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Families covered: Hill of Carwythenick, Hill of Shilston, Hill of Spridelscomb, Hill of Truro
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Robert Hill of Shilston (b 1392)
m. Margaret Champernowne (dau of Sir Richard Champernowne of Modbury)
1. John Hill of Shilston (b 29.05.1420)
  A. Richard Hill of Shilston
  m. Joan Stretchley (dau of Andrew Stretchley or Strechley of Holberton)
  i. Robert Hill of Shilston (d 12.05.1566)
m. Elizabeth Dinham (dau of John Dinham of Wortham)
  a. Oliver Hill of Shilston (b c1507, d 26.12.1573)
  m. Agnes Boduckshed (dau of Roger Boduckshed of Boduckshed or Boduckshued or Budside)
  (1) Robert Hill of Shilston (b c1558, d before 17.10.1637)
  m. (15.10.1576) Ursula Southcote (dau of Thomas Southcote of Indeho)
  (A) Thomasine Hill (a 10.1637)
  m. Robert Nunne of Felsham
  (B) Elizabeth Hill (d 1611)
  m. John Carew of Haccombe (a 1620)
  (C) Mary (or Ursula) Hill
m1. Sir Robert Chichester of Raleigh (d 24.04.1624)
  m2. Sir Ralph Sydenham
  (D) Cecilia Hill
  m. (c02.1620-1) Thomas Ashford of Devon
  (E) Bridget Hill
  m. Richard Duxwell of London
  (F)+ other issue - Edward (dsp), Southcott (a 1620), John (b c1589, a 1620), Thomas (b c1590, a 1620), Ursula (a 1629), Amy, Agnes, Frances
  (2) Arthur Hill of St. Keverne, Cornwall (a 1629)
  m. Margaret Southcote (dau of Thomas Southcote of Bovye, sister of Ursula)
  (3) Roger Hill (d 21.10.1638)
  m. (01.11.1607) Anne Smerdon (bur 19.01.1648-9)
  (A) Richard Hill (bpt 26.05.1611)
  (B) Anne Hill (bpt 05.04.1609)
  m. (03.07.1634) Richard Smerdon
  (4) Elizabeth Hill (a 1573)
  m. _ Randall
  (5)+ other issue (a 1573) - Florence, Joane
  b. Phillip Hill (4th son)
(1)+ issue - William (bur 21.11.1610), Jane (bpt 10.11.1610)
  c. Richard Hill of Truro, Cornwall (6th son)
  m. Lora Weekes (dau of Hugh Weekes of North Lew)
  (1) Richard Hill of Truro (d 1659, MP)
  The following is supported by BHO (History & Topography of Kent, vol 2, 'Parishes: Sutton-at-Home').
  m. Agnes
  (A) Abraham Hill of Sutton Manor, St. John's, Kent (b 18.04.1633, d 1721)
  m1. Anne Whitlock (dau of Sir Bulstrode Whitlock)
  (i) Richard Hill of Sutton Manor (dsp 1721-2)
  (ii) Frances Hill of Sutton Manor (d unm 1736)
  m2. Elizabeth Pratt (dsp, dau of Michael Pratt of London)
  (2) William Hill
  m. Christian
  (A) Peter Hill
  (i) William Hill, 1st of Carwythenick in Constantine (a 1707)
  m1. Christian Borlace (dau of John Borlace of Pendean)
  (a) daughter
  m. W|illiam Pryce
m2. Charity Bullock (dau of Richard Bullock of Helston)
  (b) William Hill of Carwythenick
  m1/2. Anne Vivian (dau of Rev. _ Vivian of Pottlemouth)
  ((1)) William Hill of Carwythenick
  m. Catherine Tremenheere (dau of William Tremenheere of Penzance)
  ((A)) Peter Hill (2nd son)
  m. Jane Penneck Robinson (dau of Rev. William Robinson of Nansloe)
((i)) Harriet Hill
  m. William Sandys of London
  ((ii))+ other issue - William, Richard, Frances, Jane, Caroline, Mary
  ((2)) John Hill
  m2/1. Elizabeth Williams (dsp, dau of Courtenay Williams)
  (3)+ other issue (a 1620) - Frances (bpt 13.07.1615), Loveday (bpt 31.08.1617)
  d. Elizabeth Hill
m. Thomas Prideaux of Orcherton
  e. Katherine Hill
  m. _ Cole of Colehanger
  f.+ other issue - Francis, Humphrie, Robert, Florence
  ii. Elizabeth Hill possibly of this generation
  m. Walter Northcote of Crediton
  iii.+ other issue - John, Margaret/Margery
2. Robert Hill of Spridelscomb (b 04.1421)
  A. John Hill of Spridelscomb
  m. Maria Stowell (dau/coheir of Thomas Stowell)
  i. Isabella Hill
  m1. Thomas Engler
  m2. Daniel Mudge
3. Margaret Hill
  m. Richard Fortescue of Fallapit
4. Elizabeth Hill
  We follow Vivian ('Hill of Truro and Constantine') in showing Elizabeth as of this generation. Vivian ('Hill of Shilston') shows her a generation earlier.
  m. Otho Gilbert of Compton Castle (b 1417, d 02.02.1494)
5.+ other issue - Thomas (b 21.11.1423), William (b 20.10.1422)

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Hill of Shilston'), Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, 'Hill of Truro and Constantine')
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