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Families covered: Cole of Enniskillen, Cole of Florence Court, Cole of London, Cole of Newland
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William Cole
m. Elizabeth Weston (dau of Sir Richard Weston of Wiltshire)
1. John Cole
  m. Mary Archdeacon (dau/heir of Thomas Archdeacon of Devon)
  A. Thomas Cole of London (d 04.1571)
  Thomas is the first mentioned by Visitation (London, 1634, 'Cole') which identifies him as "discended (sic) from a second son of Cole of Slade" and which names (and follows the line of) only of his son William, it suggests that he (by Elizabeth) had 9 sons & 2 daughters. Lodge reports that he had 4 sons (all named) plus 1 daughter (Martha).
  m. Elizabeth Hargrave (dau of Thomas Hargrave of London)
i. William Cole of London (d 06.02.1600)
  m. Anne Colles (d 1598/1600, dau of Michael Colles of Bradwell (by Mary, dau of Edward Graunt of Smitherfield & Northbrooke by Anne), son of William of Leigh)
  a. William Cole
  m. Elizabeth Deards (dau of Nathaniel Deards of London)
  (1)+ issue - Arthur, William, Michael, Humphry, Nathanel, Thomas, Robert
  b. Thomas Cole 'of Walderne' (b c1588, a 1634, of the Inner Temple)
m. Catharine Warnett (dau of John Warnett of Fransfield (Framfield))
  (1)+ issue - Richard (b c1626), Thomas (d young), John (b c1629), William (b c1630), Susan (d young), Susan (a 1634)
  c. Michael Cole mentioned by Visitation but not by Lodge
  d. Margaret Cole
  m. Robert Nave (or Neve) of London (son of _ of Norfolk)
  ii. Thomas Cole (dsp, cleric)
  iii. Emanuel Cole
  m. Margaret Ingram (aunt of Sir Arthur Ingram)
  a. Sir William Cole, Provost of Enniskillen, co. Fermanagh (b 1607, d 10.1653) - continued below
  m1. Susanna Croft (dau/heir of John Croft of Lancaster, widow of Stephen Segar of Dublin Castle)
  m2. Catherine Parsons (dau of Sir Laurence Parsons of Birr)
  b. Margaret Cole
  m(1). William Ashenden (son/heir of Thomas of Kent)
  (1) Anne Ashenden
  m. _ Leeds
  (2) Frances Ashenden
  m. Daniel Foster of Dublin (son of _ of Lincolnshire)
  (3)+ other issue - William (b c1607, a 1629), Cicely, Mary
  iv. Solomon Cole of Liffe, Southamptonshire (b 08.01.1547)
  m. Mary Deering (dau/heir of Thomas Deering of Liffe)
  a. Thomas Cole
  m. Mary Waller (dau of Thomas Waller of Beconsfield (prothonorary))
  (1)+ issue - Thomas, John, Solomon, George, Deering, Mary, Dorothy
  b. Henry Cole
  m1. Susan Michelborne (dau/heir of _ Michelbourne of Hamons, brother of Sir Edward)
  (1)+ issue - Solomon, Anne
  m2. _ Fantleroy (dau of Thomas Fantleroy of Crundall)
  (3) Thomas Cole
  c. Mary Cole
  m. Joseph Ady of Duddington
  d. Winefrd Cole
m. John Wood of Ditton
  e.+ other issue - John, Solomon, George (d 1629)
  v. Martha Cole
  m. John Worsop of Clapham, Surrey
  a. John Worsop of Windsor
  b. Rose Worsop
  m. George Smith of Micham, Surrey
  (1)+ issue - William, "several daughters"
  c. Elizabeth Worsop
  m. Sir Thomas Watson of (Halstead in) Kent
  (1) Elizabeth Watson
  m1. Sir William Pope (dvp, son/heir of William, Earl of Down)
  m2. Sir Thomas Pennyston of Oxfordshire



Sir William Cole, Provost of Enniskillen (b 1607, d 10.1653) - continued above
BE1883 reports that Sir William's 2 sons were by Catherine Parsons, identified as his 2nd wife, but does not name his first wife. BP1934 shows just Susannah Croft as Sir William's (only) wife and Catherine Parsons as wife of his son Michael. Provisionally, we follow Lodge.
m1. Susanna Croft (dau/heir of John Croft of Lancaster, widow of Stephen Segar of Dublin Castle)
1.+ issue - Mary, Margaret
m2. (07.07.1640) Catherine Parsons (dau of Sir Lawrence Parsons of Birr)
3. (Sir) Michael Cole (dvp, MP)
  As mentioned above, BP1934 shows this Michael as m. Catherine Parsons. It then shows Alice Coote as 1st wife (dsps) of his son Sir Michael. Provisionally, we follow Lodge in showing that it was this Michael who married ...
  m. Alice Coote (d 24.08.1671, dau of Chidley Coote of Killester, brother of Charles, 1st Earl of Mountrath)
A. Sir Michael Cole of Enniskillen (d 11.02.1710)
  m. (20.02.1671/2) Elizabeth Cole (d 19.08.1733, dau of Sir John Cole, 1st Bart of Newland) @@ below
  i. John Cole of Florence Court , Sheriff of co. Fermanagh (bpt 12.04.1670, d 07.1726)
  m1. (10.07.1707) Florence Wrey (d 08.1718, dau of Sir Bourchier Wrey, Bart of Trebitch, by Florence Rolle)
a. John Cole, 1st Lord Mountflorence of Florence Court (b 13.10.1709, d 30.11.1767)
  m. (10.1728) Elizabeth Montgomery or Willoughby (d 04.1771, dau of Hugh Willoughby Montgomery of Carrow)
  (1) William Willoughby Cole, 1st Earl of Enniskillen (b 1736, d 22.05.1803)
  m. (03.11.1763) Anne Lowry (d 09.1802, dau of Galbraith Lowry-Corry of Tyrone)
  (A) John Willoughby Cole, 2nd Earl of Enniskillen (b 23.03.1768, d 31.03.1840) had issue
  m. (15.10.1805) Charlotte Paget (d 26.01.1817, dau of Henry Bayly, later Paget, 1st Earl of Uxbridge)
(B) Sir Galbraith Lowry Cole (b 01.05.1772, d 04.10.1842, General) had issue
  m. (15.06.1815) Frances Harris (d 01.11.1847, dau of James Harris, 1st Earl of Malmesbury)
  (C) Sarah Cole (b 01.09.1764, d 14.03.1833)
  m. (1790) Owen Wynne
  (D) Elizabeth Anne Cole (b 08.08.1765, d 1807)
  m. (09.1788) Richard Magennis (d 06.03.1831, Colonel, son of Richard)
(E) Florence Cole (b 14.05.1778, d 01.03.1862)
  m. (1797) Blaney Townley Balfour of Townley Hall (d 22.12.1856)
  (F) Henrietta Frances Cole (b 22.06.1784, d 02.07.1848)
  m. (20.07.1805) Thomas Philip Robinson, later Weddell, later de Grey, 2nd Earl de Grey (b 08.12.1781, d 14.11.1759)
(G)+ other issue - William Montgomery (b 14.10.1773, Dean of Waterford), Arthur Henry (b 28.06.1780, d unm 1844), Henry (d young), Anne (b 14.09.1769)
  (2) Arthur Cole, later Cole-Hamilton of Skea, Sheriff of Fermanagh (b 08.08.1750, d 1810)
  m. (1780) Letitia Hamilton (d 07.02.1823, dau of Claud Hamilton of Beltrim)
  (A) Claud William Cole, Sheriff of Tyrone (b 07.07.1781, d 25.04.1822) had issue
  m. (10.10.1805) Nichola Sophia Chaloner (a 1826, dau of Richard Chaloner of Kingsfort)
  (B) Letitia Cole (d 1853)
  m. (08.1815) Randall Stafford of Tully (Major)
  (C) Elizabeth Ann Cole (d 1849)
  m. (1820) Henry Slade
  (D) Isabella Cole (d 1827)
  m. James Hamilton
  (3) Flora Caroline Cole (d 20.10.1757)
  m. (10.12.1755) William Irvine of Castle Irvine
(4) Catherine Cole
  m. (06.10.1770) Richard Browne (Captain)
  (5)+ other issue - Mary Anne, Mary (d 04.04.1755), Elizabeth
  b. Henry Cole (b 06.1716, 5th son)
  (1) Henry St. George Cole
  c. Elizabeth Cole (b 27.10.1712, d 01.1770)
  m1. Edward Archdall of Castle Archdall (dsp before 1730)
  m2. (07.12.1731) Bysse Molesworth (d 1779, MP for Swords, brother of Richard, Viscount)
  d. Florence Cole (b 1714)
  m. Arthur Newburgh
  e.+ other issue - Bourchier, Michael, William (bpt 21.04.1714)
m2. Jane Saunderson (dsp, dau of Robert Saunderson of Castle Saunderson)
  ii.+ other issue - Michael (bpt 02.07.1681), Chichester (bpt 14.08.1683), William (bpt 18.08.1686, d young), Mary (bpt 01.05.1679, bur 07.08.1677), Elizabeth (bur 28.08.1677), 10 others (d young)
  B.+ 6 others (d young/unm)
4. Sir John Cole, 1st Bart of Newland (d before 05.10.1691)
  m. Elizabeth Chichester (dau of John Chichester of Dungannon)
  A. Sir Arthur Cole, 2nd Bart of Newland, Lord Ranelagh of Ranelagh (b c1669, dsp 05/12.10.1754)
  m1. (0.1692) Catherine Byron (b c1671, d 19.11.1746, dau of William Byron, 3rd Lord of Rochdale)
  m2. (26.06.1748) Selina Bathurst (b c1721, d 09.02.1781, dau of Peter Bathurst of Clarendon Park by Selina Shirley)
  B. Michael Cole of Derry (d 1726)
  m1. (09.1701) Catherine Cusack (d 1718, dau of John Cusack of Kilkissren)
i. John Cole (b 1703, dvp unm 03.1724)
  m2. (1705/6) Elizabeth Tenison (dau of Richard Tenison, Bishop of Meath)
  C. Richard Cole of Archer's Grove, co. Kilkenny (bpt 08.12.1671, dsp 06.1729, MP)
  m1. (1698) Penelope Evans (dau of Sir William Evans, Bart of Kilcreene)
  m2. Mary Keating (m2. Toby Purcell of Archer's Grove)
  D. Catharine Cole (d 1699)
  m. Thomas Brooke of Colebrooke (bur 23.02.1696)
  E. Letitia Cole
  m. William Fitzgerald, Bishop of Clonfert
F. Mary Cole (d 06.05.1726)
  m. (07.1675) Henry Moore, later Hamilton-More, 3rd Earl of Drogheda (d 07.06.1714)
  G. Frances Cole (dsp)
  m. Sir Thomas Domville. Bart
  H. Margaret Cole
  m1. John Burdett (bur 02.08.1726, Dean of Clonfert)
  m2. Thomas Lloyd of Croghan (dsp)
  I. Elizabeth Cole (d 19.08.1733)
  m. Sir Michael Cole (d 11.02.1710) @@ above
  J.+ other issue - Edward (bpt 29.05.1674, bur 09.01.1675), Alicia (bpt 25.07.1679, bur 28.12.1680)
5. Sir Robert Cole of Ballymakey, co. Tipperary (a 1689, MP) mentioned by Lodge as possibly a 3rd son
  m. Anne Sprat (b c1655, d 30.05.1716, dau of John Sprat of Grainge (Oxfordshire), m2. Colonel Thomas Whitney of Newpass (co. Westmeath))

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 27.12.14) : Lodge (Archdall, vol VI, 1789, 'Cole, Viscount Enniskillen', p41+)
(2) For lower section (uploaded 03.08.05, reviewed 27.12.14) : BP1934 (Enniskillen), Lodge (Archdall, vol VI, 1789, 'Cole, Viscount Enniskillen', p43+) with some input from BE1883 (Cole of Ranelagh)
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