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Families covered: Durie of Craigluscar, Durie (or Dury, Drury, Durrie, etc) of Durie

TSP (Strathearn) suggests that the progenitor of this family may have been Sir Gilbert of Belnollo, a younger son of the 4th Earl of Strathearn (who died before 1244), although that suggestion may have been made only because Belnollo later belonged to the Duries of that ilk. A suggestion that probably has a wider following is that the original Durie was a (probably illegitimate) son of a King so that the name derived from 'Du Roi'. There may, of course, have been several unrelated families that took the same name. There is reported to have been a family called Durie at Burntisland, Fife, in the early 12th century. The genealogy reported by BLG1999 starts off with two brothers as follows ...
1. Andrew Durie of that ilk of Crosswood (b c1466)
2. George Durie of that ilk of Balcurrogol
  m1. Isobel Lundy
A. John Durie of Durie (d 1538)
  m. Janet Beaton (b 1469, dau of John Bethune, 5th of Balfour)
  i. son
  ii. George Durie of Rossend, 1st of Craigluscar, Archdeacon of St. Andrews, Abbot of Abbotshall then Dunfermline (b 20.02.1494, d 1575)
  m1. (1538) Catherine Sibbald (dau of ?? Sibbald of Balgony)
a. Henry Durie, 2nd of Craigluscar (b 1543, d 1592)
  m. Margaret McBeth (d 1608)
  (1) George Durie, 3rd of Craigluscar (b 1576, d 1633)
  m1. (19.05.1588) Elizabeth Echline of Pitadro (d 31.03.1617)
  It is not certain that Elizabeth was the mother of all of the children but she was probably mother of most of them. Note that James, their second son, is shown as having been born in 1583. Assuming that he was born in wedlock, this throws doubt on these dates.
  (A) John Durie (d young)
  (B) James Durie of Netherton and Craigluscar (b 1583, d 1682)
  m. (1633) Christian Durie (dau of Robert Durie of Grange)
  (i) George Durie, 5th of Craigluscar, Provost of Dunfermline (d 1703, Captain)
  (a) Christine or Grizel Durie
  m. _ Bowman
  (ii) John Durie, 6th of Craigluscar (b 1640, d 03.1726, 5th son)
  m. (24.12.1696) Agnes Colvile (dau of William Colvile of Hillside and Blair)
  (a) George Durie, 7th of Craigluscar (b 16.09.1701, d 27.11.1768)
  m. (1735) Elizabeth Thompson
  ((1)) George Durie (b 24.06.1736, d 24.02.1451)
  ((2)) Charles Durie, 8th of Craigluscar (b 10.02.1738, d 1822)
  m. (1767) Agnes Greig
  ((A)) Robert Durie, 9th of Craigluscar (b 1770, Captain)
  m. Joanna Anne Taylor
  ((i)) Charles Durie, 10th of Craigluscar (b 19.04.1815, d 1845)
  m. (02.08.1836) Christine Ronaldson (dau of James Smith Ronaldson)
  ((a)) Robert Durie, 11th of Craigluscar (b 17.12.1839, d unm 21.09.1868)
  ((b)) Eliza Durie of Craigluscar (b 24.06.1837, d 27.09.1917)
  m. (15.06.1859) Andrew Dewar, later Dewar-Durie (b c1830, d 1895)
  ((ii)) Elizabeth Providence Durie (b 1813)
  m. Archibald F. Allen
  ((a)) Joanna Ann Allen
  m. _ McFarlane
  ((b)) Elizabeth Providence Allen
  m. _ Anderson
  ((c)) Mary Allen (b 1845, d 10.02.1911)
  m. Lewis Maitland of Lindores (d 25.02.1876, Rear Admiral)
  ((iii)) Susan Durie
  m. (30.11.1843) Lewis Hay Thatcher (Dr)
  ((iv)) Agnes Durie
  m1. W.W. Massich
  m2. ? Stark
((B)) Susan Durie
  m. (08.03.1806) Robert Mudie of Balmule
  p. Elizabeth Templeman
  ((C)) Elizabeth Durie (b 27.07.1761)
  ((3))+ other issue - John, son, Thomas (b c1748), Robert (b 24.02.1751), son, Helen (b 02.01.1740), Elizabeth (b 1754)
  (b) Christian Durie
  m. George Thompson
  (c)+ other issue - James in Edinburgh (b 18.10.1702, d 1748), Robert (b 24.03.1705, d young), daughter
  (iii) Geilles Durie (b 1645)
  m. (1681) James Monteith of Barrowan
  (iv) Janet Durie
  m. (1665) Alexander (sb Archibald?) Campbell of Persie
  (v)+ other issue - Robert (b 1637, Captain in Flanders), Henry (b c1638, fought in Holland), Alexander (b 1639), William (b 1644), Walter (b c1645), Thomas (b c1647, fought in Holland), James (b c1651, fought in Holland), Margaret (b 1639), Grizel (b c1642), Marie (b c1653)
(C) Grizel Durie
  m. Arthur Moneypenny of Pitmilly
  (D)+ other issue - Maryon, Margaret, Sophia, Bessie
  m2. Margaret Bruce (d 1647, dowager of Blairhall)
  (2) James Durie had issue
  m. Margaret Mastertoun
  (3) Isboel Durie
  (4) Margaret Durie
  m. (1606) H. Mytes
  (5) Helen Durie
  m. Sir Robert Bruce of Clackmannan and Elgin
  (6) Janet Durie
  m. Futhus of Futhus Mill
  b. John Durie (minister)
  c. George Durie
  m. Nans Gatt
  (1) George Durie of Carden
  d. daughter
  m. Sir Patrick Halkett of Pitferrane
  e. Janet Durie (b 1582)
  m. David Marten of Carden
  m2. Margaret Bruce
  partner unknown
  f. Peter Durie of Rossend
  iii. Robert Durie (b 1492/5, minister of Anstruther)
  m. (c1506) Katherine Lundy
a. Janet Durie
  m. (1532) Sir Henry (not Alexander) Kemp of Thomastoun (a 1554, pursemaster of King James V)
  (1) Robert Kemp, later Kemp-Durie or Durie
  In 1614 Robert sold Durie estate to Sir Alexander Gibson, Lord President of the Court of Session, whose 'judicial title' was Lord Durie.
  (2) Janet Durie
  Wikipedia ("Henry Kemp of Thomastoun", 06.01.24) mentions Janet and provides some information on her father.
  m. (1562) Andrew Wardlaw (son of Henry of Torrie)
  iv. John Durie
  m. _ Melville (of Kilrenny)
  v. Andrew Durie, Abbot of Melrose, Bishop of Galloway
  a. John Durie
  vi. Elizabeth Durie --
  m. (1528) David Pitcairn of that ilk and of Forthar, 12th of Pitcairn (d before 1582/1593) --
  vii. daughter possibly of this generation --
  m. Alexander Spens of Lathallan (d c1548) --
  B. Marjory Durie --
  m. Michael Balfour, 1st of Munquhanny (d Flodden 09.09.1513) --
  m2.(1487) Isabella Wardlaw (dau of Sir Henry Wardlaw of Torrie)

Main source(s): BLG1999
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