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Families covered: Dethick of Dethick Hall, Dethick (Dethyke) of Wormygey (Wormegey), Dethick of Wyreham (Wereham)

(1) We first released a version of this page as Draft on 05.02.08, using our Harleian Society's versions of Visitation (Norfolk) but with some reference to 'various web sites'. We have expanded slightly our range of sources used but, except as reported below, have reduced our reference to other web sites to just 'FSCOMT' which appears to have based its data wholly on "The Visitation of Norfolk in the Year 1563 (1878-1895), Harvey, William, (2 volumes. Norwich: [s.n.], 1878-1895)". That version of the Norfolk Visitation has clearly been expanded (by an editor) since the Harleian Society's version. Where we refer below to Visitation (Norfolk) we mean the Harleian Society's unexpanded version. Where we rely on FSCOMT below we show the data in italics. One of the reasons why we were pleased to reduce our reference to other web sites was because some of them appeared to confuse Newhall in Derbyshire with Newhall in Cornwall. We have retained some reference to those other web sites for their interest value but no longer rely on them.
(2) There is clearly some confusion with the early generations, which is possibly why the Harleian Society's report on Visitation (Norfolk) did not include the earliest ones. The following Sir Geoffrey is the first mentioned by Gregory King except to note that he was son of an unnamed "Dethick or Dedick of Dethick Hall co. Derby".
Sir Geoffrey Dethick of Dethick Hall (a 1287)
m. Joan Annesley (dau of John Annesley of Annesley)
1. Robert Dethick (a 1287)
  m. Ellen Whittington (dau of Simon de Whittington of Whittington)
  A. Sir Geoffrey de Dethick of Dethick Hall, Derbyshire (a temp Edward II who r. 1307-1327)
  m. Joane
  i. William Dethick of Dethick Hall
  m. Eleanor or Ellena (dau/heir of _ Allestrie of Allestrie)
  a. Sir Geffrey Dethick (or Dethyke) of Dethick Hall (b 1322?)
Visitation (Norfolk) starts with Sir Geffrey whose eldest son Sir William's eldest son Sir William (m. _ Frankvile) was father of Thomas, Roger (whose line continued), William & John. Gregory King shows Geoffrey as father (by Emma Stafford) of John of Dethick father (by Margery) of Sir William father (by Isabel Frankvile) of the heir who was killed at Towton plus Roger. Provisionally, we leave out John's generation.
  m. Emma Stafford (dau of Thomas Stafford of Grafton)
  (1) Sir William Dethick of Dethick (Dethyke of Dethyke)
  FSCOMT and various other web sites show this William as married (some say in 1373) to (Margery) Frankville and his son William to Elizabeth, dau of Thomas Derham of Crimplesham and his son William to Isabell (or Alice) Adderley. That is probably wrong as the Elizabeth Derham who married a William Dethick is shown by other web sites as born in the 1470s. Other sites show the William who married Alice Adderley as born in 1311. The position is muddied by the fact that Visitation (Worcestershire) starts with a Rauff Dethicke of Dethicke Hall, father of both Sir William of Dethicke Hall and the John who married Margaret Meynell. The following appears to cover the relationships & dates as far as we can make them out but it should be viewed as somewhat presumptuous and in need of yet more investigation.
  (A) Sir William Dethick of Dethick (Dethyke of Dethyke) (a 1385, 1402, eldest son)
m. (Margery? Isabel?) Frankville
  (i) Robert (probably not Thomas) Dethick of Dethick (d Towton 03.1461)
  Visitation (Norfolk) just names Thomas as eldest son and then follows the line of his brother Roger. Gregory King names him Robert and his son as Thomas, reporting that both were killed at Touton. FSCOMT shows it as Thomas (or Robert) father of Thomas. The father of Isabel is shown as Robert.
m. Elizabeth or Isabel Auderley
  (a) Thomas Dethick (d Towton 03.1461)
  (b) Isabel Dethick (d 1435)
  m. Thomas Babington of Dethick & Kingston (d 1467)
  (c) Alice Dethick
  m. Henry Pole of Heage
  (ii) Roger Dethyke of Derbyshire - continued below
  (iii)+ other issue - William, John
  (B) John or Roger or William Dethicke possibly of this generation
There is clearly some confusion as to the name of the husband of Margaret Meynell. He is not mentioned (in the section viewed) by FSCOMT. Visitation (Worcestershire, 1569, Dethicke) shows the wife of Margaret Meynell as John, identifying him as son of Rauffe of Dethicke Hall and younger brother of Sir William of Dethicke Hall. Visitation (Derbyshire, 1569+1611, 'Dethick of New Hall') also names him John. However, Gregory King names him William whilst BLG1952 (Meynell of Meynell Langley) names him Roger (see just below).
  m. Margaret Meynell (dau/co-heir of Raffe Meynell of Long Meynell)
  (C) Reginald Dethick possibly of this generation
Reginald, who is not mentioned either by Gregory King or (in the section viewed) by FSCOMT, is shown by some web sites as son of Geoffrey of Newhall (son of William by Alice Adderley) and brother of William, Robert & John. BLG1952 (Meynell of Meynell Langley) shows the Thomasine who married Reginald as sister of the Margaret who married Roger Dethick (see just above).
  m. Thomasine Meynell (dau/co-heir of Raffe Meynell of Long Meynell)
  (i) Margaret Dethike (d 1466)
  m1. Ralph Basset
  m2. Nicholas Montgomery
  b. William Dethick possibly of this generation
  William is shown by Visitation (Derbyshire, 1569+1611, 'Dethick of New Hall') as son of Sir William & younger brother of the Sir Geffrey Dethick whose sons were Robert of Dethick (had issue) & John of New Hall & Reginald, the latter 2 of whom both married a Meynell daughter. However, that Visitation then goes on to show more generations before the 16th century than we would expect should that have been the case. Provisionally we show him as of this generation but may review this in due course.
  m. Cicely Curzon (dau/heir of Thomas Curzon of Birdsall)
  B.+ 3 sons



Roger Dethyke of Derbyshire - continued above
1. Philip Dethyke
  m. Joane Audeley (Audeby?)
A. John Dethyke
  m. _ Whatton (dau of Thomas Whatton of Derbyshire)
  i. John Dethyke of Wormygey or Wormegey, Norfolk
  m1. Elizabeth Chamberlayn (dau/heir of Thomas Chamberlayn)
  a. Edmond Dethyke of Wormygey (d 06.04.1565)
  m. Elizabeth Spylman (dau of Christopher Spylman of Stowe, relict of John Jenkyn)
  Gregory King shows only Edmond of this generation with him being father, by Elizabeth Spillman, of John of West Newton father (by Alice, dau of Edmond Chartre Lee) of Lord Mayor John whom we show as descended from Edmond's brother Edward. Visitation (Norfolk) shows the children of Edmond & Elizabeth as ...
  (1)+ issue - Christopher, Edward of Sandringham, Thomas, Amye
  b. Edward Dethyke of Midleton, Norfolk (d before 23.06.1585)
  m. Ann Bridges
  (1) Edward Dethyke of Midleton (bur 1596)
  (2) John Dethyke of Newton, Norfolk (b 23.10.1567, d before 18.02.1658)
m1. Alice Chartres (d before 06.05.1647, dau of Edmond Chartres of West Newton)
  Visitation (Norfolk) ends this line naming John and his 2 wives. The following comes from 'Pedigrees of the Knights' (Le Neve, edited by Marshall 1873, p134) with some support from Commoners (vol 4, 'Rudge of Evesham', p198) and input (in italics) from FSCOMT.
  (A) John Dethick of Tottenham, Lord Mayor of London (d 1671)
  m1. Anne Smallpece (dau of Francis Smallpece of Norwich (by Anne, dau of John Aldriche of Norwich), son of Robert Smalpece of Hockering, relict of Thomas Anguish) ## see here ##
  (i) John Dethick (dspvm)
  m2. Martha Travers (dau of Edmund Travers of London & Tottenham)
  (ii) Benjamin Dethick of Wyreham Hall (Norfolk) & Tottenham (a 1699, bur 10.01.1716)
  m. Mary Harrison (dau of John Harrison of Lee (of London? sb Leek?))
  (a) John Dethick of Wyreham (Wereham) (bpt 11.11.1691, bur 15.12.1751)
  m1. Catherine Swift (bur 30.05.1725, dau of Edward Swift of Methwold)
  ((1)) Mary Dethick (a 05.1751)
  m. John Stephens of Henley (Captain)
  ((2))+ other issue - Benjamin (bur 05.10.1720), John (bpt 14.11.1720, bur 1737?), Edward (b 18.12.1721), Benjamin (b 29.12.1724, bur 21.02.1725), Mary (bpt 11.06.1717, bur 28.07.1717), Catherine (bur 05.10.1720), Elizabeth (bpt 10.02.1723, bur 15.05.1737)
  m2. (31.12.1730) Elizabeth Hare (d 16.03.1764)
  ((9)) Elizabeth Dethick
m. Morgan Powell
  ((10))+ other issue - John (bpt 22.03.1737, d 25.03.1758), Martha (a 05.1751)
  (b) Benjamin Dethick
  (c) Martha Dethick
  m. _ Clarke of London
  (iii) Edmund Dethick (d unm)
  (iv) Elizabeth Dethick (bur 02.11.1696)
  m. (by 1657) Sir John Banks of Aylesford, Bart (b c1627, d 18.10.1699)
  (v) Susanna Dethick
  m. Edward Rudge of London, later of Evesham Abbey (bpt 22.05.1630, d 1696)
  m3. Anne Joliffe (d c1687, dau of Thomas Jolliffe of Leke, relict of Joseph Barker of London)
  (B) Edmund Dethick of Harpley, Norfolk (d c05.1647)
  m. Bridget Bigge (a 05.1647, dau of Thomas Bigge of West Newton)
  (i) Edmond Dethick of London
  (a)+ issue - Edmund, Mary
  (i)+ other issue - John, Thomas, Edward, Anne, Katherine
  (C) Elizabeth Dethick (bur 28.04.1656)
  m. Wuilliam Gurlyn of Sandringham
  m2. Elizabeth Methwold (dau of Thomas Methwold of Longford)
  (D) Mary Dethick
  m. Thomas Basset of London
(E) Frances Dethick
  m1. Robert Say of Tilney
  m2. Henry Williamson of Kenwicke House
  (F)+ other issue - Dorothy, Bridget
  (3) Anna Dethick (a 01.1584)
  m. Herbert Bozune of Middleton
  c. Thomas Dethyke
d. Grace Dethyke
  m. Francis Spylman of Stow
  e. Ursula Dethyke
  m. Francis Bastard of West Wynch
  f. Elizabeth Dethyke
  m1. John Lovell of Fyncham
  m2. Thomas (Edward?) Reynolles of Suffolk
  (1)+ issue - Henry, Robert, John, Elizabeth, Frances
  m2. Anne
  a.+ other issue - John, Elizabeth
  ii.+ other issue - Geoffrey of West Bilney (d before 02.08.1558), William (d before 16.04.1556)
2. Gilbert Dethicke
  This Gilbert is shown by FSCOMT as the (Sir) Gilbert who was father of Robert of Derbyshire who by Agatha was father of Sir Gilbert, Garter King of Arms. As reported on Dethick3, we doubt this connection. Note that FSCOMT omits the Gilbert who was father of the Garter King and son of a Robert & Agatha.
3.+ other issue - Charles, Ambrose, Bartholomew, Thurston, Oliver

Main source(s):
(1) Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, Dethyke) with input as reported above with some in italics from 'FSCOMT' (see note at top of page)
(2) an extract entitled 'Pedigrees and Heraldic Notes of Gregory King' (pp272-273), from MGH (NS5, vol 9 (1935-7)), which was kindly provided to us by a contributor (CV, 27.10.13)
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