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Families covered: Henshaw of Basset's Fee, Henshaw of Henshaw, Henshaw of Hookland Park, Henshaw of Lewes, Henshaw of Lockwood
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Hugh Heneshawe mentioned by Visitation (1613)
1. Thomas Henshaw of Henshaw the first mentioned by Ormerod
  Ormerod does not name Thomas's wife but Visitation identifies her as ...
  m. _ Bowyer (dau of _ Bowyer of Knipersley)
  A. Edward Henshaw of Henshaw (d 1580)
  Ormerod identifies Edward's wife as a dau of Bowyer of Knypersley but Visitation identifies her as ...
  m. Margaret Smith (d 1589, dau of John Smith of Warmingham)
  i. Thomas Henshaw of Henshaw
  m. Margaret Smith (dau of Thomas Smith, Mayor of Dublin)
  a. Leanord Henshaw of Henshaw (bur 27.08.1631)
m. Margery (dau of John Wardby or Wardley of Siddington) Wardby by Ormerod, Wardley by Visitation
  (1) Thomas Henshaw of Henshaw (bpt 14.12.1617, dsp 09.02.1674, 2nd son)
  (2) Hugh Henshaw of Henshaw (bpt 08.08.1619, bur 29.12.1682, cleric)
  m. Ellen Steele (dau of George Steele of Coppenhall)
  (A) John Henshaw of Henshaw (bur 14.02.1722)
  m. Theodosia (bur 03.08.1731)
  (i) Eleanor Henshaw
  m. (21.10.1712) John Thornycroft of Thorncycroft
  (B) George Henshaw (dsp)
  (3) Margaret Henshaw (bpt 06.08.1609)
  m. Timothy Taylor of Somerford (clerk)
  (4) Elizabeth Henshaw
  m. Richard Davis of Grappenhall (Davies of Gropenhall)
  (5)+ other issue - Edward (bur 04.09.1606), Annabel (bur 10.04.1644)



The following William, whose "ancestors were of Cheshire", was buried in Worth, Sussex.
William Henshaw
m. _ Mitcher or Melcher of Chedingfold, Surrey
1. Thomas Henshaw of Basset's Fee & Nenton Place, Shipley
  m1. Jane Wistow (dau/heir of Richard Wistow of London)
A. Thomas Henshaw of Basset's Fee & Billinghurst, Sussex (a 1634)
  m. Katherine Cope (dau of Thomas Cope of Gloucestershire)
  i. Thomas Henshaw of Hookland Park (a 1680, d before 1705)
  Berry shows this Thomas as father of Philip (dsp) and an unnamed daughter who married Thomas Tipping. However, VCH (Sussex, vol 6, Part 2 (Bramber Rape), 'Shipley: Manors and other estates'), which reports that Hookland Park came to Thomas from Bishop Joseph, suggests that Philip was father of that daughter, as follows.
  a. Philip Henshaw of Hookland Park (d 1753)
  VCH (Berkshire, vol 3, 'Parishes: Thatcham'), following the ownership of Henwick, supports the view that Philip was father of Thomas & Anne and identifies Philip's wife as ...
  m. Mabel Raymond (dau of Sir Jemmett Raymond of Henwick, sister/heir of Jemmett)
  (1) Thomas Henshaw of Hookland Park & Henwick (d c1783)
  (2) Anne Henshaw of Hookland Park
  Berry identifies the Tipping spouse as Thomas of Chadleworth whose son Bartholomew dsp 1798 and was succeeded by his niece Mary Anne who m. Rev. Philip Wroughton (who sold Basset's Fee). VCH (Shipley) provides the link as follows.
  m. Bartholomew Tipping
  (A) Bartholomew Tipping of Henwick (d unm 1798)
  (B) Catherine Tipping (d 1795)
  m. Rev. John Chardin Musgrave
  (i) Mary Anne Musgrave
m. Rev. Philip Wroughton, last of Hookland (a 1799)
  ii. Elizabeth Henshaw
  m. Anthony Hilton (vicar of Billinghurst)
  iii. Ann Henshaw
  B. Joseph Henshaw, Bishop of Peterborough (b 1608, d 1679, formerly Dean of Windsor)
  Surprisingly, Berry does not (in this Henshaw pedigreee) identify Joseph as the Bishop but does identify his wife as Jane, dau of Richard May of Lavane. However, from VCH (Shipley, reference as above) it seems that this must be the Bishop. In his pedigree on the May family, Berry identifies the wife of Bishop Joseph as ...
  m. Jane May (dau of John May, son of Richard) presumed mother of ...
  i. Thomas Henshaw possibly of this generation
  m. Elizabeth Gore (dau of Sir John Gore of Geldeston)
  ii. Maria Henshaw probably of this generation
  m. Sir Andrew Hacket of Moxhull (b c1632, d 26.03.1709)
  C. Benjamin Henshaw
  m. Prudence Dutton (dau of Thomas Dutton)
  m2. (sp) Katherine Gower (dau of Walter Gower of Worcester)
2. William Henshaw
3. Edward Henshaw of Lewes (a 1634)
  m1. ??
  m2. Mary Ward of Bulney
  A. John Henshaw of Lewes (a 1634)
  m. Mary Philipps
  i. Thomas Henshaw
  B. Edward Henshaw (d unm?)



Thomas Henshawe of Milnehouse, Cheshire
m. Johanna Lockwood (dau/coheir of Richard de Lockwood of Lockwood)
1. Roger Henshawe (dsp)
2. John Henshawe
  m. Johanna Moreton (dau of Mathew Moreton)
  A. Thomas Henshaw 'of Lockwood'
  m. Elizabeth Hollinshead (dau of Hugo Hollinshead of Haywood)
i. John Henshaw 'of Lockwood'
  m. Elizabeth Whitehall (dau of James Whitehall of Sharpcliffe)
  a. Thomas Henshaw 'of Lockwood' (a 1618)
  (1) Dorothy Henshaw probably of this generation
  m. Robert Whitehall of Sharpcliffe (b c1553, a 1642)
  ii. Elizabeth Henshaw probably of this generation
  m. Oliver Falloghes (Fallowes)
Possibly connected to the above was ...
Henry Henshaw of Milne Hall
1. Alice Henshaw
  m. (1491) John Leycester of Nether Tabley (d 1543)



Possibly connected to the family in the upper section was ...
?? Henshaw of Henshaw in Astbury
1. Joseph Henshaw of Hilcot, Staffordshire (b 1733-4, d 26.02.1806, "youngest of 18 brothers")
  m. Mary (b 1731-2, d 24.09.1806, widow of _ Peake)
  A. Joseph Henshaw of Tillington (b 1762-3, dspo 24.02.1843)
  m. Ann Hamand (b c1778, d 19.12.1829)
  B. Sarah Henshaw
  m. John Comberbach
  C. Penelope Henshaw (b 1770-1, d 19.05.1855)
  m. Henry Vaughan of Sugnall (b 1771-2, dsp 10.03.1858)
  D.+ other issue - Joseph (d 20.04.1762), Thomas (b c1765, d 25.01.1786), Matthew (b c1773, d 14.11.1792), Sarah (d 15.01.1768), Mary (d 02.08.1770)
2. daughter ("only dau.")
  m. _ Wilding
  A. Elizabeth Wilding
  m. _ Lundy of Birmingham

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