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Families covered: Bures of Acton (Buers of Aketon)

The following pedigree follows one on the Bacon family on which we have some doubts. Accordingly, the following should be treated with caution.
Michael de Buers or Bures
Michael was father of Margaret. Mainly so as not to lose sight of the possible connection, we speculate that he was father also of Sir John & Sir Andrew.
1. Sir John de Bures (b 1276, d 22.12.1350)
  Hawise Muscegros (b 21.12.1276, d 06.1340, dau of Sir Robert de Musegros, widow of William de Mortimer of Bridgewater then John de Ferrers, 1st Lord of Chartley)
  A. Catherine de Bures (b c1310) H
  m. (1329) Giles de Beauchamp of Alcester, later of Powyke (d 1361) H
2. Sir Andrew de Buers of Aketon (d 12.04.1360) the first mentioned by MGH
  m. Alice (heir of Sir Robert de Roydon)
  A. Sir Robert (or Andrew?) de Buers
m. (1276?) Hillarye Farmer (dau/heir of Sir John de Farmer (ffarmer), widow of Hughe Tallemache)
  i. Sir Andrew de Buers
  m. Alice Poynings (dau of Sir Michael Poynings, m2. Sir John Sutton)
  a. Sir Robert de Buers 'of Bures St. Mary' (d 1361)
  m. Joan Sutton (dau of Sir Richard Sutton)
  (1) Alice de Buers (a 1393)
  m. Sir Guy de Bryan
  b. Andrew de Buers
  m. Alice Spencer
  (1) William de Bures
  m. Elizabeth Rowse
  (A) William Bures
  m. Jane
(i) Robert de Bures or Buers
  m. Jane Bucke
  (a) Henry de Bures or Buers 'of Acton'
  m. Anne Waldegrave (dau of George Waldegrave of Smalbridge, m2. Sir Clement Higham)
  ((1)) Jane Buers
  m. Sir William Buttes of Thornage (a 1563)
  ((2)) Bridgett Buers
  m. Thomas Buttes of Riburgh
  ((3)) Anne Buers
m. Edmonde Buttes of Barrowe
  ((4)) Mary Buers
  m. Thomas Barrowe of Chipdenham
  (b) Robert Bures
  m. Dorothy Stourton (dau (sb granddau) of Lord Stourton)
  ((1))+ issue - Robert, Henry, Joane/Jane, Katherine
  (c) daughter
  m. (William) King (Abbot of Walden)
  ((1)) (Judith) King (b c1541, d 17.12.1618)
  m1. Nathaniel Treherne
  m2. John Aylmer, Bishop of London
  (d) daughter possibly the Judith who was the 1st wife of ...
  m. John Aylmer, Bishop of London
  (ii)+ other issue - Andrew, Elizabeth
(B) Andrew Bures
  (2) daughter
  m. _ Shelton
  (3) Margaret Buers
  m. William Sampson
  c. John de Buers of Wethenhive (a 1380)
  ii. Alice Buers
  m. Edmonde Boteler
  iii+. other issue - William, Michael
  B.+ other issue - James, John
3. Margaret de Buers
  m1/2. Robert de Rokewode of Acton (a 1312)
  m2/1. John de Scotlande of Stoke Neylande

Main source(s): MGH (NS3 vol 4 (1902), 'The true Descente of Buers of comitat' Suffolke Deduced from ye tyme of Kinge Edwarde ye 2d, 1326, onto this tyme', p164+)
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