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Families covered: Glanville of Holwell, Glanville of Tavistock, Glanville of Wooton Glanville

Sir Gerard de Glanville
m1. Emma de Cukeney (dau of Thomas de Cukeney)
1. Henry de Glanville of Wooton Glanville, Dorset (a 1216)
  m. Phillipa (Julian?) de Gant (dau of Robert de Gant)
  A. Geoffrey de Glanville of Wooton Glanville (a 1260)
  m. Alianor
  i. John de Glanville of Wooton Glanville (a 1275, 1297)
  m. Katherine de Glanville (dau of Gilbert de Glanville of Suffolk)
  a. Sir Henry de Glanville of Wooton Glanville (a 1316)
  m. Isabel (a 1326)
  (1) William de Glanville of Wooton Glanville (a 1330)
  m. Sibyll (a 1345)
  (A) John de Glanville of Wooton Glanville (a 1396)
  (i) Joan Glanville (a 1437)
  m. Robert More (Attamore) of Marnhull, Essex
  (a) Edith More (Attamore) (heir)
  m. (1422) John Newburgh of East Lullworth
  (2) Robert de Glanville (d 1382, prior of Cowic Abbey)
  (3) John de Glanville of Holwell, near Tavistock, Devon (a 1365)
  m. Alice le Wrey (dau of Thomas le Wrey of Wrey (Devon) son of Stephen son of Richard son of Eliason son of Elias son of William son of Robert)
  (A) John Glanville of Holwell (a 1420)
  m. Margaret Southcote (dau of John Southcote or Southcotte of Tavistock)
  (i) John Glanville of Holwell in Whitchurch, Devon (a 1481)
  m. Emma Courtney of Newetown (Newton)
  (a) Nicholas Glanville of Holwell (a 1520)
  m. Katherine Preston (dau of Thomas Preston)
  ((1)) Thomas Glanville of Holwell (bur 17.01.1599-1600) line only partly followed by Vivian
  m. (05.05.1568) Dorothy Willye
  ((A)) Thomas Glanville of Holwell (b 21.02.1586-7, bur 20.01.1650-1)
  m. (24.07.1604) Ursula Holls or Holle (bur 19.04.1644)
  ((i)) Francis Glanville (b 16.01.1615)
  m. Susanna
  ((a))+ "several sons and daughters"
  ((ii)) Nicholas Glanville (b 15.04.1611)
  m. (26.01.1635) Jane Bickford
  ((a))+ 2 sons and 2 daughters
  ((iii)) Thomas Glanville
m. (27.11.1628) Grace Brownson
  ((a))+ issue - John, Dorothy
  ((iv)) Dorothy Glanville
  m. (27.11.1628) John Brownson
  ((B)) Joan Glanville (b 02.02.1578)
m. (26.01.1596-7) John Drake
  ((C)) Agnes Glanville (b 28.05.1584)
  m. (09.06.1607) Christopher Palmer
  ((D)) Grace Glanville (b 02.01.1600)
  m. (08.08.1610!) Hugh Hohame
  ((E))+ other issue - Elizabeth (b 10.08.1572, bur 15.07.1630), Dennis (b 30.01.1574), Margory (b 04.09.1575), Pastis (b 05.06.1580), Dorothy (b 15.04.1582), Alice (b 28.07.1587)
  ((2)) Robert Glanville
  ((3)) John Glanville of Tavistock (bur 1579) - continued below
  m. Thomasine Browne
(b) Robert Glanville (a 1557, vicar of Holberton)
  (ii)+ other issue - Nicholas, Robert
  (B) Agnes Glanville
  m1. John Sackville (d 1370, son of Sir Andrew)
  m2. John Cobat
  m3. John Nevill (d 1406)
  (C)+ other issue - Robert, George
  ii. Johanna de Glanville (nun)
  B. Margaret de Glanville
  m. William Rede of Suffolk
2. Bertha de Glanville HJY
  m. William de Stuteville HJY
m2. Matilda FitzSwain (dau/heir of Adam FitzSwain, relict of Adam de Montbegon of Hornby Castle & John Malherbe)
3.+ issue? suggested by Vivian



John Glanville of Tavistock, Devon (d before 01.02.1580) - continued above
Whereas 'the Records Source' identifies John's wife Thomasine as 'probably dau of Thomas Browne of Tavistock', Vivian identifies her as ...
m. Thomasine Browne (dau of John Browne, m2. John George (on 03.05.1585))
1. Nicholas Glanville of Tavistock (d before 31.10.1598) Vivian does not follow this line but identifies Nicholas as ancestor of Glanville of Bath
  m. Elizabeth Ridley (dau of William Ridley (alias Poynter) of Tavistock)
  A. John Glanville (a 1630, rector of Withell, younger son)
  m. (1614) Anne Ritston (dau of Rev. Jacob Ritston or Rilston of Breague, Cornwall)
  i.+ issue - Nicholas (bpt 02.04.1622), William (a 1640, MP), Ann (a 1620), Dewnes (b 1620?)
  B. Tobias Glanville (bur 18.09.1613)
  m. Frances Wadham (dau of George Wadham)
  i. Joseph Glanville (d 04.11.1680, rector, chaplain to Charles II, youngest son)
  m. Anne (d 1689)
  a. Maurice Glanville (rector of Wimbush then Walton, d by 1692, 2nd son)
  m1. (18.04.1682) Elizabeth Carter (dau of Rev. Thomas Carter of Debden)
  (1) Elizabeth Glanville (b 05.09.1684)
  m. (03.03.1712) Thomas Barnard (d 1715, rector of Bardfield Parva & Wimbish)
  (2)+ other issue - Maurice (b 14.12.1686, d 22.07.1696), Joseph (d 1696), Anne (b 08.03.169*. d 1696)
m2. Margaret Sylwin of Gloucestershire
  (5)+ other issue - Henry, Sophia, Mary
  b.+ other issue - Joseph, Elizabeth Barnard (d 1687)
  ii.+ issue - John in Plymouth (b 1625), Dennys (b 1626), Benjamin in London, Nicholas (b 1631), Elizabeth (b 1628), Joan (b 1632)
  C. Joanne Glanville
  m. _ Gove
i.+ issue - Leonard, Nicholas, Thomas, Richard (Rev.), Jane, Mary
  D. Dewnes Glanville see possible duplication here, it appears to have been this Dewnes who married ...
  m1. Andrew Vosper
  m2. (31.03.1624) Sir William Strode of Newnham (b 01.02.1561, d 27.06.1637)
  E.+ other issue - Ralph (dsp), Kedley (dsp), Nicholas (dsp), Tobias (dsp), Richard (dsp, eldest son?), Elizabeth (b 1598), Agneta, Eulalia
2. Sir John Glanville of Tavistock & Kilworthy (b 1542, d 27.07.1600, Serjeant-at-law (judge), MP, 3rd son)
  m. Alicia Skerrett (d 02.04.1623, dau of John Skerrett or Skerritt or Skirritt of Tavistock, m2. Sir Francis Godolphin of Godolphin)
3. Thomas Glanville of Tavistock
  m. Joan Cornish (dau of John Cornish of Tavistock)
4. Raymond Glanvill (dsp)
5. Johanna Glanvill
  m. George Glubb (d by 1591)
6. Agnes Glanvill (bur 28.10.1601)
  m1. _ Browne
  m2. (29.10.1599) Moses Langesford or Langford of Brattan Clevelly
7. Mary Glanvill
  m1. _ Bownd
  m2. _ Littleton
  m3. _ Knight
8. Dionysia or Dionis or Dennis Glanvill
  m1. (26.10.1578) William Grilles of Launceston
  m2. Charles Glubb
9. Mary Glanvill (2nd) named Margaret by Vivian (Devon), Maria by Vivian (Cornwall)
  m. John Skerrett or Skirritt of Whitchurch
10. Alice Glanvill
  m1. _ Hamlin
  m2. _ Grylls or Grills

Main source(s): 'Records of the Anglo-Norman House of Glanville' (see Glanville01), Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Glanville of Tavistock', p410+) with a little support for lower section from Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, 'Glanvile', p177)
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