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Families covered: Carleton of Baldwin Brightwell, Carleton of Holcombe (Huntercombe)
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_ Carleton of Lincolnshire
m. _ Skerne of Lincolnshire
1. John Carleton of Walton-on-Thames, Surrey
  m. _ Skipwth (dau of _ Skipwith of Tettesworth)
  A. John Carleton of Baldwin Brightwell and Holcombe, Oxfordshire (d 1547)
  m. Joyce Wellbeck (dau of John Wellbeck of Oxonheath by Margaret Culpeper)
  i. Anthony Carleton of Baldwin Brightwell (d 1575)
  m1. Anne Perient (d 1562, dau of Thomas Perient or Penent of Diggonswell)
a. John Carleton (d unm)
  b. Joyce Carleton
  m. Edward Denton of Amersden
m2. Joyce Goodwin (dau of Sir John Goodwin of Winchendon or Winchington)
  c. George Carleton of Holcombe or Huntercombe (d 1627)
  m1. Elizabeth Brockett (dau of Sir John Brockett of Brockett Hall)
  (1) Sir John Carleton, 1st Bart of Holcombe & Brightwell (d 11.1637)
  m. (1625) Ann Houghton (d 17.05.1671, dau of Sir R. Houghton of Houghton Tower)
  (A) Sir John Carleton, 2nd Bart of Holcombe & Brightwell (d unm 1650)
  (B) Anne Carleton (b 20.10.1627, d 1655)
  m. (1646-7) George Garth of Morden
(C) Catharine Carleton (b 1630, d 1668)
  m. (1652) John Stone (d 1704)
  m2. Catharine Harrison (widow of Thomas Spier of Huntercombe)
(2) Sir Dudley Carleton 'of Imber Court, Thames Ditton, Surrey' (b 1599, d 1654, 3rd son)
  m1. Barbara Duyck (dau of Adriaen Duyck of Oudkarspel & Koedijk, Holland, widow of Nicholas Throckmorton) named in Wikipedia ("Dudley Carleton (diplomat)")
  (A) (Anne) Carleton
  Not named in the below-mentioned sources but the above-mentioned Wikipedia article identifies Barbara Duyck as the grandmother of Sir Humphrey Ferrers of Tamworth Castle & Dorothy Ferrers, Countess of Arran, thereby identifying this as the Anne who married ...
  m. John Ferrers of Tamworth & Walton (b 1629, d 14.08.1680)
  m2. Lucy Croft (dau of Sir Herbert Croft 'of Croft Castle')
  (B) Dorothy Carleton
  m. William Vamburg of London
(C) Lucy Carleton (a 1634)
  (D) Mary Carleton
  m. Edward Pearce of Parson's Green
  (E) Elizabeth Carleton
  m1. Thomas Barker
  m2. Giles Vamburg or Vanbrugh of London ("of Flemish-Protestant background")
  (i) Sir John Vanbrugh (bpt 24.01.1664, d 26.03.1726, architect)
Wikipedia ("Sir John Vanbrugh") provides this information. It identifies John as his parents' 4th child but eldest surviving son.
  m. (1719) Henrietta Maria Yarborough of Heslington Hall (b c1692)
  (a)+ 2 sons
  (ii)+ 18 others (7 d infant)
  (3) George Carleton
  (4) Joyce Carleton probably the Joyce who married ...
  m. Robert Calton of Goring, later of Milton (b c1572, a 03.1664)
  (5) Elizabeth Carleton
  m(2). John Harrison of Brickhill
(6) Bridget Carleton
  m. John Chambers
  d. Sir Dudley Carleton, Viscount Dorchester (b 10.03.1573/4, d 15.02.1631/2, Ambassador)
  Each of BE1883 (Carlton of Dorchester), Commoners (Lowndes-Stone of Brightwell Park) and BEB1841 (Garrard of Lamer) identify Dudley's first wife as Anne, dau of George Garrard, son of Sir William of Dorney. However, TCP (Dorchester) identifies her as Anne, dau of Sir Henry Savile by Margaret, widow of George Garrard and dau of George Dacres of Cheshunt. Articles on Sir Henry Savile in at least 2 online encyclopedias report that he had only one daughter (Elizabeth) who was mother of the dramatist Sir Charles Sedley. Provisionally, therefore,we follow the various Burke records in showing Dudley's 1st wife as ...
  m1. Anne Garrard (dau of George Garrard, son of Sir William of Dorney)
  (1) Henry Carleton (d young) mentioned only by BE1883
  m2. Anne Glemham (dau of Sir Henry (not William) Glemham of Glemham)
  (2) daughter (b 1632-3, d young)
  e. Elizabeth Carleton
  m. Alexander Williams
  f. Bridget Carleton
  m. Sir Hercules Underhill of Little Lydlecot
  g. Alice Carleton (d unm 1640)
  h. Anne Carleton
  m. John Dove
  ii. George Carleton of Wollaston, Northamptonshire
  m1. (sp) Audery (widow of Sir George Harpur)
  m2. Elizabeth Mohun (dau of Walter Mohun of Wollaston)
a. Castle Carleton
  b. Elizabeth Carleton
  m. Anthony Berners of Thelby
  c. Joyce Carleton
  m. _ Plumsted
  m3. ?? (Mrs. Crane)
  iii. Katherine Carleton
  m. Francis Blount (dsp, brother of Lord Montjoy)
  iv. Mabell Carleton
  m. John Fetch of Hadnam
  v. Jane Carleton
  m. Erasmus Gainsford (son of John of Crowhurst)
  vi. Anne Carleton
  m. Rowland Lytton of Knebworth (d 1582)
  vii.+ other issue - William (priest), John (dsp unm), Edward
  B.+ other issue - George (dsp), Gerrall (Dean of Peterborough)
2.+ 6 sons (dsp)

Main source(s): the section on 'Family of Carleton' in Commoners (vol 3, 'Lowndes-Stone of Brightwell Place', p259+), Visitation (Oxfordshire, 1566+1574+1634, 'Carleton of Brightwell Baldwin') with some support from BEB1841 ('Carleton of Holcombe'), BE1883 ('Carlton of Dorchester') with some support as reported above
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