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Families covered: Waldegrave of Ferrers in Brewers, Waldegrave of Hicham, Waldegrave of Lawford, Waldegrave of Smallbridge

Sir William Walgrave or Waldegrave of Smallbridge (d c1502)
m. Margery Wentworth (dau of Sir Henry Wentworth of Codham Hall)
1. George Walgrave or Waldegrave of Smallbridge or Smalbridge (d 1528)
  m. Anne Drury (dau of Sir Ralph Drury of Hawstead or Halsted)
A. Sir William Walgrave or Waldegrave of Smallbridge (d 02.05.1554)
  m. Julian Rainesford (dau of Sir John Rainesford)
  i. Sir William Walgrave or Waldegrave 'of Bures' of Smallbridge
  m1. Elizabeth Mildmaye (d 1581, sister of Thomas Mildmaye)
a. Sir William Walgrave or Waldegrave of Smallbridge (d 25.11.1613)
  m1. Judeth Jermyne (dau of Sir Robert Jermyne)
  (1) Elizabeth or Judith Walgrave
  m. Sir Charles Gawdey
  m2. Jennemache or Jemima Bacon (dau of Sir Nicholas Bacon, Bart of Redgrave)
  (2) William Walgrave or Waldegrave of Smallbridge
  m. Frances Athow (dau of Thomas Athow)
  (A) Thomas Waldegrave of Smallbridge father of Elizabeth, presumed to fit here
  m. Jane Kemp (dau of Sir Robert Kemp, 1st Bart of Gissing) wife of Thomas, presumed mother of ...
(i) Elizabeth Walgrave
  m. Sir John Cordell, 2nd Bart of Melford (d c1690)
  (3) Jenemache Walgrave
  (4) Philippa Walgrave probably the Philippa who married ...
  m. Giles Barnardiston of Clare
  b. Alis Walgrave
  m. Anthony Cooke of Giddey Hall
c. Mary Walgrave
  m. Thomas Clopton (bur 02.1597)
  d. Elizabeth Walgrave
  m. Sir Thomas Beckingham of Essex
  e.+ other issue - Thomas, Francis, Walter, Edward (dsp), Henry, Anne
  m2. Grissell (dau of William, Lord Pagett)
  ii. Margery Walgrave
  m. John Wiseman of Cranfield (d 17.10.1602)
  iii. Mary Walgrave
  m1. Edward Wiatte or Wyatt (d 1571)
  m2. Sir Walter Mildmay (bur 12.03.1606)
  iv. Dorothy Walgrave
m. Arthur Harris of Essex
  B. George Walgrave (d 1551)
  m. Mary Corbett (dau of Sir Richard Corbett of Assington)
  i. William Walgrave of Hicham
  m. Elizabeth Polley (dau of Richard Polley of Boxsted)
  a. Sir George Walgrave of Hicham
  m. Mary Moore (dau of John Moore of Ipswich)
  (1) Amye Walgrave (dsp)
  (2) Elizabeth Walgrave
m. Arthur Cooke
  b. Thomazine Walgrave
  m1. William Kempe
  m2. Harsenett, Bishop of Chechester
  c. Elizabeth Walgrave
  m. William Appleton of Ketelbaston
  ii. Richard Walgrave (d 1589)
  m. Margaret Knighton possibly here??
  a.+ William Walgrave (dsp)
iii.+ other issue - George, Edward
  C. Edward Walgrave or Waldegrave of Lawford (b 1513-4, d 13.08.1584)
  m. (1550) Joane Ackworthe (dau of George Ackworthe of Lawford by Margarett Wilberfosse)
  i. Edward Walgrave or Waldegrave of Lawford (b c1553, bur 13.02.1621)
  m1. Elizabeth Averell (dau of Bartholomew Averell of Southminster)
a. Anne Walgrave or Waldegrave
  m1. Sir Drew Drewry, Bart of Riddlesworth (b 1588, d 1632)
  m2. _ Gleane of Hardwick
  m2. Sara Higham (dau of John Higham of Giffordes)
  b. Jemmima Walgrave or Waldegrave (b c1602, d 14.10.1675)
  m. (c1623) John Crewe, 1st Lord of Stene (b 1598, d 12.12.1679)
ii. Mary Walgrave or Waldegrave
  m1. Isaake Ashley or Astley of Melton Constable
  m2. William Kighley of Essex
  iii. Anne Walgrave or Waldegrave
  m. Humfrey Monoux of Walthamstow
  iv. Bridget Walgrave or Waldegrave
  m. Thomas Kighley of Buers
  v. Margery Walgrave or Waldegrave
  m. William Clopton of Bretton or Castlyns in Grotton
  D. Anne Walgrave
  m1. Henry Bewers of Acton
  m2. Sir Clement Higham
  E. Fellys (Phyllis) Walgrave
  m. Thomas Higham (son of Sir John)
2. Anthony Walgrave or Waldegrave of Feriers in Brewers
  m. Elizabeth Gray (dau of Rauffe Gray of Burnt Pelham)
A. William Walgrave or Waldegrave of Ilford
  m. _ Germond (dau of _ Germond or Gamond or Garnon of Barkway or Barking)
  i. William Walgrave or Waldegrave of Walthamstowe
  m. Dorothy Donington (dau of Richard Donington of Hackney)
  a.+ issue - Margaret, Dorothy
  B. Thomas Walgrave or Waldegrave of Ferrers in Brewers (4th son)
  m. Elizabeth Gurdon (dau of Robert Gurdon of Assington)
  i. Thomas Walgrave of Ferrers in Brewers (a 1634)
  m. Margaret (dau of John Holinshead or Holmstead of Hempsted or Halsted)
ii. Elizabeth Walgrave
  m1/2. Isack Wyncolle or Wincole of Twynsted
  It appears that Elizabeth (also) married ...
  m2/1. Herbert Pelham of Swineshead (b c1600, d 06.1674)
  iii.+ other issue - John, William, Mary, Jemima, Margaret
  C.+ other issue - Juliann, Barnabye
3. Mary Walgrave
  Visitation shows Mary as married to John, Lord Marney, but TCP (Marny or Marney) shows that he was her sister Bridget's 2nd husband.
4. Margaret Walgrave
  m. Sir John St. John of Bletso
5. daughter
  m. Robert Drewry
6. Dorothy Walgrave (d by 1564)
  m. Sir John Springe of Lanham (d before 21.05.1549)
7. Bridget Walgrave
  m1. William (not Sir John or Thomas) Finderne of Little Horkesley
  m2. John Marney, 2nd Lord (b c1493, d 27.04.1525)
8. Anne Walgrave
  m. _ Barley of Hartfordshire
9.+ other issue - William, Edmond, Jane (nun)

Main source(s): Visitation (Essex, 1558+1612+1634, Waldegrave or Walgrave)
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