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Families covered: Sandilands of Hilderston, Sandilands Lords Torphichen, Sandilands-Hamilton of Westport

James Sandilands of Calder, 2nd Lord Torphichen (b c1574, d 08.1617)
m1. (mcrt 01.08.1595) Elizabeth Heriot (dau of James Heriot of Trabroun)
1. James Sandilands, 3rd Lord Torphichen (d unm 01.1622)
2. John Sandilands, 4th Lord Torphichen (d 07.1637)
  m. (mcrt 28.02.1624) Isabel Dundas (dau of Sir Walter Dundas of Dundas)
  A. John Sandilands, 5th Lord Torphichen (bpt 11.02.1625, d unm 07.1649)
  B. Walter Sandilands, 6th Lord Torphichen (bpt 12.05.1629, d 05.1696)
  m1. (05.1651) Jean Lindsay (d 1655, dau of Alexander Lindsay, younger of Edzell)
  i.+ issue (d young) - Walter (bpt 28.02.1652), John (bpt 19.03.1654)
m2. (28.04.1657) Catherine Alexander (dau of William, Lord Alexander)
  iii. Margaret Sandilands (b 17.09.1660, d young)
  iv. Anne Sandilands (b 22.02.1663)
  m. (mcrt 21.02.1684) Robert Menzies, younger of Menzies (b 1660, dvp 1692)
  v. Catherine Sandilands (dsp)
  m. (29.04.1689) David Drummond of Cultmalundie or Cultmalindie
  m3. (11.04.1671) Anne Elphinstone (bpt 22.06.1648, dau of Alexander Elphinstone, 6th Lord)
vi. Lilias Sandilands (b 20.02.1672)
  m4. Christian Primrose (dau of James Primrose)
  vii. James Sandilands, 7th Lord Torphichen (d 10.08.1753, 2nd son)
  m. (1703) Jean Hume (b 22.03.1683, d 10.12.1751, dau of Patrick Hume, 1st Earl of Marchmont)
  a. Walter Sandilands, 8th Lord Torphichen (d 09.11.1765, 2nd son)
  m. (09.06.1757) Elizabeth Sandilands (d 27.09.1779, dau of Alexander Sandilands)
(1) James Sandilands, 9th Lord Torphichen (b 15.11.1759, dsp 07.06.1815, Lt. Colonel)
  m. (06.04.1795) Anne Inglis (dau of Sir John Inglis, Bart of Cramond)
  (2)+ other issue - Alexander (b 12.02.1761, d unm 20.11.1806), Walter (b 14.02.1763, d young), Hugh (d 10.1782)
  b. Robert Sandilands (d 18.05.1791, 8th son)
  m. Grisel Kirkpatrick (dau of Sir Thomas Kirkpatrick, Bart of Closeburn)
  (1) James Sandilands, 10th Lord Torphichen (b 21.07.1770, d 22.03.1862) had issue
  m. (03.11.1806) Margaret Douglas Stirling (d 13.12.1836, dau of John Stirling of Kippendavie)
  (2)+ other issue (d unm) - Susan (b 08.06.1766), Jean (b 17.11.1767, d infant), Grisel (b 06.12.1768)
c.+ other issue - James (d unm 20.04.1749), Patrick (b 01.11.1708, dsp), Alexander (bpt 25.09.1711, d young), Andrew (d unm 27.06.1776, Major), George (b 09.03.1717, d young), Charles (bpt 20.06.1720, d unm 1741), Grizel (d unm), Christian (d unm 05.10.1762), Wilhelmina Caroline (b 12.12.1715, d unm 15.08.1767)
  viii. Christian Sandilands
  m. (22.06.1704) Robert Pringle of London
  ix.+ other issue - Walter (bpt 15.06.1673, dvp unm), Magdalen (d unm)
  C. William Sandilands of Couston (bpt 13.05.1630)
  m. Mary Eastoun
  i.+ issue (including Walter, William)
  D. Isabel Sandilands (bpt 14.06.1631)
  m. (24.04.1666) Sir Thomas Kirkpatrick, 1st Bart of Closeburn
  E. Margaret Sandilands (bpt 31.12.1633)
m. Thomas Marjoribanks of that ilk (d 1704)
  F.+ other issue - Anna (bpt 27.03.1627), Katherine (bpt 14.08.1632), child (bpt 08.01.1635), Janet (bpt 14.02.1636)
3. William Sandilands of Hilderstown
  m1. (1626) Grizel Bannatyne
  A. Isabel Sandilands probably the Isabel who married ...
  m. Alex Dickson (b c1624, d 1656)
  B.+ other issue - William, Margaret, Susan
  m2. (01.01.1641) Elizabeth Cunninghame (dau of John Cunninghame of Cuninghamhead)
E. Walter Sandilands of Hilderston, later Sandilands-Hamilton of Westport
  This connection coming from BLG1952 (Hamilton of Lowood and Castlehill) and is supported by 'Memoirs of the House of Hamilton' by John Anderson (1825, p395+).
  m. (1674) Anna Hamilton (dau of Sir James Hamilton, 7th of Westport)
  i. (Sir) James Sandilands-Hamiton of Westport and Hilderston, 'Bart' (dsp 1733)
  James assumed the baronetcy of Cuninghamhead but this was not recognised.
  ii. (Sir) Walter Sandilands-Hamilton of Westport, Belsyde and Hilderston (d 1763)
  m. Helen Hamilton (dau of Colonel Thomas Hamilton of Olivestob, cousin)
  a. Grizel Sandilands-Hamiton of Westport and Belsyde
  m. (c1735) John Ferrier of Kirklands
  b.+ other issue - James (dvpsp 1762, captain), Thomas (dvpsp 1762, captain), daughters
  F.+ other issue - Elizabeth (bpt 03.09.1641), Mary (bpt 26.01.1645), Elizabeth (bpt 29.03.1646), James (bpt 28.02.1647), Anna (bpt 28.05.1648)
4. Isabel Sandilands (bpt 28.10.1607)
  m. Hugh Wallace of Elderslie
5. Margaret Sandilands possibly fits here?
  m. Robert Bonar of Keltye (a 1611)
6.+ other issue - Robert (b 24.12.1600, d 12.1654), Henry, (bpt 25.06.1605), Thomas (bpt 21.06.1612, d young)
m2. Mary Somerville (d 15.05.1620, dau of Gilbert Somerville, 8th Lord)

Main source(s): TSP (Torphichen), BP1934 (Torphichen)
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