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Families covered: Dunbar of Derrygonelly, Dunbar of Knockshinnoch, Dunbar of Weathersta
[We have pulled together these 3 different families onto one page 'for our convenience'.]

Sir John Dunbar of Dunbar in co. Fermanagh (a 1616)
Commoners, which reports that Sir John was originally of Scotland, identifies his wife as "Mary Katherine, sister of Gustavus Adolphus, of Sweden, in whose army he bore a distinguished rank". However, GenEu ('House of Vasa') does not show a Mary Katherine as sister of King Gustaf II Adolf (a possible Mary d young, a possible Katherine married someone else).
1. James Dunbar of Derrygonelly
m. _ Weldon
  A. Richard Dunbar of Derrygonelly (only son)
  m. Katherine, "Lady Hamilton"
  i. Katherine Dunbar (heir)
  m. Hugh Montgomery of Derrygonelly (d before 14.06.1723)
  B. Ann Dunbar possibly of this generation
  m. (1614) Alexander Weir of Craighead (d 1632)
2. ?? Dunbar
  Grandson of 'Sir John Dunbar, of Derrygonnelly", asumed to have been the above-mentioned Sr John, was ...
  A. John Dunbar of Ballycarney
  m. Catherine Wynne (dau of Owen Wynne of Lurganboy)



Grant identifies the following James as "a second son of Dunbar of Grange". We hope to identify that connection in due course.
James Dunbar of Churchhill
1. Alexander Dunbar (b 1622-3, d 10.09.1708, minister of Inveravon then Delting)
m. Mary Mouat
  A. James Dunbar of Weathersta
  m1. Marable or Margaret Mood of Ollaberry
  i. Alexander Dunbar of Hardwell (bailie of Nesting) "is said to have married" ...
  m. Margaret Hawick ("of the Scatsa family")
  ii. James Ludovic Dunbar in Cuppister & Scatsa
  m1. Agnes Hendry
  m2. (21.01.1762) Catherine Cogill
  iii. Margaret Dunbar
  m. John Henry of Foratwatt
  m2. Barbara Spence (dau of George Spence of Midbrake)
  iv. Mary Dunbar of Midbrake
  m. (20/30.01.1745) Thomas Irvine
  It appears that James (also) married ...
  m3. Helen Mowat (dau of George Mowat (Mouat) of Hamnavoe)



Paterson reports that this family was "a branch of the Dunbars of Cumnock; but at what period the family branched off from hte main stock is uncertain."
John Dunbar of Knockshinnoch (d 1551)
1. Patrick Dunbar of Knockshinnoch
  A. John Dunbar of Knockshinnoch (d before 1611) probably of this generation
  i. George Dunbar of Knockshinnoch (d 1628)
  a. John Dunbar of Knockshinnoch (a 1645)
  (1) Hugh Dunbar, last of Knockshinnoch (a 1676)
  b.+ other issue - George, Sara, Margaret
2. Isobel Dunbar possibly of this generation
  Patrick Hamilton of Bordland (b before 1546, d 10.03.1593/4)
3.+ other issue - William, John

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