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Families covered: Buller of Lillesdon, Buller of Shillingham, Buller of Tregarrick

Ralfe Buller of Wood
1. John Buller
  m. Ann Staly (dau of Roger Staly)
  A. John Buller
  m. _ Gourney
i. John (or Nicholas) Buller
  m. _ Beauchamp (dau of John Beauchamp of Lillesdon)
  a. John Buller of Lillesdon
  m. Ann Chedington (dau of Nicholas Chedington)
  (1) John Buller of Lillesdon
  m. Thomasine Orchard or Portman
  (A) John Buller of Lillesdon
  m. Alice Sidnam (dau of Sidnam of Brampton (Brimpton))
(i) Alexander Buller of Lillesdon
  m1. Ann Daubney (dau of Giles, Lord Daubney)
  (a) John Buller
  m. Dorothy Kellaway (dau of Sir John Kellaway)
  ((1)) John Buller of Lillesdon (a 1584)
  m. Elizabeth Rogers (dau of Sir John Rogers)
  ((A))+ issue - George, John, Robert, Benjamin, Richard
  m2. Elizabeth Horsey (dau of Sir John Horsey)
(b) Richard Buller of Tregarrick (d 11.1555)
  BLG1952 starts with this Richard, identifying his parents.
  m. Margaret Trethurffe (d 28.06.1576, dau of Thomas Trethurffe of Trethurffe)
  ((1)) Francis Buller of Shillingham, Sheriff (d 27.12.1615)
  m. Thomasine Williams (dau of Thomas Williams of Stowford, Speaker of House of Commons)
  ((A)) Sir Richard Buller of Shillingham, Sheriff (d before 01.03.1646)
  m. Alice Hayward (dau of Sir Rowland Hayward)
  ((i)) Francis Buller of Shillingham and Ospringe (b c1603)
m. Thomasine Honywood (dau of Sir Thomas Honywood)
  ((ii)) George Buller
  ((a)) Mary Buller
  m. Sir Samuel Thompson of Bradfield
  ((iii)) Catherine Buller
  m. James Parker of Blisland
  ((iv)) Julian Buller possibly the Julian (d c1690) who married ...
  m. (1625) Bernard Tanner (b c1594)
  ((v)) Alice Buller probably the Alice (bur 26.01.1645) who married ...
m. (10.04.1634) George Kekewich of Catchfrench (bpt 13.11.1614, d before 27.10.1662)
  ((vi)) Thomasine Buller not mentioned by Visitation
  m. Josias Calmady of Langdon Hall (son of Sir Shilston)
  ((vii))+ other issue - Richard, John, Anthony, Mary
  ((B)) Mathew Buller
  ((C)) Francis Buller of Tregarrick (d 1649) had issue
m. Sibill Nicholls (bur 16.12.1670, dau of Roger Nicholls)
  ((D)) Margaret Buller
  m1. Richard Kendall of Treworgy
  m2. Sir Thomas Honnywood of Kent
  ((E)) Thomasine Buller
Visitation reports that Thomasine married Robert Dodson, BLG1952 that she married Francis Rawle. We provisionally presume that she married both but note the probable duplication below.
  m1. Francis Rawle of Tresparett
  m2. Robert Dodson of Haye
  ((F)) Mary Buller
  m. Arthur Burell
  ((G)) Margery Buller
  m. (1614) Piers Mannington
  ((H)) Frances Buller
m. John Vivyan of St. Cullomb
  ((I)) Emlyn Buller
  m. Henry Chiverton
  ((2)) Francis Buller of Tregarrick (d 1649) had issue
  m. Sibill Nicholls (bur 16.12.1670, dau of Roger Nicholls)
  ((3)) Thomasine Buller duplication with above?
  m. Francis Rawle of Tresparett
  ((4)) Margaret Buller duplication with above?
  m. Richard Kendall of Treworgy
  (c) Mary Buller
  m. Thomas Wise of Sidenham

Main source(s): Visitation (Cornwall, 1620, Buller), BLG1952 (Buller of Downes)
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