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Families covered: Emerson of Caistor (Caister), Emerson of Glamford, Emerson of Retford, Emerson of Searby, Emerson of Ulverscroft Abbey
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George Emerson of Searby (a 1567)
1. George Emerson of Glamford-Brigg (d before 18.06.1602, butcher)
  m. Jane
  A.+ issue - Edward (a 1631), Alexander (a 1631), Anne
2. Alexander Emerson of Searby (d before 19.12.1605)
  m. Jenytt Hornsey (d c06.1612, dau of John Hornsey)
  A. Michael Emerson of Searby (dsp before 19.04.1648)
  m1/2. Mary
  m2/1. (05.08.1604) Anne Metcalfe (dau of Matthew Metcalfe of Bellerby)
  B. Thomas Emerson of Cadney (a 1604)
  C. John Emerson of Howsham (d 1613)
m. Isabel
  i.+ issue (a 1613) - Alexander, Thomas, Alice
  D. Robert Emerson of Cadney (a 1633)
  BLG1858 starts with Robert Emerson of Glamford Briggs, identifying him as youngest of 3 sons of Edward son of George (## see below ##) and father (by Elinor Wainwright) of the Alexander who m. his cousin Elizabeth in 1666 (that date not being compatible with what is shown by Maddison). We follow Maddison who shows him here and father of Alexander by ...
m. Ellen Lightley
  i. Alexander Emerson of Caistor (d before 07.08.1667)
  m1. Elizabeth Emerson (dau/(co)heir of Alexander Emerson) @@ below
  a. Thomas Emerson of Grimsby & Caistor (b 1628, bur 09.11.1667)
  BLG1858 identifies Thomas's wife Mildred Saunderson as "only dau. of George, 3rd Viscount Castleton". Maddison identifies her as ...
  m. Mildred Saunderson (bur 14.11.1667, dau of Thomas Saunderson of Lincoln's Inn)
Maddison contains 2 overlapping articles on this family (p330+ & p1214+). The 1st shows just one child for Thomas and Mildred, being Alexander (b 1651) who m. Alice Wharton. The 2nd shows 4 children: Alexander of Laceby (d before 18.04.1678, m. Bridget, had 2 daughters: Mildred and Elizabeth, both a 1677), Michael, Thomas, and Mildred (b c1655, m c01.1767-7 Thomas, son of John Asfordby of Saltfleetby). The 2nd shows separately Alexander of Caistor (m. Alice Wharton), without a specific connection to the earlier generations, along with a note "I cannot reconcile Burke's account of Alexander Emerson's descent with the wills. He is said to have been born in 1651, which is an impossibility. His father was born in that year, and in his will, dated 21 March 1677-8, makes no mention of any son. Possibly he was the son of Thomas Emerson, a brother of Alexander Emerson of Laceby." BLG1858 shows him as son of Thomas & Mildred.
  (1) Alexander Emerson (of Caistor) (b 1651, d c04.1678)
m. Alice Wharton (heiress of George Wharton of Retford)
  (A) Alexander Emerson of Retford & Caistor (d before 1745)
  m. Elizabeth Bosvile (dau of Rev. Thomas Bosville of Ufford (by Elizabeth, sister/coheir of John Bolle of Thorpe Hall), m2. Rev. Stephen Ashton of Louth)
  The first Maddison article finishes with this generation, the second article with the next. BLG1858 provides the following
(i) Sir Wharton Emerson of East Retford, later Amcotts, Bart of Kettlethorpe Park (b 02.1739-40, d 26.09.1807)
  BLG1952 ('Cracroft-Amcotts of Hackthorn and Kettlethorpe') and Maddison's article on the Amcotts of Aisthorpe (p18) provide some detail for the following.
  m1. (16.04.1762) Anne Maria Amcotts (b 11.04.1725, d 01.07.1800, dau of Vincent Amcotts of Harrington)
  (a) Elizabeth Amcotts (b 06.1763, d 21.09.1812)
  m. (25.10.1780) Sir John Ingilby, 1st Bart of Ripley (b 1758, d 13.05.1815)
m2. Amelia Teresa Campbell (b 1753-4, d 28.01.1825, dau of Duncan Campbell of South Hall by Sarah Hall of Whitley)
  (b) Sophia Louisa Amcotts
  m. (1826) Matthew Wilson of Eshton Hall
  (ii) Alexander Emerson of West Retford House, Nottinghamshire (b 1743)
  m. Susanna Lyon (dau of Captain Patrick Lyon of East Thetford & sister of Ann (m. Major John Clutterbuck of Warkworth)) ## see here ##
  (a) Alexander Lyon Emerson of West Retford House & Ulverscroft Abbey, Leicestershire (b 10.05.1770, d 24.07.1834)
  m. Elizabeth Hunsdon of Malon
  ((1)) Alexander Lyon Emerson of Ulverscroft Abbey had issue
  m. (1837) Julia Trenchard (dau of William Trenchard of Taunton)
  ((2)) William Henry Emerson of Cumberworth & Thorpe
  m. (1848) Flora Brenda Haynes (dau/coheir of F.D. Haynes of Lonesome & Ashstead by Mary, dau of Sir Timothy Shelley of Castle Goring, Bart)
  ((3)) Thomsa Wharton Emerson of Cumberworth had issue
  m. Mary Corringham (dau of R. Corringham of Misterton)
  ((4)) Elizabeth Emerson
m. _ Tupman of Reading (Captain RN)
  ((5))+ other issue - Julia, Isabella Susanna, Anne Louisa
  (b) Harriet Lyona Emerson
  m1. Joseph Cavie
  m2. _ Campbell (Colonel)
  (iii) Elizabeth Emerson
  m. Thomas Massingberd (dvp 1777)
  b. Anne Emerson (a 1666)
  m. John Sands of Goxhill
  c. Elizabeth Emerson
  m. (17.12.1647) William Barnard
  m2. Frances Kelke (dau of Robert Kelke of Barnetby by Dorothy)
  d. Dorothy Emerson (bpt 18.09.1638, bur 26.08.1669)
  m. (21.08.1660) Wilfrid Smith of Messingham
  e.+ other issue - Alexander (bpt 30.11.1641), Michael (bpt 20.07.1650, a 1666), Frances (bpt 18.10.1640), Bridget (bpt 09.03.1642-3), Esther (a 1666), Susanna (bpt 10.01.1647-8, a 1666)
  ii. Anne Emerson (a 1633)
  m. Henry ***
  iii.+ other issue - Michael of Glamford-Brigg (dsp c05.1633), Judith (a 1633)
  E. George Emerson (d 1604)
i.+ issue - Margery, Margaret
  F. Anne Emerson
  m. _ Fotherby
3. Edward Emerson of Glamford-Brigg (d before 09.05.1567)
  A. Alexander Emerson
  m. Anne Harrison
  i. Elizabeth Emerson
  m. Alexander Emerson of Caistor (d before 07.08.1667) @@ above
  ii. Anne Emerson
  m. Joseph Larke of Gainsborough
  B. George Emerson
  C. Robert Emerson
  BLG1858 suggests that Edward had a 3rd son, Robert, who was progenitor of the Emersons of Caistor. We follow Maddison who shows that Robert differently (## see above ##).
4. Mary Emerson
  m. _ Braye
5. Elizabeth Emerson
  m. _ Smythe
6. daughter
  m. Robert Goddard

Main source(s): Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, 'Emerson of Searby, Glamford-Brigg, etc.' (p330+) & 'Emerson of Cadney-cum-Howsham and Searby' (p1214+)), BLG1858 ('Emerson of Ulverscroft Abbey')
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