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Families covered: Forbes of Brux, Forbes of Echt

Alaster 'Cam' Forbes, 1st of Brux (d c1466)
m. (c1409) Katherine Cameron (dau of Sir Ewen Cameron of Brux)
1. John Forbes, 2nd of Brux
  A. Elizabeth Forbes possibly of this generation
  m. William Forbes of Dauch and Newe
2. Duncan Forbes of Drummalachie
  A. John Forbes, 3rd of Brux
i. Bessie Forbes
  m. Robert Forbes of Echt @@ below
  B. William Forbes of Towie possibly of this generation
  m. Katherine Seaton (dau of ?? Seaton by Elizabeth, dau of Alexander Irvine of Lonmay)
  i. daughter
  m. Thomas Strachan of Ledynturk (b 1465, d 1546)
  C. Agnes Forbes possibly of this generation
  m. Robert Duguid of Auchinhove
p. "a gentlewoman called Stuart"
3. John Forbes
  m. Katherine Coutts
  A.+ issue - Duncan, John
4. Thomas Forbes
  m. Marjorie Stewart, heiress of Echt ("brother's daughter of the Earl of Mar")
  A. Alexander Forbes of Echt
  m. ?? Skene (sister of Gilbert Skene of that ilk)
  i. John Forbes of Echt
  m. Margaret Stewart (of Lathes)
a. Alexander Forbes (dvp)
  m. _ Gordon (dau of John Gordon of Innermarkie)
  (1) Robert Forbes of Echt
  m. Bessie Forbes (dau of John Forbes, 3rd of Brux) @@ above
  (A) Robert Forbes of Echt
  m. Janet Fraser of Durris
  (i) John Forbes of Echt (d 1601)
  m. Helen Strauchin of Thornton
  (a) John Forbes of Echt
  m. Beatrix Gordon (dau of Alexander Gordon of Abergeldie)
  (ii) Barbara Forbes
  m. James Gordon (of W'ranghame ?)
  (B) Arthur Forbes 'of Echt'
  m1. Bessie Lyon
The Main Source for this family identifies Bessie as "relict of the Master of Forbes". This suggests that she was Elizabeth Lyon dau of John Lyon, 6th Lord of Glamis) but TSP (Strathmore and Kinghorn) reports 3 other marriages for her which suggests that she may have been misidentified.
  (i) Robert Forbes of Finnersie, later of Echt (d 1631)
  m. ?? Burnet (dau of Burnet of Leys)
  (a) Arthur Forbes of Echt (d 1680)
  m1. (1635) Anna Forbes (b 01.03.1610, dau of Arthur Forbes, 10th Lord)
  m2. Barbara Forbes (dau of Forbes of Asloune)
((1)) Thomas Forbes (dvp unm 05.06.1678)
  (b) Thomas Forbes of Knockwane, later of Echt (d 1696)
  m. _ Forbes (d 1698, dau of Patrick Forbes of Westerecht)
  ((1)) Arthur Forbes of Echt (d 1728)
  m1. Elizabeth (Janet) Innes (d 1695, dau of Sir Robert Innes, 2nd Bart)
  ((A)) Jean Forbes (d 21.01.1761)
  m. (mcrt 28.04.1704) John Ross, 1st of Arnage (b 04.1665, d 09.1714)
  ((B)) Thomas Forbes of Echt (d 1738 (or 10.05.1761), sold Echt)
  m1. (24.07.1707) Mary Maitland of Pittrichie or Pittritchie (d 14.02.1716)
  The following is supported by 'The Thanage of Fermartyn' (Rev. William Temple, 1894, 'Pitrichie', p453+).
  ((i)) Arthur Forbes, later Maitland of Pittrichie (b 06.05.1708, d 1786, Major)
  m. Judith Mieumecks (dau of Richard (Mieumecks (Minoch) of Utrecht)
  ((a)) Thomas Forbes or Maitland (dvp)
  (((1))) Richard Arthur (or Arthur Richard) Maitland, last of Pittrichie (d 1833)
  (((2))) Catharine Forbes or Maitland
  m1. _ Taylor (Major)
(((A))) Catharine Taylor
  m. Robert Sherson of Fetcham
  m2. (sp) Benjamin Rosebuck
  ((b))+ 2 other children
  m2. (1719) Margaret Forbes (d 1752, dau of Sir John Forbes, 2nd Bart of Craigievar)
  m2. (1696) Katharine Melville ('Lady Gray')
  (c) daughter
  m. John Gordon, 1st of Fechil (b 1611, d 1698)
m2. Margaret Burnet (dau of Alexander Burnet of Leys)
  (C) Barbara Forbes
  m. Gilbert Skene
  (D) daughter
  m. William Cheyne, 8th of Arnage
  (E)+ other issue
  b.+ 7 sons
  ii. Elizabeth Forbes
  m. Alexander Burnet of Leys
  iii. Margaret Forbes possibly of this generation
  m. John Leslie of Wardis (b 1460, d 1546)

Main source(s): 'Echt-Forbes' family charters 1345-1727, Records of the Forest of Birse, Notarial Signs 926-1786' by the Right Rev. G.F. Browne, printed by W. & F. Chambers Limited in 1923
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