.02.1415/6)
4. John de Berkeley, 1st of Towie moved to Scotland about 1069 Y
5. daughter (d unm)

Main source(s):
(1) 'A History of the Barclay Family', Part 1 (1066 to 1924), by Rev. Charles W. Barclay (published by The St. Catherine's Press, 1924)
(2) 'Berkeley Manuscripts' by Thomas Dudley Fosbroke (1821, p 80)
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