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Families covered: Heblethwayte of Bridlington, Heblethwayte (Hebblethwaite) of Norton, Heblethwayte of Sedbergh

James Heblethwayte of Sedbergh, Yorkshire
1. Richard Heblethwayte of Sedbergh
  m. _ Fawcett of Sedbergh
  A. John Heblethwayte
  m. Margaret Haryson (Harrison)
  i. Richard Heblethwayte
  m. Margaret Fawcett (dau of John Fawcett of Sedbergh)
  a. James Heblethwayte
  m. Mary Dalton (dau of Roger Dalton of Kirkby Misperton)
  (1) Ann Heblethwayte
  m. Roger Otway
  (2)+ other issue - Richard (b c1579, a 1584), John (a 1584), Christopher, daughter
  ii. James Heblethwayte of Norton (a 1584, bur 07.06.1616)
  m. Dorothy Haddon (dau of Thomas Haddon or Hadden (brother of a Master of Request to Queen Elizabeth))
  iii. Henry Heblethwayte of London
  iv. Dorothy Heblethwayte
  m. James Heblethwayte of Sedbergh
  B. daughter
  m. Robert Fawcett of Sedbergh
2. Christopher Heblethwayte
3. John Heblethwayte
A. Richard Heblethwayte
  i. John Heblethwayte (bur 02.08.1628)
  a. Thomas Heblethwayte, later of Norton (bur 27.03.1647, of the Middle Temple)
  m1. Anne Hildyard (bur 05.10.1609, dau of Richard Hildyard, sister of Sir Christopher)
(1) James Heblethwayte of Norton (bpt 14.09.1607, bur 11.04.1653)
  m. (14.08.1627) Ann Hungate (bur 17.03.1629, dau of Thomas Hungate of North Dalton (sb William Hungate of Watton?))
  (A) Sir Thomas Heblethwayte of Norton (bpt 19.06.1628, bur 21.06.1668)
  m. Barbara Marwood (dau of Sir George Marwood of Little Buskby, Bart, m2. Sir Francis Cobb of Ottringham)
  (i) James Heblethwayte of Norton (b c1652, bur 10.12.1729)
  m. Bridget Cobb (b c1655, dau of Sir William Cobb of Ottringham)
  (a) Frances Heblethwayte (bpt 19.05.1677, d 01.04.1720)
  m. (08.04.1703) Sir F(rancis) Boynton of Burton Agnes, Bart (d 16.09.1739)
  (b) Bridget Heblethwayte (bpt 06.01.1686, bur 26.08.1720)
m. _ Bushell
  (c) Barbara Heblethwayte (bpt 11.05.1695)
  m. _ Cartwright of Malton
  (d)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 28.07.1696, bur 31.07.1666), Elizabeth (bpt 19.07.1680, bur 17.08.1680), Mary (bpt 16.02.1689, bur 07.07.1692)
  (ii) Charles Heblethwayte (bpt 20.08.1660, bur 11.02.1726, 3rd son)
  m. Margaret St. Quintin (bur 19.06.1723, dau of Sir William St. Quintin of Harpham, Bart)
  (a) William Heblethwayte of Bridlington (bur 01.12.1726)
  m. Henrietta Freeman (bur 17.04.1753, dau of Samuel Freeman of Dublin, m2. George Bower of Bridlington) # see here ##
((1)) James Heblethwayte of Bridlington (b 10.08.1727, d 02.11.1773)
  m. Mary Johnson (b 25.12.1731, d 12.07.1815, dau of Thomas Johnson)
  ((A)) Charles Heblethwayte (b 23.04.1751, d 26.11.1811, 2nd son)
  m1. ??
  m2. _ Conyers of Driffield
  ((i)) Mary Heblethwayte
  ((B)) Samuel Freeman Heblethwayte (b 14.04.1765, d 04.12.1801, Vicar of Sunning Hill, 3rd son?)
  m. Mary Ann Young of Scarborough
  ((i)) John Montague Heblethwayte (d infant)
  ((C)) Mary Heblethwayte (b 05.01.1749, d 13.05.1815)
  m1. (01.08.1768) Sir Griffith Boynton of Burton Agnes, Bart (d 06.01.1778)
  m2. John George Parkhurst of Catesby Abbey (d 06.1823)
  ((D)) Frances Heblethwayte (b 03.03.1768)
  m. John Pitts of Newcastle-on-Tyne (Lt. Colonel)
  ((i)) MaryP itts
  m. (01.08.1818) Charles Wray (d 10.1836, Chief Justice of Demerara)
  ((ii))+ other issue - Thomas James (b c1789, d unm 23.02.1814, Captain), William (d 02.08.186, RN), Frederic (d 24.06.1814, RN), Edward, John Staniforth (d 02.10.1836), Francis
  ((E)) Margaret Heblethwayte (b 03.06.1772, d 23.12.15847)
  m. _ Harland of Bridlington
  ((F))+ other issue - William (b 31.12.1749, d unm 23.09.1808), James (b 23.02.1775, d unm 26.09.1794, RN), Edward St. Quintin (b 31.08.1766, d unm 20.09.1796, RN), Hugh (b 12.07.1769, d 11.08.1769), Henrietta (b 21.08.1752, d young), Adriana (b 23.08.1753, d young), Adriana (b 12.08.1756, d 22.06.1761), Elizabeth (b 08.10.1758, d 14.10.1758), Catherine (b 26.10.1760, d 17.09.1761), Harriet (b 13.09.1763, d unm 07.04.1827), Henrietta (b 24.03.1771, d 8.04.1772)
  ((2)) Adriana Heblethwayte (bpt 29.01.1722, bur 21.09.1741)
(iii) Mary Heblethwayte
  m1. _ Lister
  m2. (15.12.1731) Richard Sandys
  (iii) Barbara Heblethwayte probably the Barbara (d 15.07.1735) who married ...
  m. Thomas Gataker (bpt 08.10.1650, d 10.11.1701)
  (iv)+ other issue - Thomas (b 02.10.1657), Montague (bpt 11.08.1662), George (bpt 22.07.1666, bur 18.09.1666), Frances, Ann (but 06.11.1656, d young), Theodosia (bpt 04.12.1658), Elizabeth (bpt 10.09.1664, d young), Margaret (bpt 10.06.1665)
  (2) Ann Heblethwayte (bpt 09.10.1608)
  m1. Ralph Yoward of Westerdale
  m2. Thomas Nacy ("an Irishman")
  (3)+ other issue - Dorothy (bpt 19.09.1606, buyr 05.10.1606), Jane (bpt 24.09.1609, bur 10.10.1609)
  m2. Mary Sotheby (bur 26.08.1653, dau of Thomas Sotheby of Birdsall, relict of Thomas Hungate of North Dalton)
  (5) Thomas Heblethwayte (bpt 10.05.1619, dsp 1641)
  m. Isabel Mountaine (dau of Isaac Mountaine of Westow (Wistow))
  (6) Dorothy Heblethwayte (bpt 16.02.1614)
  m1/2. (05.10.1631) James **
  m2/1. Francis Aislaby
  B. Robert Heblethwayte (a 1538, first Headmaster of Sedbergh Grammar School, cleric)

Main source(s): MGH (NS1, vol 1 (1874), 'Heblethwayte Pedigree', p418+) with some support from Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1584/5 + 1612, 'Heblethwaite of Sedbergh'), Visitation (Dugdale, Yorkshire, 1666, 'Heblethwayte of Norton')
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