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Families covered: Reigny of Edgeford, Rayney of Smethley, Rayney of Tyers Hill, Rayney of West Malling, Rayney of Wrotham

BEB1841 starts with William Rayney, father of John of Smethley, reporting that he was "lineally descended from John Reignie, who held the manors of Edgeford, Devon, and Smithley, in Yorkshire, so early as the reign of Edward III". We suspect that that John was the same person as the Sir John who is at the top of the pedigree given by the Visitation.
Sir John Regny (?? a temp Edward III who r. 1327-1377)
1. Richard Reigny
  A. John Reigny
i. John Reigny
  m. Agnes Page (dau of Roger Page)
  a. John Reigny
  m. Cicely Weele (dau of John Weele)
  (1) John Reigny of Egford, Devon
  m. Ibbott
  (A) Richard Reigny
  (i) Anne Reigny (heir)
  m. Charles Copleston of Briketon (Bicton)
  Edgeford (Eggesford) passed into the Copleston family. Anne & Charles lived late 16th century.



Apparently connected to the above family was ...
William Rayney (d 1505-6)
m. _ Hall (heir)
1. John Rayney of Smethley, Yorkshire
  m. ?? (dau/coheir of Sir Robert Hopton or Hexton of Swillington)
  A. Robert (Roger) Rayney of Smethley (b c1518)
  m. Elizabeth Thornhill (dau of John Thornhill of Fixby)
i. John Rayney West Malling (Kent) & Wrotham Place (Kent) (d 21.05.1632, alderman of London)
  m. Susan Mann (dau of Walter Mann of Kingston)
  a. Sir John Rayney of Wortham & West Mallling, 1st Bart, Sheriff of Kent (d 03.03.1660)
  m1. Catherine Style (dau of Thomas Style of London)
  (1) Sir John Rayney of Wortham & West Mallling, 2nd Bart (d c1680)
  m. Mary Blackman (dau of Jeremy Blackman of Southwark)
(A) Sir John Rayney of Wortham & West Mallling, 3rd Bart (d 02.1704-5)
  m1. Vere Beaumont (dau of Sir Thomas Beaumont, Bart of Gracedieu)
  (i) Sir John Beaumont Rayney, 4th Bart (d unm 1716, Lt. Colonel)
  (ii) Sir Thomas Rayney, 5th Bart (b c1690, dsp 1721)
  (iii)+ other issue - Vere (dspm), Mary
  m2. Jane Manley (d 1700, dau/coheir of Thomas Manley of Rochester)
  m3. Jane James (d 1714, dau of Sir Demetrius James of Ightham)
  (v) Catherine Rayney
  m. Edward Bettenson
  (vi) Hellena Rayney (d unm 08.09.1736)
  (2) Susannah Rayney (dsp)
  m. William Selby of Ightham
  (3) Elizabeth Rayney (dsp 1654)
  m. Sir John Chichester, Bart
  (4) Martha Rayney
  m. Nathaniel Bonnel of London
(5)+ other issue - Thomas, Richard, William
  m2. Frances Gibbes (dau of Edward Gibbes of Warwickshire)
  (8) Edward Rayney had issue
  b. Elizabeth Rayney
  m. John Acton of Ipswich
  c. Ann Rayney
  m. John Smith
  d. Sarah Rayney (d 01.07.1670)
  m. Sir Henry North, Bart of Mildenhall
  e. Susan Rayney (d young)
  ii. Ellen Rayney
  m. Thomas Cutler of Stainborough
  B. Henry Rayney of Ferrymore (Yorkshire) & Tyers Hill (Yorkshire) (a 1569)
  m. (1560) Alice Porter
  i. Gervase Rayney of Ferrymore
  ii. Francis Rayney of Tyers Hill
m. (05.11.1589) Margaret Green (dau of James Green of Brierley)
  a. John Rayney of Tyers Hill
  m1. (1613) Anne Wentworth (dau of William Wentworth of South Kirkby)
  (1) Henry Rayney of Tyers Hill (b 1614, bur 16.11.1682)
  m. (26.09.1650) Priscilla Wordsworth (dau of William Wordsworth)
  (A) Francis Rayney of Tyers Hill (b 1651, d unm 28.11.697, Rev.)
  (B) Henry Rayney of London, later of Tyers Hill (d 1740)
  m. Frances Wright (dau of Thomas Wright of Sandy Downham)
  (i) Elizabeth Rayney
  m. Robert Wright of London
  (C) Thomas Rayney (alderman of Doncaster)
  m. (1715) Frances Fayram (dau of John Fayram, alderman of Doncaster)
  (i) Henry Rayney (dsp)
  (ii) Thomas Rayney of Tyers Hill (dsp 1748)
  (iii) Priscilla Rayney of Tyers Hill (d 1751)
  m. (27.10.1743) Nathaniel Pearson of Doncaster
  (a) Mary Pearson (d 1794)
m. (18.011.1777) Freeman Bower of Killerby Hall
  ((1)) Frances Mary Bower
  m. Rev. Henry Watkins of Barnborough
  ((2)) Henrietta Priscilla Bower
  m. James Jackson
  ((3))+ other issue - Henry of Doncaster, Wilhelmina Elizabeth
  (b) Frances Pearson
  m. (1784) George Pearson of Hanover Square 'of London & Tyers Hill' (d 09.11.1828, 'physician')
  ((1)) Frances Priscilla Pearson
  m. Sir John Dodson, later of Tyers Hill
  ((2)) Mary Anne Pearson
(D) Mary Rayney
  (E) Catherine Rayney
  m. John Ellis of Woolley
  (F) Elizabeth Rayney
  m. Christopher Dowson of Arthington
  (2) Isabel Rayney
  m. John Carrington
  (3) Jane Rayney
  m. Robert Arnold
  (4) Mary Rayney
  m. _ Chapman
  m2. Isabel Eyre (dau of Nathaniel Eyre of Bramley)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (Devon, 1620, Coplestone of Bicton (in supplementary section))
(2) For lower section : BEB1841 (Rayney of Wrotham)
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