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Families covered: Hamilton of Cubardy, Hamilton of Elrick, Hamilton of Linlithgow, Hamilton of North Park (Northpark), Hamilton of Shawfield (Schawfield), Hamilton of Silvertonhill (Silverton Hill), Hamilton of Turnlaw, Hamilton of Westport

Alexander Hamilton of Shawfield (Schawfield) & Silvertonhill (a 1455, d before 1466?)
1. John Hamilton of Schawfield (dsp before 1474)
2. (Sir) James Hamilton of Shawfield, 2nd of Silvertonhill (d before 14.05.1526)
  BP1934 supports Anderson in identifying just 1 wife of James: the Douglas heiress of Newton. 'HamiltonHistory' reports that James "may also have married a Douglas as stated by Anderson, but that he received through her the lands of Newton in the barony of Drumsargard is improbable". 'HamiltonHistory' suggests that his wife (and implied mother of his children) was ...
m. (by 1474) Elizabeth Lindsay (a 1474)
  A. James Hamilton of Shawfield (d before 01.06.1530)
  m1. _ Somerville?
  i. James Hamilton of Schawfield (d by 03.05.1546)
  a. Elizabeth Hamilton
  m. (before 28.03.1554/5) Andrew Hamilton of Meidhope (natural son of Sir James of Fynnart)
  ii. Patrick Hamilton of Bogside
  m1. Jane Boyd (widow of _ Colquhoun)
  a. Margaret Hamilton (d 11.1613)
  m1. (mcrt 12.01.1580/1) James Hamilton of Bogside (son of Sir Andrew of Goslingtoun)
  m2. (mcrt 02.12.1591) Anthony Kennedy of Bogend & Altenalbenoch
  m2. (by 04.11.1562) Marion Cunynghame (d 1607, m2. Hugh Kennedy of Altenalbenoch)
  m2. Janet Dunbar
  iii. John Hamilton of Turnlaw
  m. Margaret Fleming
  a. John Hamilton of Turnlaw (d before 1599?)
  m. Jonet Millar (d before 08.05.1590, dau of John Millar in Millheuch)
  (1) John Hamilton of Turnlaw, later in France (a 1647)
  m. Debora Pillet
  (A) Marie Hamilton
  m. Sidrac Chapuzel
  (B) Clotilde Hamilton
  m. (1660) Jacques Frichon
  (2) James Hamilton of Turnlaw (d 08.1645)
  m1. (before 1600) Janet Crawfurd
  (A) James Hamilton
  m2. (by 24.03.1601) Margaret Campbell (dau/heir of Dougal Campbell of Glasgow)
  m3. Margaret Hamilton (a 1645)
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  (B) William Hamilton of Turnlaw (d before 1679)
  m. Anna Hamilton (dau of Arthur Hamilton of Parkhead)
  (i)+ issue - William (b 1561, a 1661), Margaret (b 1662)
(C)+ other issue - James, 2 daughters
  One of the daughters was betrothed to James Brenton.
  (3) Arthur Hamilton in Edinburgh (d before 16.12.1616, 6th son)
  (A)+ issue - John (a 1594), Adam (b 1595/6, a 12.1616), Margaret (b 1598), Janet (b 1600)
  (4)+ other issue - David, Robert, Walter, Gawin, Patrick, William, Katherine
  b. Archibald Hamilton in Turnlaw (d before 01.06.1615)
  iv. Katherine Hamilton (a 1558)
  m. James Drummond
  v.+ other issue - Alexander (a 1534), James, Margaret, Marion
  B. John Hamilton of Newton, 3rd of Silvertonhill (d before 22.10.1535)
m1. ?? Somerville (dau of Sir John Somerville of Quodquan/Cambusnethan)
  m2. Katherine Hepburn (a 1636)
  C. Elizabeth Hamilton
  m1. John Stewart of Craigehall
  m2. James Dundas of Cragton & Newliston
  D. Margaret Hamilton
  m1. James Livingston of Warrenhill (d before 27.07.529)
  m2. Herbert Johnston of Westraw
  E. daughter
  m. _ Somerville of Quodquan
  F.+ other issue - Bartill, Alexander, Robert
3. William Hamilton of Bellsyde & Westport (a 10.1487) - continued below



William Hamilton of Bellsyde & Westport (a 10.1487) - continued above
1. Thomas Hamilton of Westport, Linlithgowshire (dsp)
2. John Hamilton of Linlithgow of Westport (d c1537)
  m. Helen Govane or Gowane (d by 09.1553)
  A. James Hamilton of Westport, Provost of Linlithgow (d before 18.11.1564)
  Only 'HamiltonHistory' identifies any wife for James, naming 2, but is clear only that the youngest son, John, was by the 2nd wife. The dates suggest that at least the first 2 sons were by the 1st wife. We presume that is was just John who was by the 2nd wife and that the others were by ...
  m1. (by 1550) Agnes Hamilton (a 1587?)
  i. James Hamilton of Westport (b c1560, d before 08.06.1618)
  Anderson, supported by BLG1952, shows James as m1. ?? (mother of Elizabeth (m. James Dundas) & Jean) m2. Janet Drummond, mother of Grizzel & John who, by unnamed wife, was father of James who m. Anna Hamilton. The following follows 'HamiltonHistory'.
  m1. Janet Mure
  m2. Grisel Hamilton (relict of John Hamilton of Wodheid (Woodhall?))
Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  a. James Hamilton of Westport (b 1580?, d 22.08.1625, Rector of Glasgow University)
  m. (mcrt 23.01.1606) Jane Drummond (sister of Sir William Drummond of Riccarton)
  (1) James Hamilton of Westport (b c1607?, d 12.1674)
  m. (mcrt 07.1635) Anna Hamilton (dau of Sir Patrick Hamilton of Little Preston)
  (A) Elizabeth (Elspeth) Hamilton
  m. James Dundas of Morton & Philipston (a 1670)
  (B) Margaret Hamilton
  m. (after 11.12.1663) John Hamilton of Bangour
(C) Helen Hamilton (a 1707)
  m1. (by 1676) George Erskine (a 1676, Captain)
  m2. Andrew Crawfurd of Lochcate (d by 1707)
(D) Anna Hamilton of Westport (d 26.01.1716)
  m1. (1674) Walter Sandilands, later Sandilands-Hamilton of Westport
  m2. (before 1703) Andrew Armstrong of Morristown (dsp 1723, Colonel)
  (E) Grizel Hamilton
  m. (1674) Thomas Hamilton of Olivestob
  (F) Catherine Hamilton
  m. (09.08.1681) John Hamilton of Gilkerscleugh
  (G)+ other issue - son (Walter?, dvpsp), Jean
  (2) Robert Hamilton (b 1620, d 1687, WS, 4th son)
  m. (10.01.1656) Elizabeth Welwood (d 1689)
  (A) Hugh Hamilton (b 1659, d before 15.05.1691, 3rd son)
  m. (11.11.1687) Magdalene Semple
  (i)+ issue - Robert (a 1692), child (bur 1690), child (bur 1694)
  (B)+ other issue - James (b 1657), Robert (b 1658, d 1671), William (b 1660), John (b 1664), Archibald (b 1665, a 1691), Alexander (b 1668), James (b 1672), George (b 1673), Robert (b 1674), Henry (b 4676), Janet (b 1662), Marion (b 1666, a 1687), Jean (b 1667), Margaret (b 1670)
'HamiltonHistory' reports that "Nine of these children died young between 1661 and 1676."
  (3) Nichol Hamilton in Edinburgh (d 12.01.1656)
  m. Ellen Basillie (relict of George Merschell of Edinburgh)
  (4) Grisel Hamilton (d by 1662)
  m1. (1637) William Cochrane of Barbacklay (d 1645, son of James of Barbauchlaw)
  m2. James Muirhead of Bredisholme
  (5)+ other issue - John (a 1625), Thomas (b 1619) , Elizabeth, Jean
  b. John Hamilton of Edinburgh (d 19.06.1614)
  m. Isobel Cleland
  (1)+ issue - James (d 1634), John, Robert, Katherine, Marion
  c. David Hamilton of Elrick (d 12.08.1617)
  (1) Various sources show David of Elrick a generation earlier. See ## below.
(2) The following is supported by 'HamiltonHistory' ('Northpark', p627+) and the article on Northwoodside House in 'The Old Country Houses of the Old Glasgow Gentry' (2nd edition, 1878).
  m. Marion Home (d 1619)
  (1) James Hamilton of Elrick (b 1616, dsp c1631)
  (2) John Hamilton of Elrick (b 1618, d 09.1674, minister of Carmichael)
  'The Old Country Houses ...' & Anderson show this John as nephew of the above James, being son of another John. We follow BLG1952 + HJHeraldry + 'HamiltonHistory' in showing him as James's brother, apparently born posthumously.
m. Helen Ferguson of Caitlock
  (A) John Hamilton of Elrick (b 1669, bur 08.04.1741, minister in Glasgow)
  m. Margaret Ballantine (bur 11.06.1750, dau of William Ballantine of Castlehill)
  (i) John Hamilton (b 1713, d 03.02.1780, Moderator of the General Assembly)
m1. (1742) Mary Campbell (d 1747, dau of Rev. George Campbell)
  (a) John Hamilton (d 1749)
  m2. (24.02.1752) Mary Bogle (d 26.07.1808, dau of John Bogle of Hamilton Farm and Daldowie)
  (b) John Hamilton of North Park (Northpark), Provost of Glasgow (b 16.06.1754, d 1829)
  m. Helen Bogle (d 1825, dau of Archibald Bogle of Gilmorehill)
  ((1)) John Hamilton of North Park (dsp in Jamaica)
  ((2)) Archibald Hamilton of North Park (b 1784, d 1860) had issue
  m. (1812) Margaret Bogle (dau of William Bogle of Shettleston)
  ((3)) William Hamilton, later of North Park, Provost of Glasgow (d 1866) had issue
  m. (1826) Mary Orton Lucas (d 1875, dau of Rev. Gibson Lucas of Filby)
  ((4)) Jane Miller Hamilton
  m. (24.10.1814) Colin Campbell of Colgrain (b 08.01.1782, d 1863)
((5)) Mary Hamilton (b 1797, d 1873)
  m. (1829) Rev. David Welsh (b 1793, d 1843)
  ((6)) Helen Hamilton (b 1802-3, d 1886)
  m. (20.06.1827) John George Hamilton of Laggary (b 01.01.1794, d 1866) @@ just below
  ((7))+ other issue - George William (dsp 1858), Robert (dsp 1840), others (d young - Cathcart, Hugh, Andrew, Janet)
  (c) George Hamilton in Glasgow (b 20.01.1756, d 1796, minister in Glasgow, youngest son)
  m. (10.1792) Margaret Bogle (d 1837, dau of George Bogle of Shettleston)
  ((1)) John George Hamilton of Laggary (b 01.01.1794, d 1866) had issue
  m1. (1825) Christina Cameron Monteith (d 1825, dau of Henry Monteith of Carstairs, Provost of Glasgow)
  m2. (20.06.1827) Helen Hamilton (b 1802, d 1886, dau of John Hamilton of North Park) @@ just above
  (d)+ other issue (d unm) - George (d infant), Patrick (b 1767), William (b 1758, d 1759), Janet (b 1763, d 1769), Margaret (b 1765, d 1774), Mary (b 1768, d 1771), Sarah (d 1785)
  (ii) Agnes Hamilton
  m. _ Wardrop
  (iii)+ other issue - William (b 1721), Margaret (b 1716, d 1750), Helen (b 1719, d 1720), Grizel (b 1720, d unm 1804)
  (B)+ other issue - Grizell, Margaret
  (3) Janet Hamilton
  d. Margaret Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 19.02.1598/9) John Carmichael (son/heir of James of Potteschaw)
  e. Jean Hamiltont
  m. (c1608) Robert Hay of Edinburgh (d 02.1633)
  f. Agnes Hamilton
  m. (c1604) Robert Kerr (son/heir of Andrew (Town Clerk of Linlithgow))
  ii. Alexander Hamilton (a 05.1559, d by 1596)
  iii. David Hamilton of Elrick
  ## This David is shown by BLG1952, Anderson & HJHeraldry as the David of Elrick who was ancestor of the Hamiltons of Northpark. Provisionally we follow 'HamiltonHistory' (p877) as showing that David a generation later.
  iv. Archibald Hamilton of Linlithgow
  a.+ issue - James, Jean, Margaret of Edinburgh (d 01.1680)
  v. William Hamilton of Linlithgow (d 05.11.1596, maltman burgess)
  a. James Hamilton
  vi. daughter
  m. _ Gibbieson
  m2. (by 27.10.1561) Agnes Robertson (a 1595, widow of _ Mure)
  vii. John Hamilton
  a. James Hamilton (commissary clerk of Lanark)

Main source(s) (see here):
(1) For upper section (originally uploaded on or before 13.10.04 as lower section of Hamilton04, expanded & moved here 06.02.15, further expanded and then split (moving most generations of the Silvertonhill line to Hamilton33) on 02.07.16) : 'HamiltonHistory' ('Shawfield', p785+) with just a little input/support from BP1934 ('Hamilton of Silverton Hill'), 'AndersonMemoirs' ('Silvertonhill', p377+)
(2) For lower section (uploaded 13.10.04, expanded 06.02.15, further expanded 02.07.16) : 'HamiltonHistory' (Westport, p873+), 'AndersonMemoirs' ('Westport' (p394+) & 'Northpark (p327+)), BLG1952 ('Hamilton of Lowood & Castlehill'), HJHeraldry (Hamilton, 'Westport' (p46) & 'Northpark' (p327+)) with further input/support as reported above
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