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The comerford (sic) blog-site, which is certainly worth a visit if you are at all interested in this family, reports that there were successive Alans of Comberford but does not presume that they formed a line of descent. We do so but note that this has not been proved.
Alan de Comberford
1. Alan de Comberford of Comberford, Staffordshire (a c1100)
  A. Alan de Comberford (a temp Henry I who r. 1100-1135)
  i. Alan de Comberford of Comberford (d before 1183)
  m. Margery wife of Alan, presumed mother of ...
  a. Alan de Comberford of Comberford (a 1247)
  (1) Alan de Comberford of Comberford (a 1274) the first mentioned by Visitation (Warwickshire)
  (A) Ralph de Comberford (dvp)
  (B) Roger de Comberford of Comberford (a 1256, 1291)
  (i) Richard de Comberford of Comberford (d by 1333)
  m1. (sp) Alice
  m2. Julian
(a) William de Comberford of Comberford (d 1349)
  m. Alice
  ((1)) John de Comberford of Comberford (dsps 1414)
  m. Alice
  ((2)) Richard Comberford
  m. Agnes
  ((A)) John Comberford of Comberford (d by 1439)
  m. Johanna (d by 1439)
  ((i)) William Comberford of Comberford (d 11.06.1472, judge)
  m. (c1424) Anne (a 1476, m2. William Newport)
  ((a)) John Comberford of Comberford (b c1426, d 1508) - continued below
  m. Johanna Parles (d by 1504, dau/heir of John Parles of Watford & Shutlanger)
  ((b)) William Comberford
  ((c)) Margaret Comberford
  m. William Holte of Aston
  ((A)) Henry Comberford (a 1442)
  ((i)) Robert Comberford (d num after 1453)
  (b) Margaret de Comberford
  (C) Alan de Comberford
  (i) Richard de Comberford
  (a) Margery de Comberford ancestress of families of Hopwas & Endsore
  (b)+ 2 daughters
  b. William de Comberford



John Comberford of Comberford (b c1426, d 1508) - continued above
m. Johanna Parles (d by 1504, dau/heir of John Parles of Watford & Shutlanger)
1. Thomas Comberford of Comberford (b c1471, d 1532) the first mentioned by Visitation (Staffordshire)
  m1. (sp) Anne
  m2. Dorothea Fitzherbert (dau of Ralph Fitzherbert of Norbury)
  A. Humphrey Comberford of Comberford (b c1496, d 23.12.1555)
  m. Dorothy Beaumont (dau/coheir of John Beaumont of Wednesbury)
  i. Thomas Comberford of Comberford (b c1530 d 20.12.1597)
  m. Dorothy Wyrley (d 1599-1600, dau of William Wyrley (or Worklay) of Hampstead (nr Birmingham) by Elizabeth Cave of Stamford)
a. William Comberford of Comberford (b 1551, d 1625)
  m1. Mary Skeffington (dau of William Skeffington or Skevington of Fisherwick by Isa/Joanna, dau of James Leveson of Lilleshall)
  (1) Humphrey Comberford (b c1568, dvp bur 06.08.1609)
  m. (30.01.1591) Mary Stanford (dau of Sir Robert Stanford or Staunford of Perry Hall)
  (A) William Comberford of Comberford (b c1592, d unm 1653)
(B) Robert Comberford of Comberford (b c1594, d 1671)
  m. Catherine Bates of Sutton
  (i) Mary Comberford (b c1654, d c1683)
  m. (c1680) Thomas Giffard of High Offley Park (b c1655)
  (ii) Anne Comberford (b c1656)
  m. (14.04.1675) Thomas Brooke of Wolverhampton & Comberford
  (C) John Comberford of Handsworth, later of Wednesbury (b c1597, dsp c1666, 4th son)
  m. Mary Singleton (dau of Edward Singleton of Broughton Tower)
  (D)+ other issue - Thomas (d young), Humphrey (bur 06.04.1610), Anne/Mary, Agatha, Elizabeth, Esther (bpt 09.05.1609)
  (2) Dorothy Comberford
  m. (before 1605) Walter Coleman of Cannock
(A) Dorothy Coleman
  m. Thomas Chetwynd of Rugeley (d 1633)
  (B)+ other issue - John, Walter, daughter
  (3) Johanna or Mary Comberford
  m. Thomas Leveson of WIllenhall (d 1643)
  (4)+ other issue - Thomas, John, William (bpt 10.03.1576/7), Francis (bpt 06.05.1578), Richard (d unm 1618), John, Henry (b c1588), Anne, Alice (bpt 31.10.1575)
  m2. Anna Watson (d 1626, relict of _ Spencer)
(13) William Comberford 'of the Moat House' (d 1656, Colonel)
  m. Anne Langham (dau of the Rev. Richard Langham)
  (A) Anne Comberford (d unm)
  (14) Elizabeth Comberford (bpt 14.07.1611)
  m. (c1635) George Hawe of Cladmore & London (d 09.03.1660)
  (15) Dorothy Comberford (bpt 09.01.1613/4)
  m. (?) _ Gilpin
  (16) Anne Comberford
  m. (1634) Benjamin Rugeley of Tunstall (son of Richard of Shenstone by Mary Rugeley)
  b. Elizabeth Comberford
  m. Sir William Stanford of Perry Hall (judge)
  c.+ other issue - Humphrey (bur 05.08.1609), Edward
ii. Mary (or Dorothy) Comberford (d c1591)
  m1. Thomas Endsore of Comberford (d c1561)
  m2. (before 12.05.1563) Walter Harcourt of Tamworth
  iii. Isabel Comberford (dsp)
  m. Gervase Rolleston
  iv.+ other issue - Humphrey of Watford (dvp unm 1545), Constance (d young)
  B. Richard Comberford (b c1495, a 1547, judge, remembrancer)
  m. Isabel Biggs
  C. John Comberford (d 25.04.1559, 4th son)
  m. Anne or Emma Beawlot
  i. Alice Comberford
  m. Walter (not William) Littleton of Eccleshall & Badnall (brother of Sir Edward of Pillaton)
  ii. Katherine Comberford fo Stone
  m. John Badduley or Bodilighe or Badeleighe of Elerton Grange (d c1605)
iii.+ other issue - Humphrey (a 1559), George, Thomas, Anthony, Henry, Elizabeth (bur 12.08.1566), daughter
  D. Margaret Comberford
  m. William Stanley of Elford
  E. Mary Comberford
  m. John Revelle of Comberford
  F. Matilda (Maud) Comberford
  m. John Everard of Thurston Hall & Shenton
  G. Katherine Comberford
  m. Richard Purley of Caldecote
  H. Elizabeth Comberford
  m. William Stanford of Packington
  I.+ other issue - Henry (b c1499, d 04.03.1586, prebendary of Bishop’s Itchington), Maud
2. Agnes Comberford
  m. Thomas Willoughby of Wardington

Main source(s): http://comerfordfamily.blogspot.com with some support from Visitation (Warwickshire, 1619, Comberford), Visitation (Staffordshire, 1614+1663-4 & 1664-1700, Comberford of Comberford)
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