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Families covered: Comberbach of Haughton, Comberbach of Ridley

Robert Comberbach of Crook Aldersey, Cheshire (d before 25.09.1704)
1. John Comberbach of Ridley Hall & Haughton (d by 1742, 3rd son?)
  A. John Comberbach of Wem-Brockhurst & Ightfield, Salop (a 03.1752)
  m. Martha
  i. John Comberbach of Haughton (d 07.1779)
  m1. Mary Shuker of Prees (d 10.03.1760)
  a. Shuker Comberbach of Sandy Lane in Prees (d by 02.1788, 2nd son)
  m. Mary Rhodes (m2. _ Minor)
  (1) Robert Shuker Comberbach of Ruyton-eleven-towns, Salop (b c1773, d 19.09.1857) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Glover
  (2) John Comberbach of Harrop, Yorkshire had issue
m. _ Rudd
  (3) Mary Comberbach
  m. Samuel Tyler
  (4) Fanny Comberbach
  b. John Comberbach of Eccleshall then Market Drayton then Wilcot then Langley Hall (b 1752-3, d 18.09.1828)
  m. Sarah Henshaw (b 1768-9, d 20.02.1857)
  (1) John Henshaw Comberbach (d 1836) had issue
  m1. Sarah Proud
  m2. Mary Edge (dsp, dau of Richard Edge)
  (2) Thomas Henshaw Comberbach of Eccleshall (4th son) had issue
  m. Eliza Tyler (dau of Samuel Tyler of Pepper Stree)
  (3) Eliza Henshaw Comberbach
  m. George Marshall of Ward End
  (4)+ other issue - Joseph Henshaw (d unm 1817 in Jamaica), Charles HEnshaw (d c1824), Penelope Anne Henshaw, Mary Henshaw, Sarah Henshaw (d 1852)
c. Peter Comberbach
  m. Peggy Baxendale of Poulton-in-the-fylde
  (1) Mary Ann Comberbach
  m. William Brydon of Leatherhead
  (2) Margaret Comberbach of Chester (d 18.03.1857)
  d. other issue - Robert (d unm), Ann (bpt 11.04.1757, bur 21.02.1760)
  m2. (1769) Mary Dutton
  e. Benjamin Comberbach of Worcester then Calcutta (bpt 03.1770, of the Inner Temple)
  m. _ Sparks of Bridgenorth
  (1) Harriet Comberbach
  m. _ Maddocks (Captain)
  (2) Louisa Comberbach
  m. _ Maddocks (Captain, her brother-in-law)
  f. Roger Comberbach
  g. Martha Comberbach
  m. Robert Dutton
  h. Mary Comberbach (bpt 26.06.1771)
  m. _ Smalley
  ii. Hannah Comberbach
  m. Samuel Baugh of Ellesmere
  iii. Dorothy Comberbach (a 1749)
  iv. Ann Comberbach
  m. (31.08.1783) William Machin of Nantwich
  B. Robert Comberbach of Ridley
m. (1725) Lettice Richardson (d 23.10.1764)
  i. Betty Comberbach
  m. Thomas Wright
  a. Thomas Wright of Woolstanton (b c1764, d 1844)
  ii.+ other issue - Ann (bpt 02.10.1726), Lettice, Mary (bpt 12.06.1729)
  C. Ann Comberbach (d 14.12.1759)
  m. Samuel Harrison of Tatton (b c1681, d 30.12.1736)
  D. Hannah Comberbach
  m1. (1719) John Levitt of Knutsford
  m2. Samuel Williamson
  i. John Williamson
2. Ann Comberbach (a 1708)
  m. _ Owen
3. Katherine Comberbach (a 1708)
  m. _ Lee
4. Ellen Comberbach (a 1708)
  m. Hugh Broome
5.+ other issue - Robert (a 1712? of Whitchurch?), Thomas of Ridley (bur 28.08.1718), Hannah (bur 04.07.1677)

Main source(s): 'Collections for a Genealogical Account of the Family of Comberbach' (George W. Marshall, 1868, 'Pedigree of Haughton Hall, County of Chester', p30+)
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