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Families covered: Campbell of Ardgartan, Campbell of Glendochart, Campbell of Glenfalloch, Campbell of Strachur

Duncan 'Dubh' Campbell, 1st of Strachur (d c1280)
1. Sir Arthur Campbell, 2nd of Strachur (d 1330, Constable of Dunstaffnage)
  A. Yver of Eoghan Campbell, 3rd of Strachur and of Ardgartan (d c1374)
  m. _ Menzies (sister of Sir Alexander Mennes or Menzies of Glendochart)
  i. Arthur Campbell, 4th of Strachur and of Ardgartan & Glendochart (d 1427)
  a. Charles Campbell, 5th of Strachur and of Glenfalloch & Glendochart (d by 1464)
  m. ?? Murray (dau of Sir Andrew Murray of Ogilvy & Abercairney by Agnes, dau of Sir Humphrey Cunningham of Glengarnock)
  (1) Sir Arthur Campbell, 6th of Strachur and of Glenfalloch, Glendochart, etc (d c1478)
  (A) Iver Campbell, 7th of Strachur and of Glenfalloch, Glendochart, etc (d Flodden 1513?)
  (i) Iver Campbell, 8th of Strachur and of Glenfalloch, Glendochart, etc (d c1518)
  (a) Arthur Campbell, 9th of Strachur and of Ardgartan (d 1545) - continued below
  m. (c1515) Catherine MacDougall (dau of John MacDougall or Mackoull of Raysay)
  (b) Duncan Campbell
  (c) Anne Campbell
  m. _ Campbell, last of Craignish
  B. Arthur Campbell of Moydart and Mordover



Arthur Campbell, 9th of Strachur and of Ardgartan (d 1545) - continued below
m. (c1515) Catherine MacDougall (dau of John MacDougall or Mackoull of Raysay)
1. Iver Campbell, 10th of Strachur (d c1600)
  m. (1539) Elizabeth Colquhoun (dau of Sir Humphrey Colquhoun of Luss)
A. Charles Campbell, 11th of Strachur (d c1601)
  m. (1561) Elspeth Campbell (dau of Dugall Campbell of Ardcullor, son of Sir Iain, 4th of Ardkinglass)
  i. Colin Campbell, 12th of Strachur (d 10.1641)
  m1. (1593) Margaret MacAllister (dsp (sb dspm?), dau of Charles MacAllister of Tarbert)
  a. Catherine Campbell probably of this generation, of this marriage
  m. (sp) Archibald Campbell of Corranmore in Craignish (d before 24.04.1652)
  m2. (1617) Catherine MacNachtan (dau of Iain MacNachtan of that ilk of Dunderaive)
  b. Colin Campbell, 13th of Strachur (d 1685, Lt. Colonel)
  m. (1654) Annetta Campbell (dau of Archibald Campbell of Kilmun)
  (1) Archibald Campbell, 14th of Strachur (d unm c1697)
(2) Jean Campbell
  m. (c1673) Andrew MacFarlane of that ilk (b c1635, d 07.1709)
  c. Ian 'Gorm' Campbell
  (1) Ian Campbell, 15th of Strachur (b 1668, d 1709)
  m. (c1694) Janet Campbell (dau of Colin Campbell of Kinochtrie, she m2. John Cunningham in Ardgartan)
(A) Colin Campbell, 16th of Strachur and of Ardgartan (d 01.09.1743)
  m. (1720) Mary Lamont (dau of Dugald Lamont, 16th of that ilk and of Inveryne)
  (i) John Campbell, 17th of Strachur (dspl 28.08.1806, General, CIC Forces in North America)
  m. (1787) Helen Campbell (dau of Mungo Campbell of Grenada)
  p. Mrs. Montour
(a) (Catherine) Campbell
  m. Iain (John) Campbell of Ormidale
  (ii) Archibald Campbell of Ardgartan (d unm 298.01.1794, Captain)
  (iii) Janet Campbell, 18th of Strachur (d 08.01.1816)
  m. (06.1780) Colin Campbell, 3rd of Ederline (d 1782)
  Strachur to their grandson.
(iv) Margaret Campbell (d 06.12.1805)
  m. (1747) Hugh Campbell of Lix
  (v) Mary Campbell
  m. Colin Campbell of Castleton (Captain RN)
  (vi) Isabel Campbell (d unm)
  (B) Iain (John) Campbell of Strongartan (b 1705, d c1774, 5th son)
  m. (04.06.1728) Mary Forbes (dau of John Forbes of Kilbrydemore)
  (i) Mary Anne (Marion) Campbell
  m. (1752) Alexander Campbell of Ormidale
  (C) Mary Campbell
  m. John Campbell of Kilmartin (Captain)
(D)+ other issue - Alexander (d before 1706), George (d young), Anna (d young), Margaret
  (2)+ other issue - Alexander, Duncan
  d. Catherine Campbell
  m. (1629) Archibald Campbell (son of Ronald of Barrickbegan)
  e.+ other issue - Archibald, Donald
  ii.+ other issue - Ewen, Arthur, Dougall
  B. daughter
  m. Iain Campbell of Merthly (son of Iain Campbell of Lammeys)
  i. Elspeth Campbell
  m. (1568) Sir John Campbell of Ardkinglass
  C.+ other issue - Colin, Robert, Archibald, Ewen

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Campbell of Strachur)
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