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Families covered: Dalston of Acornbank (Acorn Bank), Dalston of Dalston, Dalston of Heath Hall

Descended from Robert,1st of Dalson, who (according to BEB1841) was "second brother of Hubert de Vallibus, Lord of Gillesland in the time of the Conqueror" (named Hubert de Vaux by Walker) was ...
Reginald de Dalston
1. Henry de Dalston
  Walker shows the following Robert as son of Henry whilst BEB1841 merely next lists John, son of Robert, as another descendant of the above-mentioned Robert, 1st of Dalston.
  A. Robert de Dalston
  i. John de Dalston of Dalston
  (1) Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees shows John as having a son Thomas whilst BEB1841, after mentioning John, merely lists Thomas as another descendant of the above-mentioned Robert, 1st of Dalston.
(2) Neither Walker nor BEB1841 identify a wife of the following Thomas although Walker does show that he had 2 wives, the first being mother of John (whose son Sir George married Catherine Thornthwaite) and the second being mother of Christopher. Visitation (Cumberland) starts with Sir John of Dalston (married Catherin Brydkirk) father of Sir John who was father by his second wife of Sir George who married Catherine Thornworth. There is clearly some contradiction/uncertainty as to exactly how these generations fitted together. We provisionally presume that Catherine Thornthwaite & Catherine Thornworth were the same person and that Visitation (Cumberland) missed out the following Thomas and that the daughter & heiress of Kirkhide was the same person as ...
m. Catherin Brydkirk (dau of Tolson of Brydkirk)
  a. Thomas de Dalston (a temp Henry VIII who r. 1509-1547) omitted by Visitation (Cumberland)
  m1. ??
  (1) Sir John Dalston of Undale or Ulndale, Sheriff of Cumberland (a 1612)
  m1. Catherin Tirrell (dau/heir of Thomas Tirrell of Burbicke or Birdbrook)
  (A) Dorothy Dalston
  m. (1589) Henry Gent of Bumsted (d 1639)
(B) Catherine Dalston
  m. Sir Henry Coron (Curwen) of Workington
  m2. Frances Warcop (dau of Thomas Warcop of Smardale)
  (C) Sir George Dalston of Dalson, Sheriff of Cumberland (a 1618)
  m. Catherine Thornworth (dau of John Thornworth or Thornthwaite of Halsted)
  (i) Sir William Dalston of Dalston, 1st Bart of Heath Hall
  m. Anne Bolles (dau of Thomas Bolles of Osberton)
(a) Sir George Dalston 'of Heath Hall' (dvp bur 31.05.1677)
  m. Browne Ramsden (d 15.03.1740, dau of William Ramsden of Longley Hall and Byrom)
  ((1)) Catherine Dalston (bpt 18.05.1675, bur 20.05.1675)
  ((2)) Frances Dalston (dsp 12.02.1754)
  m1. John Jeremy (Jermy) of Sturton Hall
m2. Sir William Halton of Sampford
  (b) Sir John Dalston, 2nd Bart of Heath Hall, Sheriff of Cumberland (d 17.01.1711)
  m. (03.03.1673) Margaret Ramsden (d 15.03.1740, dau of William Ramsden of Longley Hall and Byrom)
((1)) Sir Charles Dalston, 3rd Bart of Heath Hall (bpt 26.04.1686, d 05.03.1723, 2nd son)
  m1. Susan Blake (dau of Sir Francis Blake of Ford Castle & Whitney)
  ((A)) Sir George Dalston, 4th Bart of Heath Hall (bpt 11.07.1718, d 04.03.1765)
  m. (28.10.1742) Anne Huxley (2d 15.08.1764, dau of George Huxley)
  ((i)) William Edward Dalston (b 1775, dvp 27.07.1779)
  ((ii)) Elizabeth Dalston (bpt 21.04.1751)
  m. Theobald Dillon of Heath (originally from France)
  ((a))+ issue - William Edward (b 1775, d 27.07.1779), Frances Mary Hussey (b 08.07.1779)
  ((B)) Margaret Dalston (b 1704)
  m. Francis Fauquier of Heath (d 02.1805)
  ((C))+ other issue - Catherine (b 1706), Susannah (b 1708, d 1733), Elizabeth (b 1709), Frances (b 1711), Anne (d infant)
m2. (29.01.1720) Anne Wentworth (dau of Sir Michael Wentworth, Bart of Whooley)
  ((H)) Anne Dalston (bpt 24.11.1721, bur 02.01.1722)
  ((2)) Elizabeth Dalston (bpt 22.11.1677, d 1711)
  m. (1702) Richard Browne of Islington (d 16.05.1738)
  ((3))+ other issue - William (bpt 24.05.1676, bur 02.04.1679), John (bpt 01.11.1687, a 1722, Major), Anne (bpt 05.01.1674, bur 10.01.1679), Mary (bpt 13.01.1683, bur 17.01.1683)
  (c) Mary Dalston
  m. Thomas Gent (son of Thomas of Moyns)
  (ii) Catherine Dalston
  m. Sir Henry Fletcher of Hutton (d Rawton Heath 1645)
  (iii) Bridget Dalston who apparently married ...
  m. Sir Thomas Sandford, 1st Bart of Howgill Castle (a 1641)
  (iv)+ other issue - Dorothy, Frances
  (D) Elizabeth Dalston
m. Sir Thomas Brathwayte of Warcop
  Walker shows that Thomas was father of Christopher, ancestor of Dalstons of Acornbank, by an unnamed 2nd wife. The following comes from Visitation (William Dugdale, Cumberland, 1665-6, 'Dalston of Acornbank'). Dugdale starts with Thomas whose first wife was unnamed) by whom he had a son who was ancestor of the baronets) and whose second wife was ...
  m2. _ Carlisle (dau/coheir of Thomas Carlisle)
  (2) Christopher Dalston of Uldale, Cumberland
m. Mabel Lowther (dau of Sir John Lowther of Lowther)
  (A) Sir Christopher Dalston of Acornbank, Cumberland (d 1634)
  m. Anne Hutton (dau of Sir William Hutton of Penrith)
  (i) John Dalston of Acornbank (bpt 15.10.1611, d 13.04.1692, MP)
  m. Lucy Fallowfield (d 1682, dau/heir of Richard Fallowfield of Great Strickland)
  (a) Christopher Dalston 'of Acorn Bank' (b c1638, a 1664)
  m. Bridget Fletcher (dau of Sir Henry Fletcher of Cumberland)
((1)) John Dalson of Acorn Bank (b c09.1663, d 1708)
  Dugdale ends with this generation. The following comes from HoP ("John Dalston").
  m. Lucy Cook (dau of James Cook of Stockton)
  ((A)) John Dalson of Acorn Bank (b 09.07.1706, d unm 25.05.1759)
  ((2)) Catherine Dalston probably of this generation
  m. (c08.1700) Joseph Forster of Low Buston (b c1673, bur 28.07.1728)
  (b) Elizabeth Dalston
m. Anthony Ducket of Grayrig
  (c) Frances Dalston
  m. Thomas Warwick of Warwick (b 1643, d 1689)
  (d) Jane Dalston probably the Jane who married ...
  m. William Howard of Corby Castle (d 1708)
  (e)+ other issue - Thomas, John, George, William, Charles, Dorothy, Margaret
  (ii) Thomas Dalston of Owseby, Cumberland
  (iii) Mary Dalston
  m. Richard Crakenthorpe of New Biggin
  (iv) Dorothy Dalston
  m. Sir William Carleton of Carleton Hall
  (v) Barbara Dalston
  m. James Bellingham (son/heir of Allan of Levens)
  (vi) Anne Dalston
  m. John Whelpdale of Penrith
  (vii) Susan Dalston
  m. Edward Nevenson of Newby
  (B) John Dalston of Merkholme, Cumberland
  The following are shown by Visitation (Cumberland) as daughters of Sir John and Catherin (dau of Tolson of Brydkirk) and hence as sisters of Sir John who was father of Sir George. Noting the uncertainty generated by some sources omitting a generation, provisionally we show them as of this generation.
  c. Mary Dalston duplication above?
  m. Thomas Gent of Essex
  d. Jane Dalston
  m1. Francis Sandis of Canished
  m2. Sir Richard Musgrave of Norton Conyers

Main source(s): Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, Dalston of Heath (alongside Jobson of Cudworth)), BEB1841 (Dalston of Dalston), Visitation (Cumberland, 1615, Dalston)
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