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Families covered: Greystoke (Greystock) of Greystoke (Greystock)

Lyulphe or Lyolf, 1st of Greystoke
1. Phorne de Greystoke of Greystoke (a temp Henry I 1110-1135)
  A. Ivo de Greystoke
  i. Walter de Greystoke
  a. Ranulph de Greystoke (d c1211)
  (1) William de Greystoke
  (A) Thomas de Greystoke of Greystoke (a 1245)
  m. Christian de Viteripont (dau of Roger de Viteripont of Appleby Castle)
(i) Robert de Greystoke of Greystoke (d c1254)
  (ii) William de Greystoke of Greystoke (d 17.04.1289)
  m. Mary de Merlay (dau of Roger de Merlay of Morpeth)
  (a) John de Greystoke, Lord of Greystoke and Morpeth (b 29.09.1263, dsp 02.09.1305)
  m. Isabel
  (b) William de Greystoke (dspm)
  (c) Margaret de Greystoke
  m. Sir Robert de la Val (dsp 1272-3)
  (iii) Joan de Greystoke
  m. Ralph @@ below
  (2) Alice presumed to be of this family --
  m. Henry FitzHervey of Ravensworth (d 1201/16.05.1212) --
  ii. Alice de Greystoke
  m. Edgar 'Unnithing'



m. Joan de Greystoke (dau of Thomas de Greystoke of Greystoke) @@ above
1. William FitzRalph of Grimthorpe
  A. Ralph FitzWilliam of Grimthorpe and Greystoke, Governor of Carlisle, Lord FitzWilliam (d 1316)
  m1. ??
  TCP (FitzWilliam), which refers to the fact that his children did not inherit from the Bolebec family, reports that "Genealogists have agreed in asuming that Ralph had only one wife, Margery de Bolebec, and that she was mother of his children, but this is an error."
  i. William FitzRalph (dvpsp before 06.07.1297)
  m. (before 15.05.1290) Katherine
ii. Robert or Ralph FitzRalph, 2nd Lord FitzWilliam (d by 04.1317)
  BE1883, which names this Lord as Ralph whereas TCP (FitzWilliam) names him Robert, suggests that he was never called to Parliament. This may be why TCP identifies his son's summoning to Parliament as a new creation although, seemingly inconsistently, TCP (FitzWilliam) does indicate that Robert was 2nd Lord FitzWilliam. TCP (FitzWilliam) names his wife just Elizabeth but BE1883 identifies her as ...
  m. Elizabeth Nevill (d 17.11.1346, dau of ?? Nevill of Stainton (Lincolnshire))
  a. Ralph de Greystock, 1st / 3rd Lord of Greystoke (b 15.08.1299, d 14.07.1323)
  TCP identifies this Ralph as the 1st Baron Greystoke whereas BE1883 numbers him as the 3rd. We adopt a '1st / 3rd' numbering policy for him and his successors as they are sometimes referred to using the numbering of BE1883 rather than that used by TCP.
  m. (after 25.11.1317) Alice Audley (d 13.01.1374/5, dau of Hugh Audley of Stratton Audley)
  (1) William de Greystock, 2nd / 4th Lord of Greystoke (b 06.01.1320/1, d 10.07.1359)
m1. (div) Lucy de Lucie (dau of Sir Anthony de Lucy of Cockermouth, Lord Lucie)
  m2. (c10.1351) Joane FitzHugh (d 01.09.1403, dau of Sir Henry FitzHenry/FitzHugh of Ravensworth, Lord FitzHugh)
  (A) Ralph de Greystock, 3rd / 5th Lord of Greystoke (b 18.10.1353, d 06.04.1417/8)
  The following is supported by CTG (vol 2, 1835, 'Pedigree of Greystock', p160+) which starts with this Ralph but names his wife Isabella whereas TCP names her ...
  m. Katherine Clifford (d 23.04.1413, dau of Roger de Clifford, 5th (?) Lord)
  (i) Sir John de Greystock, 4th / 6th Lord of Greystoke (b 1389, d 08.08.1436, 3rd son?)
  m. (mcrt 28.10.1407) Elizabeth Ferrers (b 1392, d 1434, dau of Robert Ferrers of Wemme)
(a) Sir Ralph de Greystock, 5th / 7th Lord of Greystoke (b by 1414, d 01.06.1487)
  m1. Elizabeth FitzHugh (dau of Sir William FitzHugh, 5th Lord)
  ((1)) Sir Robert de Greystock (dvp 17.06.1483)
  m1. Margaret Grey (dsp, dau of Edward Grey, 1st Lord Ferrers of Groby)
  m2. Elizabeth Grey (d 18.07.1472, dau of Edmund Grey, 1st Earl of Kent)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Greystock (b 10.07.1471, d 13/4.08.1516)
  m. Sir Thomas Dacre, 2nd Lord of Gillesland (d 24.10.1525)
((2)) Elizabeth Greystock
  m1. Sir Thomas Scrope, 5th Lord of Masham and Upsal (d 1475)
  m2. Sir Gilbert Talbot of Grafton, Sheriff of Shropshire (d 19.09.1518)
  ((3)) Margery Greystock
  m. Thomas Gray
  ((4)) Mary Greystock
  m1. Thomas Salvin of Newbiggin
  m2. (29.08.1478, sp) Edmund Hastings
  ((5))+ other issue - John, Richard, Ralph, William (d young), William, Joan, Isabella, Anne
CTG identifies Ralph's 2nd wife as Elizabeth, dau of John Terell & sister of Sir James. BE1883 does not mention a 2nd wife at all. TCP identifies her as ...
  m2. Beatrice (d 20.04.1505, sister of Richard Hawclyf or Hatcliff, m2. Robert Constable)
  ((13)) Anne de Greystock (d unm)
  This appears to be the same person as Agnes who is reported by some sources to have been the wife of Henry Thwaites of Lund.
  (b) Elizabeth de Greystock
m. Roger Thornton of Newcastle
  (c) Joan de Greystock
  m. John Darcy (d c1454)
  (d) Anne de Greystock
  m. (18.02.1432) Ralph Bigod of Settrington
(e) Alienor de Greystock
  m. Sir Ralph Yvers (Ewers)
  (f) Matilda de Greystock (dsp)
  m. Lord Scrope of Upsal
  (g)+ other issue - William, Richard (dsp), Thomas (dsp), John (dsp), Henry, Katherine (nun)
  (ii) Maude (Matilda) de Greystock
  m. Eudo Welles, younger of Welles (dvp)
  (iii) Joan de Greystock
  m. Sir William Bowes of Streatlam
  (iv)+ other issue (dsp) - Sir William, Sir Thomas, Sir Ralph
  (B) Alice de Greystock (dsp)
  m. Sir Robert de Harrington
  (C)+ other issue - William, Robert
  m2. Margery de Bolebec (dau of Hugh de Bolebec)

Main source(s): BE1883 (Greystock), TCP (Greystoke), TCP (FitzWilliam) with input/support as reported above
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