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Families covered: Mowat of Balquholly, Mowat of Freswick, Mowat of Hamnavoe

Patrick Mowat of Balquholly (d c1601)
m. (before 09.10.1559) Christine Ogilvy (dau of Walter Ogilvy of Boyne)
1. Magnus Mowat of Balquholly & Freswick (d 03.1634)
  m. Elizabeth (Isobel) Cheyne (a 07.1642, dau of William Cheyne of Arnage (by Margaret Irvine), widow of John Kennedy of Kenmucks)
  A. Elizabeth or Elspeth Mowat (d by 1634)
  m. (John?) Forbes of Asloun
B. Christian Mowat
  m. (by 1627) Sir John Sinclair of Geanies & Dunbeath
  partner unkown
  C. Thomas Mowat
  m. Marjorie Gardin (dau of James Gardin of Blackford by Christian Mowat) @@ below
  i. Elspeth Mowat
  m. Alexander Coghill in Bowermadden
ii. daughter it might have been Elspeth who (also) married ...
  m. Findlay Groat of Skirscary
2. James Mowat of Smiddyseat, later of Balquholly (d 1642-3)
  m. Lucy Gordon (dau of William Gordon of Gight & Isobel Ouchterlony)
  A. Patrick Mowat 'of Balquholly' (d Alford 07.1645)
  m. Helen Copland (dau of Captain Alexander Copland of Idoch)
  i. Magnus Mowat of Freswick & Balquholly (b c1631, d 11.1669)
  m. (mcrt 22.01.1651) Jean Sinclair (dau of Alexander Sinclair of Latheron by Jean Cunninghame, dau of John Cunninghame of Broomhill & Geise by Elizabeth, dau of Sir John Sinclair of Greenland & Rattar)
  a. William Mowat of Balquholly (bpt 18.10.1636, d 11.1688, 2nd son)
  m. (10.11.1685) Katherine Lauder (dau of Robert Lauder of Dundee (by Eupham Bathgate), m2. Captain John Benjamin Jorrens)
(1) William Mowat of Balquholly (bpt 08.01.1687, a 03.1705)
  (2) daughter (d infant)
  b. Helen Mowat
  m. (06.01.1691) Robert Molysone in Aberdeen
  (1) Jean Molysone
  m. George Ramsay in Lochaber (son of Hugh in Crieff)
(2)+ other issue - Robert in Aberdeen, James (bpt 21.11.1708)
  c.+ other issue - Patrick (bpt 30.11.1654, dvpsp?), Jean (bpt 10.01.1658), Elizabeth
  ii. George Mowat of Hamnavoe (d before 10.1710)
  m. (mcrt 10.11.1662) Margaret Mowat (d 1713, dau of James Mowat of Ollaberry by Margaret Sinclair (1st wife))
  a. Patrick Mowat of Hamnavoe & Balquholly (d 07.1716)
  m1. Marjorie Bruce (dau of Andrew Bruce of Muness)
  (1) Margaret Mowat
  m. (c1711) John Scott in Dundee
  (2) Ursula Mowat
  m2. Barbara Cheyne (dau of George Cheyne of Esslemont (by Barbara Mowat, sister of John (James?), cousin, m2. James Erskine in Dorlaithers)
  (3) John Mowat of Balquholly (d 1736, 3rd son)
  m. (c1723) Agnes Keith (d 11.07.1783, dau/heir of James Keith of Keithfield by Agnes Gordon of Craig)
  (A) John Mowat, later Mowat-Keith (b 1729, d 1788)
  m. Margaret Chalmers (dau of William Chalmers, Provost of Aberdeen)
  (i)+ issue - John (bpt 18.08.1762), George (bpt 29.02.1764), Helen (bpt 11.07.1765), Agnes (bpt 05.04.1765), Margaret (bpt 06.07.1768), Veramina (bpt 22.12.1769), Isabella (bpt 20.09.1771), Cecilia (bpt 01.07.1774), Katherine (bpt 27.07.1777)
  (B) Barbara Mowat (d by 1765)
  m. William Anderson
  (C) Agnes or Anna Mowat
  m. (mcrt 1762) John Wilson (hecklemaker in Aberdeen)
  (D)+ other issue - James (b 1727, d 1744), William, Alexander (d 1762), Mary, Francis in Aberdeen (b c1734/5, printer)
  (4)+ othe issue - Patrick (d young), James (d c1710, )Robert (d 03.1722), Elizabeth (bpt 19.03.1714), Katherine (bpt 11.06.1715)
  b. James Mowat of Stennes & Hugoland
  m. Elizabeth Mackenzie (dau of Commissary _ Mackenzie son of the Bishop of Orkney)
  (1) George Mowat of Stennes, later in England (a 1786)
(A)+ issue - George (Captain RN), James
  (2) William Mowat, later in South Carolina (a 1752)
  m. (19.12.1742) Agnes Spence (dau of Thomas Spence of Dalvennan by Margaret Roehead)
  (A)+ issue - James, Alexander
  (3) Patrick Mowat
  (A)+ 5 sons
  c. Helen Mowat
  m. James Dunbar of Weatherstay
  d.+ other issue - George (d young), Hector of Hurdaback etc (dsp by 1711), Margaret (d before 07.1705)
  iii. James Mowat (d 1686-7/12.1693)
m. Elizabeth Mowat (dau of Alexander Mowat in Redcloak by Sibilla Mowat)
  a. James Mowat (to Maryland)
  b. Christian Mowat
  m. William Mowat in Aberdeen (maltman, brother of James of Ruthrieston)
  (1) William Mowat of Colpnay, Provost of Aberdeen (bpt 10.04.1712, d 1786, 2nd son)
  m. Jane Osborn (d 17.03.1786)
  (A) Margaret Mowat possibly of this generation
  m. (13.06.1758) John Kelso of Dankeith (d 1781)
  (2)+ other issue - John (bpt 08.07.1706), Elizabeth (bpt 04.03.1705), Margaret (bpt 23.12.1708)
  c. Jean Mowat
  m. John Anderson in Stonehaven
  iv. Barbara Mowat
  m. Malcolm Groat in Dunscaby
v. Elizabeth Mowat
  m. (mcrt 18.08.1663) John Kennedy, younger of Kermucks & Stroma
  B. Isobel Mowat (d unm)
  C. Christian Mowat
  m. William Lindsay
3. Christian Mowat (d 1601)
  m. (mcrt 13.03.1591) James Gardin (son of Alexander of Blackford)
  A. Marjorie Gardin
  m. Thomas Mowat @@ above
4. Isobel Mowat (d 19.05.1601)
  m. William Bruce of Stanstill (m2. Jonet Murray)
5. Elizabeth Mowat
  m. George Crawford of Annochie
6. Jean Mowat
  m. Alexander Calder of Asloun

Main source(s): 'A Lairdship Lost - the Mowats of Balquholly, 1309-1736' (Diane Baptie, 2000, ISBN: 978-1862320529), www.cosoft.org/mowat/
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