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Families covered: Dodson of Hay (Dotson of Hey), Dodson of Hurstpierpoint, Dodson of Kirkby Overblows

?? Dotson
m. _ Hey (dau/coheir of John Hey or Haye (son of Robert) by Johan, dau/coheir of Richard Crook)
1. Thomas Dotson of Hey
  m. _ Molyns (coheir)
  A. John Dotson of Hey (d 07.1577)
  m. Margery Enys
i. John Dotson (d before 15.01.1578)
  ii. Thomas Dotson or Dodson of Hey (bur 03.02.1611)
  m. Eliza Piper (dau of William Piper)
  a. Robert Dodson of Hey (a 1626)
  m1. Thomasine Buller (dau of Francis Buller of Shillingham)
  (1) Thomas Dodson (b c1610, d by 12.1643)
m. (08.07.1641) Elizabeth Wills (dau of Elias Wills of Saltash, m2. Capt. Mathew Cossens)
  (A) Thomas Dodson of Hay (d 17.04.1672)
  m. Elizabeth Sedley (dau of William Sedley of Dighwell)
(i) Thomas Dodson 'of Tonkin' of Hay (b c1666, bur 24.08.1707, MP)
  m. (10/16.05.1684) Mary Buller (a 1714, dau of John Buller)
  (a) Thomas Dodson of Hay (a 1714)
  ((1))+ issue - John (b 1716, bur 23.09.1730), Mary (bpt 07.02.1708)
  (b) Mary Dodson (bpt 28.06.1687)
  m. (1716) Charles Trevanion
  (c) Sarah Dodson (bpt 09.11.1693)
  m. (08.06.1710) Thomas Vivian of Trewan
  (d)+ other issue - John (bpt 05.06.1690, a 1714), Anna (bpt 30.10.1688, a 1714), Margaret (a 1714), Thomasin (bpt 16.09.1692)
(ii)+ other issue - Sedley (bur 22.07.1669), Ann (bpt 14.07.1664), Mary (bpt 30.11.1665), Johanna (bpt 30.11.1665), Grace (bpt 30.07.1672)
  (B)+ other issue - son ('Posthumous"?, bpt 25.12.1643), Susan (bpt 09.08.1641)
  (2) Elizabeth Dodson
  m. (c02.1641) John Vacy of North Tamerton
  (3)+ other issue - Nicholas (bpt 18.04.1624, bur 29.09.1624), Elizabeth (bur 12.12.1612), Mary (bur 20.05.1625)
  m2. (26.12.1609) Mary (Margaret) Pollard (d before 20.05.1639, dau of Sir Hugh Pollard, widow of ?? Whiddon)
  b. Samson Dodson (b c1593, a 1623)
  c. Mary Dodson
  m. George Connock
  iii. Alice Dotson
  m. _ Leyne
  iv. Margaret Dotson
  m. _ Whale
  v. Jane Dotson
  m. Badway alias Oliver
  vi. daughter
  m. John James
  B. John Dotson
  C. Elizabeth Dotson
  m. _ Sergeant



Brother of Thomas, rector of Goodmaham, was ...
Richard Dodson (d 01.1612, rector of Kirkby Overblows)
1. Miles Dodson of Kirkby Overblows, Leathley & Kirkby (b 1590, d 19.09.1657)
  m. Lucy Cooke (a 03.1660, dau of Rev. Peter Cooke of Sutton-upon-Derwent)
  A. Peter Dodson (dvp)
  FMG shows that Peter's wife was Alice (d 1659, m2. _ Nettleton) but later provides a note that identifies her as ...
  m. Abigail Fetherston (dau of Albany Fetherston of Fetherstonhaugh (by Jane, dau of Thomas Fetherston of Stanhope), m2. Thomas Dykes of Gilcrea)
  i. Thomas Dodson of Kirkby Overblows
m. (before 1668) Ellen Norton (dau of Thomas Norton of Langthorne)
  ii. ??
  a. Albany Dodson of Kirkby Overblows (a 1718)
  m1. (02.02.1706) Eleanor Beckwith (bpt 17.06.1686, dau of Edward Beckwith of Nutwith Coate (by Ellen, dau of Wwlbury Norton), sister/coheir of John)
  (1) Thomas Dodson
  (2) Albany Dodson, later Beckwith, of Kirkby Overblows (dsp) possibly son of Mary Drake
  m. _ Smithson (dsp, dau of Rowland or Roundel Smithson of Millfield, m1/2. Sir Thomas Dennison)
m2. Mary Drake (dau of Rev. Nathan Drake of Kirkby Overblows)
  iii. Lucy Dodson
  m. _ Hinde
  a.+ issue - Edith, Frances
  B. Margaret Dodson (a 1706)
  m. _ Harrison
  C. Joan Dodson
  m. John Gale
  D. Isabel Dodson
  m. Anthony Ward of Otley
  i. Lucy Ward (b 1637-8, d 28.08.1708)
  m. Michael Idle of Leeds
  E.+ other issue - Lucy, Anne, Elizabeth, Mary, daughter



Cousin of Sir William Dodson, alderman of London, was ...
Jeremiah Dodson (a 1665, 1692, vicar of Wye then rector of St. Katherine Coleman in London)
1. Jeremiah Dodson (d 1744, rector of Broadwater (Sussex) & Hurstpierpoint)
  A. Christopher Dodson (d 1784, rector of Hurstpierpoint)
  i. John Dodson (d 1807, rector of Hurstpierpoint)
  m. (1776) Frances Dawson (dau of Rev. _ Dawson of Stapenhill House)
  a. Sir John Dodson of London (b 19.01.1780, d 27.04.1858, judge, MP)
  m. (24.12.1822) Frances Priscilla Pearson (dau of George Pearson of London & Tyers Hill)
  Their only son, John George, was created 'Lord Monk Bretton of Conyboro and Hurstpierpoint' in 1884.
  b.+ other issue

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(2) For middle section : FMG (vol 2, MS317, 'Dodson', p777+)
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