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Families covered: Everard of Cratfield, Everard of Gillingham, Everard of Great Linstead, Everard of Wisbich (Wisbech)

Everard, lord of Mount Barnard
1. Thomas Everard
  A. Richard Everard
  i. Richard Everard alias Mount Bernard of Lev(er)ington, Cambridgeshire
  a. Bartholomew (Barthelmew) Everard this line followed by Visitation (Cambridgeshire)
  m. Agnes Fleet (dau of Sir Lawrence Fleet or Flege)
(1) Lawrance Everard
  m. Margaret Colvyle (dau of Sir John Colvyle)
  (A) William Everard
  m. Margaret Thimbleby (dau of John Thimbleby)
  (i) John Everard of Wisbich, Cambridgeshire
m. Catherine Howard (dau/heir of William Howard (by Beatrice, dau of Thomas Trusbutt) son of Thomas by Catherine Copledyke)
  (a) William Everard of Wisbich
  m. Margaret Cause (dau/heir of Richard Cause of Hingham)
((1)) Bartholomew Everard of Wisbich 'of Ipswich'
  m. Rosse Withe (dau/heir of Thomas Withe)
  ((A)) Richard Everard (dsp)
  m. Lucey Wells (dau of Thomas Wells)
  ((B)) Grace Everard
  m. Richard Buckworth of Wisbich
  ((C)) Anne Everard
  m. George Smarton
  (b) Thomas Everard (priest)
  (B) John Everard of Wisbich (dsp)
  m. Catherine Copledyke (dau/heir of William Copledyke, m2. Thomas Howard)
  (C) Margaret Everard
  m. Adam Marshall
  (D) Mary Everard
  (2)+ other issue - Phillip, John
  b. Sir Martyn Everard (dsp)
  c. Richard Everard of Wisbich, Cambridgeshire this line followed by Visitation (Norfolk)
(1) John Everard of Metfeld, Suffolk
  The following is partly supported by 'The Manors of Suffolk' (WA Copinger, vol 2 (1908), p118).
  (A) Henry Everard of Cratfield, Suffolk
  (i) John Everard of Cratfield
  m. Margaret Bedyngfield (dau of _ Bedyngfield of Dichingham)
  (a) John Everard of Gillingham, Norfolk
m. Elizabeth Appleyard (dau of William Appleyard (Apliard) of Dunston)
  ((1)) John Everard of Gillingham
  m. Dorothy Chancye (dau of John Chancye (Chauncey) of Northamptonshire)
  ((A)) Edward Everard of Gillingham
  m. Ann Heveningham (dau of Sir Anthony Heveningham of Suffolk) ## see here ##
  ((B)) Alice Everard
  m. _ Chining of Framlingham
  ((C)) Thomazine Everard
  m. John Gilpin of London
((D))+ other issue - John, Ichingham, Frances
  (b) Agnes Everard
  m1. _ Lewknor of Suffolk
  m2. Sir Edward Ichingham of Suffolk
  (c) Olyve Everard
  m. John Tasborough of St. Peter's in Suffolk
  (d)+ other issue - William, Margaret
  (B) John Everard of Great Linstead, Suffolk (d 15.10.1476) - continued below
  m. Margaret Dale of Shanfield (Shenfield?)
  ii. Thomas Everard
  a. Edward Everard
  m. Jane Poole (dau of Fowlk Poole)
  (1) Edward Everard
  m. Agnes
  (A) Thomas Everard
  m. Beatrice Hoptoste
  (i) Robert Everard
  m. Agnes Cooke
  (2) William Everard
  (3) Richard Everard
  (A) Hugh Everard
  (i) Robert Everard
  (a) William Everard
  ((1)) William Everard
  b.+ other issue - Thomas, John



John Everard of Great Linstead, Suffolk (d 15.10.1476) - continued above
m. Margaret Dale of Shanfield (Shenfield?)
1. Henry Everard of Great Linstead & Chediston (d by 1498)
  m. Olive Parker (dau of William Parker of Honing or Harrington)
  A. Ralph Everard of Great Linstead & Bavents in Chediston (d 25.05.1546)
  m. Maud (Matilda) Comberford (d by 1558, dau of Thomas Comberford of Comberford)
  i. Henry Everard of Great Linstead (a 1579)
m. (before 1553/4) Katherine Gawdy (a 1581, dau of Serjeant Thomas Gawdy (Gaudie) of Redenhall & Shottesham)
  a. Thomas Gawdy Everard of Great Linstead (d by 1600)
  The following is supported by Visitation (Metcalfe 1882, Suffolk, 1612, Everard of Linsted).
  m. Agnes Mannock (dau of Francis Mannock of Stoke juxta Nayland)
  (1) William Everard of Linsted (2nd son)
  m. Dorothy Waldegrave (dau Charles Waldegrave of Stanninghall)
  (A) Jermoye Everard
m. _ Green (dau of Edward Greene of Samford)
  (B) Agnes Everard
  m. _ Paston
  (C) Dorothy Everard
  (2) Francis Everard of Linsted (a 1664, 6th son)
  The following comes from Visitation (Suffolk, 1664, Everard of Linsted).
  m. Elizabeth Parris (dau of Phillip Parris of Linton)
  (3) Ann Everard
  m. Edward Newport of Burnt Pelham
(4)+ other issue - Henry (dvp), Francis (dvp), Thomas (dvp), Anthony (dvp), Edward, Raufe, Elizabeth (dvp), Elizabeth (dvp), Margery
  b. Katherine Everard probably the Catherine who married ...
  m. Henry Brampton of Blownorton
  c.+ other issue - Bassingbourne, Owen, Thomas (bpt 10.02.1560, d 1633, jesuit), Ralph, Henry, Edward, William, John, Anne, Elizabeth (bpt 15.10.1558), Maud, Lucy, Mary
  ii. Anne Everard
  m. Thomas Grey of Merton (d 1562)
  iii.+ other issue - Thomas of Yelverton in Northamptonshire, John, Olive, Mary
  B. Henry Everard of Denston (d c11.1540)
  m. Margaret Broughton (d 06.08.1524, dau of Sir Robert Broughton of Denston Hall & Stonham Aspal)
  i. Henry Everard
  ii. Elizabeth Everard
  m. William Clopton
  C. Olive Everard
  m. Thomas Gavell of Kirby Cane

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (Cambridgeshire, 1575+1619, Everard), Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, Everard)
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Suffolk, 1561, Everard of Great Linstead) with some input/support from 'The Manors of Suffolk' (WA Copinger, vol 2 (1908), p118)
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