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Families covered: Forbes of Pitsligo, Forbes of Rires

Sir Alexander Forbes, 3rd of Pitsligo
m. (1466/1486) Christian (or Mariota) Ogilvy (dau of Sir John Ogilvy of Lintrathen)
TSP (Forbes of Pitsligo) identifies their eldest son as Alexander who married Isobel (or Elizabeth) Wemyss of an unknown branch of Wemyss.
1. Sir John Forbes, 4th of Pitsligo (d c1496)
  m. Margaret Wemyss (dau of Sir Patrick Wemyss of Rires)
  A. John Forbes, 5th of Pitsligo (b c 1487, d 16.05.1556)
  BE1883 only shows Jean Keith as his wife plus four sons. It is assumed that all children were by Jean but this has not been confirmed.
  m1. Jean Keith (dau of Sir William Keith of Innerugy)
i. Alexander Forbes, 6th of Pitsligo (d 1562)
  m. Beatrix Abernethy (dau of Alexander Abernethy, 4th Lord of Saltoun)
  a. Sir William Forbes, 7th of Pitsligo (d before 1566)
  m. (1548) Catharine Gordon (dau of Alexander Gordon of Strathdoun)
  (1) Margaret Forbes
  m. (before 29.04.1574) James Forbes of Lethinty (b 16.07.1551)
  (2) Jonet Forbes
m. (before 1580) William Duguid of Auchinhove
  b. Alexander Forbes, 8th of Pitsligo (d before 10.10.1587)
  m1. (after 1547) Alison Anderson
  (1) Violet Forbes
  m. (mcrt 20.04.1571) Gilbert Menzies of Pitfoddels
  m2. Barbara Keith (dau of William, Lord Keith)
  (2) John Forbes, 9th of Pitsligo (d 09.1625)
  m. Christian Ogilvy (dau of Walter Ogilvy, 1st Lord of Deskford)
  (A) Alexander Forbes, 1st Lord of Pitsligo (d 26.10.1635/6)
  m. Jean Keith (dau of William Keith, 6th Earl Marischal)
  (i) Alexander Forbes, 2nd Lord of Pitsligo (d after 07.06.1690)
  m. Mary Erskine (dau of James Erskine, Earl of Buchan)
(a) Alexander Forbes, 3rd Lord of Pitsligo (d 12.1690)
  m. (1676) Sophia Erskine (d 06.1734, dau of John Erskine, 4th or 25th Earl of Mar)
  ((1)) Alexander Forbes, 4th Lord of Pitsligo (b c1678, d 21.12.1762)
  Alexander was attainted for his support of the 1745 rebellion.
  m1. (mcrt 05.05.1703) Rebecca Norton (d 06.1731, dau of John Norton of London)
  ((A)) John Forbes, Master of Pitsligo (b 1712-3, dsp 30.08.1781)
  m. (02.08.1750) Rebecca Ogilvy (d 29.01.1804, dau of James Ogilvy of Auchiries)
m2. (mcrt 26.09.1731) Elizabeth Allan (dsp 1759)
  ((2)) Mary Forbes
  m1. (mcrt 04.02.1706) John Forbes, younger of Monymusk (dvp 13.01.1715)
  m2. (1715) James Forbes, 16th Lord (b 1689, d 20.02.1761)
  (ii) Mary Forbes
  m. Sir John Gordon, 2nd Bart of Haddo (d 03.1667)
  (B) Anne Forbes
  m. Alexander Forbes, 11th Lord (d 20.04.1672)
  (C) Violet Forbes
  (D) Jean Forbes
  m. (before 1626) Walter Forbes of Tolquhoun (d 1661)
  (E) Mary Forbes
  m. Walter Ogilvy, 6th of Boyne (d 1636)
(F) Christian Forbes
  m. (mcrt 04.11.1628) Thomas Fraser, 3rd of Strichen (d 1656)
  (3) Marjory Forbes
  m. John Forbes of Brux
  m3. (1584) Margaret Mackintosh (dau of William Mackintosh of that ilk)
c. John Forbes of Boyndlie (d Pinkie 1547)
  m. Agnes Gray (dau of ?? Gray of Schivas)
  d. Arthur Forbes 'of Meikle Wardis'
  m. Margaret Leslie (dau of Alexander Leslie, 4th of Pitcaple)
  (1) Margery Forbes
  m. John Leith of New Leslie
  e. George Forbes of Auchannasse (d before 1574)
  m. (mcrt 08.07.1570) Marion Ogilvy (dau of James Ogilvy of Kempcarne)
  f. Hector Forbes
  g. Janet Forbes
  m. John Forbes of Brux
  h. Anne (or Mariota) Forbes --
  m. (before 29.06.1561) Alexander Gordon, 4th of Lesmoir (b c1540, d c1609) --
  i. Margaret or Mary Forbes
  m. John Cheyne, 10th of Straloch (d before 1590)
  ii. Christian Forbes
  m. George Straton of Lauriston
  iii. Marjory Forbes
  m1. Henry Bannerman of Waterton
  m2. Alexander Menzies
  iv. daughter
  m. Alexander Keith of Pittendrum
  v.+ other issue - Arthur (d Pinkie 1547), John, William
  m2. Isabel or Elizabeth Innes (dau of James Innes of that ilk)
B. daughter
  m. Calder of Asloun
  C. daughter
  m. William Woodman of Fenzies
  D. daughter
  m. William White in Aberdeen
  E. daughter
  m. William Lawson in Dysart
2. William Forbes of Dauch and Newe
  m. Elizabeth Forbes (dau of John Forbes of Brux)
3. Margaret Forbes
  m. John Gordon, 2nd of Auchleuchries (d c1496)



Sir Arthur Forbes, 1st of Rires (a 1494)
m. (1477) Elizabeth Wemyss (dau of Michael Wemyss, younger of Rires)
1. Sir William Forbes, 2nd of Rires
  m1. (Alison?) Sandilands (dau of Sir James Sandilands of Calder)
A. Sir George Forbes, 3rd of Rires
  m. Margaret Lundie (dau of Lundie of that ilk)
  i. Arthur Forbes, 4th of Rires (d by 1586)
  m. Margaret Beaton (b 1526, dau of Sir John Beaton (Bethune), 2nd of Creich)
  a. John Forbes of Rires shown by MacFarlane as 5th Laird, by Wood as dvp
  m. (01.1556-7, div 15.01.1564-5) Barbara Sandilands (dau of James Sandilands of Cruvie)
  (1) Christina Forbes
  m. (1580) Robert Hunter of Newton Rires
  (2) Janet Forbes
  m. Andrew Traill in Balcarres
(3) Dorothy Forbes
  m. Patrick Hunter of Newton Rires
  b. Arthur Forbes of Rires (d 1610)
  m. Elizabeth Morton or Myrton (d before 1621)
  (1) Robert Forbes of Rires (d 1658, 2nd son)
  MacFarlane identifies Robert's wife as Christen, dau of Sir John Moncreif of that ilk. Wood identifies her as ...
  m. (1606) Christian Moncrieff (d 1651, dau of Sir William Moncrieff)
Wood confuses the attribution of children between Robert and his son James by omitting a closing bracket when showing the children of James within the paragraph on Robert. MacFarlane helps clarify the position.
  (A) William Forbes (dvp Tippermuir 1644)
  m. Catherine Buchanan (dau of Sir John Buchanan of Scotscraig)
  (i) Arthur Forbes of Rires (d before 1686)
  m. (1656) Janet Kinimont (dau of Patrick Kininmont of that ilk)
  (a) Robert Forbes of Rires (b 1665, 3rd son)
((1)) Anna Forbes possibly the Anna shown as Robert's sister
  m. David Crighton of Lugton (Captain)
  ((A))+ issue - George (b 1700), David (b 1704), Robert (b 1728)
  (b)+ other issue - Arthur (dsp), William (dsp), James, Margaret, Elizabeth, Anna, Janet
  (ii) Arthur Forbes
  (iii) Mararet Forbes (b 1631)
m. (1657) Thomas Gourlay, younger of Kincraig
  (B) James Forbes 'of Kilmany'
  m(2). Catherine Beaton (dau of David Beaton of (Nether Rires &) Craig (Creich))
  (i) Elizabeth Forbes (d 1683) --
  m. Alexander Lindsay --
  (ii) Eupham Forbes
  m. laird of Tililno or Tilibro
  (iii) Helen Forbes (d 20.07.1665)
  m. (25.04.1647) John Makgill of Kemback (minister of Cupar)
  (iv) Catherine Forbes
m. William Spycer at Brigend of Tay
  (v)+ other isuse - Arthur, Robert
  (C) Elizabeth (Elspath) Forbes
  m. Alexander, Master of Forbes
  (D) Anna Forbes
  m. laird of Caskieben (Johnstone?)
  (E) Christian Forbes
  m. Patrick Maule (nephew of laird of Panmure)
(F) Lilias Forbes --
  m. (1643) John Carstairs of Cassingray --
  (G)+ other issue - Robert, John, David (dsp), Aelxander (dsp)
  (2) William Forbes (a 1598, dvp)
  (3) James Forbes of Kilmany (dsp) who married ...
  m. Catherine Beaton (dau of James Beaton of Creich)
  (4) Eupham Forbes --
  m. David Beaton of Creich & Nether Rires --
  (5) daughter
  m. _ Traill of Blebo
  (6) daughter
  m1. laird of Torwoodlee (Pringle?)
  m2. laird of Boynlie
(7) daughter
  m. laird of Brux (Forbes?)
  ii. James Forbes (dsp)
  iii. William Forbes
  m. (before 1558) Elizabeth Auchmutie (widow of Simon Nairne of Newton Rires)
  iv. Janet Forbes possibly of this generation --
  m. George Clephane of Carslogie (d 1583) --
  m2. (1510) Elizabeth Lundun
  B. David Forbes
  m. Alison Sandilands (widow of the laird of Balmounth)
  C. George Forbes

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(2) For lower section (reviewed & expanded 29.07.17) : 'MacFarlane's Genealogical Collections' vol II, 1900 edition, p219+), 'East Neuk of Fife' (Walter Wood, 1887, p115+)
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