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Families covered: Comberbach of Chester, Comberbach of Nantwich

?? Comberbach
1. Roger Comberbach of Nantwich (d by 1603)
  m. (12.06.1592) Margaret Salmon (bur 06.02.1638)
  A. Thomas Comberbach (bpt 11.10.1594, bur 06.06.1655)
  m. (15.04.1618) Jane Alcocks of Wybuunbury (bur 10.4.1660)
  i. Thomas Comberbach (bpt 14.05.1620, bur 05.09.1688)
  m. Margaret (bur 17.09.1688)
  ii. John Comberbach (bpt 22.04.1621)
  a. Thomas Comberbach (bpt 24.09.1648, bur 25.03.1681)
  m. (1679) Ruth Pemberton
  b. John Comberbach (bpt 20.03.1652, a 1678)
  c. Ann Comberbach
  m. _ Fearnley
  d. Jane Comberbach (bpt 05.09.1655)
  m. (24.09.1689) John Clowes
  iii. Margaret Comberbach
  m1. Edward Wettenhall
  a. Mary Wettenhall (bpt 01.05.1655, bur 12.01.1718)
  m1. _ Johnson
  m2. (09.09.1668) Henry Ridley of Weston
  m2. Henry Ridlie
  iv. Mary Comberbach (bpt 09.08.1635)
  m. (16.11.1656) William Clowes
a.+ issue - William (bpt 27.08.1657), Jacob, Sarah
  v.+ other issue - Roger (bpt 11.11.1622), Arthur (bpt 08.05.1625), Randall (bpt 11.05.1627, bur 11.06.1627), Richard (bpt 18.05.1628), William (bpt 11.1630), Edward (bpt 08.10.1637, bur 12.10.1637)
  B. Roger Comberbach of Nantwich (bpt 02.10.1596, bur 29.09.1678)
  m. (12.12.1620) Catherine Pearson of Nantwich (bur 26.07.1678)
  C. John Comberbach of London
  m. Jane (d before 24.05.1679)
  i. James Comberbach of Nantwich (bur 20.10.1696)
  m. Jane Shenton (dau of Randle Shenton)
a. Roger Comberbach (bpt 20.05.1666, d before 18.07.1720, Recorder of Chester, Judge)
  m. (22.10.1685) Alice Street (dau/coheir of William Street, alderman of Chester)
  (1) Roger Comberbach (d 04.1757, prothonotary of the Palatinate of Chester)
  m. Margaret Swetenham (sister/coheir of Edmund Swetenham of Somerford Booths)
  The following is supported by BLG1952 ('Swetenham formerly of Somerford Booths') & Commoners (vol 2, 'Swetenham of Somerford Booths', p461).
  (A) Roger Comberbach (b 1749-50, d 27.03.1771, prothonotary of Cheshire)
  m1. Frances Swetenham (natural dau of Edmund Swetenham of Somerford Booths)
(i) Roger Comberbach, later Swetenham of Somerford Booths (bpt 20.11.1758, d 03.1814)
  m. (c1782) Anne Archer (d 12.07.1819, dau of William Archer of Warwickshire)
  (a) Clement Swetenham of Somerford Booths Hall (b 07.02.1787, d 17.11.1852) had issue
  m. (01.05.1817) Eleanor Buchanan (dau of John Buchanan of Donelly)
  (b) Henry Swetenham in Bengal (3rd son)
  m. (1818) Agnes Donnithorn (dau of Edward Donnithorn)
  (c) Helen Swetenham
  m. (1812) Clement Sneyd of Huntley Hall (Captain RN)
  (d) Harriett Swetenham
  m. George Richardson
  (e)+ other issue - William (d 1808), Edmund, James, Roger (d unm), Anne, Caroline, Fanny, Charlotte, Maria, Elizabeth
  (ii) Charlotte Comberbach
  m. Love Albert Parry of Caernarvon
  (iii) Helen Comberbach (d 1818)
  m. Nathaniel Maxey Pattison of Congleton
(iv)+ other issue - George (bur 04.02.1764), Edmund (bur 01.06.1769), Harriet Margaret, Frances, Isabella, Margaret (d young), Maria (d young)
  m2. Helen Haughton (dau of Philip Haughton)
  (i)+ other issue - Elizabeth, Anne, Alice, Haughton
  (B) Catherine Comberbach
  m. Roger Wilbraham of Dorfold
  (C)+ other issue - Roger (d infant), Edmund Roger (d 1762), Mary (d young), Elizabeth (d young)
  (2) Alice Comberbach
  m. (15.10.1738) Thomas Lee of Cotton
(3)+ other issue - James, Jane, Ellen
  b. John Comberbach of Nantwich (bpt 25.09.1670, bur 02.02.1727-8)
  m. (02.02.1691-2) Elizabeth Meakin (bur 1723-4)
  (1) Elizabeth Comberbach (bpt 01.05.1694)
  m. Henry Bennet of Moston
  Marshall (p46) shows this as Henry Bennet of Moston, Mayor of Chester in 1706, married to Elizabeth on 27.04.1711, and that, with other issue, they had a daughter Anne who m. (1760) John Townshend of Hem & Whitby. However, we show the wife of that Henry and mother of that Anne differently (## see here ##).
  (2) Diana Comberbach (bpt 02.10.1706)
  m. (1749) Edward Wettenhall of Nantwich
  (3)+ other issue - James (bpt 06.03.1699, bur 15.06.1704), Roger (bpt 10.04.1692), Jane (bpt 22.07.1696), Mary (bur 14.01.1797)
  c. James Comberbach, Sheriff then Mayor of Chester (bpt 15.01.1676-7, bur 17.09.1737)
  d. Jane Comberbach (bpt 29.05.1673)
  m. 03.06.1693) William Hawkins of Buerton in Audlem (d by 1736)
  (1)+ issue - William, Edward, James
  e. Dorothy Comberbach (bpt 22.02.1679-80)
  m. Richard Adams of Chester
  (1) Jane Adams (d 09.01.1781)
  m. (09.09.1722) Benjamin Perrin of Flint (d 12.12.1761)
  (A)+ issue - Sir Richard (b c1723, Baron of the Exchequer), James (bpt 02.08.1724), Henry (bpt 23.07.1727), Benjamin (bpt 11.10.1731), Roger (bpt 20.06.1733), Alicia (bpt 06.04.1726), Mary (bpt 08.09.1728), Dorothy (bpt 10.12.1735), Jane (bpt 16.03.1735)
  (2)+ other issue - James (clerk), Elizabeth, Dorothy
  f.+ other issue - Catherine (bpr 1685, bur 08.05.1665), Catherine (bpt 27.11.1672), Elizabeth (bpt 11.04.1675, bur 26.05.1676)
  ii. John Comberbach (bur 22.09.1708)
  iii. Elizabeth Comberbach (bur 17.02.1679-80))
  m. (26.02.1662-3) Thomas Tench (bur 18.01.1712)
  a. Elizabeth Tench
  m. (30.05.1675) Henry Werden
  b.+ other issue - John of London, Jane (bpt 06.08.1671), Amy (bpt 10.07.1672)
  D. Margaret Comberbach (bpt 18.06.1602)
  m. Richard Price
  i. Margery Price
  m. William Pratchett
  ii.+ other issue - Roger, William (had issue - 3 children),Thomas (had son Richard)
E.+ other issue - Prudence (bpt 17.08.1593), Elizabeth (bpt 19.03.1600)
2. Richard Comberbach (d before 05.1678)
  Marshall (p28) notes that, whilst "direct positive proof is wanting", reports "I feel no doubt" that Richard, brother of the above Roger of Nantwich, was the same person as the Richard who had the following family.
  m. (26.06.1647) Dorothy Woodward (bur 09.05.1678)
  A. Roger Comberbach (bpt 05.05.1650, bur 21.12.1679) possibly the Roger who had the following family
  m. Hester
  i. Robert Comberbach of Crook Aldersey, Cheshire (d before 25.09.1704)
  B. Katherine Comberbach (bpt 31.10.1647)
  m1. _ Dyos
  i. Richard Dyos (a 1682)
  m2. (06.09.1655) John Bromley
  C. Margaret Comberbach (bpt 07.03.1652)
  m. _ Perrin

Main source(s): 'Collections for a Genealogical Account of the Family of Comberbach' (George W. Marshall, 1868, mainly 'Pedigree of Comberbach of Nantwich', p19+)
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