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Families covered: Farington of Chichester, Ffarington (Farington) of Farington
[We hope to find in due course a reliable source to help us complete our work on the early generations of this family.]

Farington is a village in Lancashire, sometimes confused with Faringdon in Oxfordshire, Farrington in Dorset, and Farringdon in London, Hampshire, Devon (see Farringdon1) & Sunderland. We name this page with the old-fashioned double-f as that is the spelling that (at least in the past) appears to have been most used by this family but cross-references from elsewhere in the database may not be consistent with this. Variations of the name include (amongst others) Faryngton & Farrington.
Hugo de Meolis or Meles
1. William de Meols or Meles
  Commoners identifies the following John as son of Richard de ffarington of Hogwic and grandson of W. de Meles. BLG1886 identifies him as son of William and grandson of Hugo de Meolis or Meles. VCH identifies him as son of William de Meols.
  A. John de Farington (d 1313?)
  m. (1230) Avicia/Avis Bussel (a 1279, dau of Robert Bussel son of Warin son of Warin Bussel of Penwortham)
  BLG1886 differs from Commoners over the next few generations. VCH supports BLG1886 by reporting that "John was succeeded by his son William de Farington and his grandson William" but then jumps to the William who d 1456. We want to not lose sight of the data in Commoners so presume to show (in italics) John, shown by Commoners as son of John & Avicia/Avis, as a younger brother of the following William. HOWEVER, it would not surprise us should both lines be somewhat out. For example, BLG1886 shows the above John as d 1313 which seems quite late. Perhaps that was his son John, as suggested by Commoners. Perhaps some of the differences in the wives over the succeeding William-William-John were confusion between first/second marriages. NEVERTHELESS we do not feel justified to presume much on this and so follow BLG1886, particulary as it looks as though the compiler of BLG1886 had done further research into the family after Commoners.
  i. Sir William de Farington of Farington (d before 1330)
  m. Agnes
  a. William de Farington of Farington (d before 1371)
  m. Joan (m2. Sir Thomas Radcliffe)
  (1) Sir John de Ffarington of Farington
  m. Johanna Bannister
(A) William de Ffarington (a 1427)
  m. Elizabeth de Lasci (dau of John de Lasci of Gateford)
  (i) William Ffarington (d 14.01.1456)
m. Margaret Halsall (a 1458)
  (a) Sir William Ffarington (b c1441, d 1501) see alternative ancestry ## below
  m. (before 1456) Alice Ashton (dau of Sir William Ashton of Croston)
  ((1)) William Ffarington (dvpsp 1477-8)
  m. (mcrt 1469-70) Margaret Hesketh (dau of Robert Hesketh of Rufford, sister of Sir Robert)
  ((2)) Sir Henry Ffarington (b c1471, d 08.12.1551)
  m1. Ann Radcliffe (dau of Sir Alexander (sb William?) Radcliffe of Ordsall)
  m2. (1536) Dorothy Okeover (dau of Humphrey Okeover of Okeover)
  ((3)) Laurence Ffarington (priest) not mentioned by BLG1886
  ((4)) Katherine Ffarington
  m. John Bendish
  ((5)) Ann Ffarington named Alice by Commoners
  m1. James Anderton of Worden
  m2. John Scillicorne of Scillicorne not mentioned by Commoners
  ((6)) Isabella Ffarington
  m. Thomas Singleton of Brockholes
  ((7)) Jennet (Janet) Ffarington
  m. William Heaton of Kirkley
  ((8)) Alice Ffarington not mentioned by Commoners (other than as above)
  m. William Crooke of Whittle
  ((9)) Mary Ffarington not mentioned by Commoners
  ((10)) Margaret Ffarington not mentioned by Commoners
  m. William Bannister
  (b)+ other issue - Richard, Alison, Elyn, Ann
  (ii) Nicholas Ffarington
  (B) Thomas Ffarington of Preston (a 1401) had issue
  m. Joan de Houghwick (dau of Henry de Houghwick)
  (C) Joan Ffarington
  m. Gilbert Sutton of Penwortham
  b.+ 5 sons
  ii. John de ffarynton
  m. Maude Banister
  a. William de ffarynton
  m. Alice Farendon
  (1) Sir William de ffaryngton
  m. Alice Trafford
  (A) Sir John de ffaryngton
  m. Margaret Butler
  (i) William Ffaryngton
  m. Jane Redmayne
  (ii) John Ffaryngton
m. Margaret Anderton
  (a) Sir John Ffaryngton
  m. Clarissa Knighley of Tuskip
  ((1)) William de Ffaryngton (a 1349)
  There are too many intermediary generations between William and John & Avis Bussel!
  m. Jennet Dalton
  ((A)) Sir William Ffarington - continued below
  m. Dorothy Standish (dau of _ Standish of Duxbury)
  ((B)) Thomas Ffarington
  m. _ Southworth (dau/heir of John Southworth of Llitle ffarington)
  ((C)) Nicholas Ffarington
  ((2))+ other issue - Robert of Southbrooke (had issue), Roger (priest)
  (iii) Thomas Ffaryngton (monk?)
  (iv) Nicholas Ffaryngton
  m. Jane Longworthy
  (a) Thomas Ffarington
  m. Anne Worsley
  ((1)) Perceval Ffarington of Northbroke
  ((A)) ?? Ffarington
  ((i)) Margaret Ffarington
  m. Nicholas Garstang
  ((2)) Sir Roger Ffarinton of Lancashire (a 1360!!)
  There are too many intermediary generations between Roger and John & Avis Bussel!
  (B) Margaret de ffarington
  m. Thomas Latham of Parbold



Sir William Ffarington - continued above
Somewhat arbitrarily, we stop showing this line in italics even though there is clearly some confusion as to the ancestry of the undermentioned Sir William (a 1500).
m. Dorothy Standish (dau of _ Standish of Duxbury)
1. John Ffarington (2nd son)
  m. Alice Houghton
A. Sir William Ffarington
  m. Cecilie Tunstall
  i. Sir William Ffarington
  m. Ciceille Leyland
  a. Sir William Ffarington (a 1500) see alternative ancestry ## above
  m. Alice Ashton (dau of Sir Richard Ashton of Croston)
  ii. Henry Ffarington
  m. Cecilie Linguard (dau/heir of Edmund Linguard of Linguard)
  a. ?? Ffarington
  Uncertain of number of intermediary generations.
  (1) ?? Farington
  The following comes from BEB1841 (Farington of Chichester) which starts with the following Thomas, identifying him as "descended from a younger brother of Farington of Farington, in Lancashire".
  (A) Thomas Farington, Mayor of Chichester (d 1572)
  m. Joan
  (i) John Farington of Chichester (alderman)
  m1. Anne Diggons (d 1583, dau of John Diggons)
(a) Thomas Farington of Chichester (b c1572, d 1653, alderman)
  m. Dorothy Payne of Chichester
  ((1)) Sir John Farington (b c1609, d 1685, of Gray's Inn)
  m. Ann May (d 1686, dau of John May of Rawmere, brother of Sir Humphrey)
  ((A)) Sir Richard Farington of Chichester, Bart
  m. Elizabeth Peachey (dau/heir of John Peachey of Ertham)
  ((i)) John Farington (dvpsp)
  m. Elizabeth Miller (dau of Sir Thomas Miller, Bart)
  ((ii))+ other issue (dvp) - Thomas, Richard (d infant)
  ((B)) Frances Farington (dsp)
  m1. Sir Charles Goring
  m2. Henry Edmunds of Yapton
  ((C)) Ann Farington
  m. William Vinall of Deptford
  ((D)) Grisel Farington
  m. Barnham Dobell of Chichester
  ((E))+ other issue - Thomas (d unm 1697), John, Dorothy, Awdrey
  ((2)) Ann Farington
m. Daniel Broad of Newport
  ((3)) Eliza Farington
  m. George Taylor of Chichester
  (b) John Farington of Chichester
  (c) Elizabeth Farington
  m. (1614) William Crewe
  m2. Jane (d 1621)
(d) Joan Farington
  m. John Comber of Shermanbury
  iii. Anne Ffarington
  m. Sir John Bulkeley of Beaumaris
2. Peter Ffarington (4th son)
  m. Elizabeth Shakerley of Shakerley
  A. Thomas Ffarington
  m. Ann Bannister of Bank
  i. Isabella Ffarington
  m. Richard Banister of Banister Hall
  ii. Alice Ffarington
  m1. _ Skelton
  m2. _ Norreys of Blackrode
  iii. Cecilia Ffarington
  m. Thomas Charnock of Charnock
  iv. Elizabeth Ffarington
  m. John Cuerden of Cuerden
  v. Ann Ffarington
  m. John ffarington
3.+ other issue - William (dsp), Robert (priest)

Main source(s): Commoners (vol 3, Ffarington of Shawe Hall) with support/contradiction for the upper section from BLG1886 (Ffarington of Worden), and a little from VCH (Lancashire, vol 6, Townships: Farington), and some input for the lower section as reported above
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