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Families covered: Kelly of Kelly (Kelley of Kelley)

Thomas Kelley of Kelley (Kelly of Kelly) (d 29.05.1605)
m. Blanch Harris (dau of William Harris of Hayne, m2. Henry Northleigh)
1. William Kelley of Kelley (Kelly of Kelly) (b 1588, d 09.11.1627)
  m. Phillippa Connock (bur 15.06.1682, dau of John Connock of Treworgey)
  A. John Kelley of Kelley (Kelly of Kelly) (d unm 1689, 2nd son)
  B. Philippa Kelley (b c1614, a 1689)
  m1. Henry Bidlake
  m2. _ Manaton
  C. Mary Kelley (a 1689)
  m. _ Saltron
  D. Loveday Kelley (a 1689)
  m. Henry Langford
E.+ other issue - Thomas (b 1616, a 1628, dsp), Mary
2. Arthur Kelly (bur 25.04.1662, rector of Kelly, 3rd son)
  m. (08.11.1627) Joan Connock (bur 16.03.1659-60, dau of John Connock of Treworgey)
  A. Francis Kelly of Tredown in Bradstone, later of Kelly (bur 09.12.1690)
m. (08.12.1668) Elizabeth Tucker (bur 26.08.1691, dau of _ Tucker of Holsworthy)
  i. Arthur Kelly of Kelly (bpt 02.04.1673, d 18.10.1712)
  m. Susanna Handcock (bur 21.01.1747-8, dau/heir of William Handcock of Hendre and/or St. Germains)
  a. Arthur Kelly of Kelly (bpt 23.10.1712, bur 27.03.1762)
  m. Mary Tucker (bur 05.06.1781, dau of William Tucker of Coryton Park)
(1) Arthur Kelly of Kelly (bpt 15.07.1742, bur 10.10.1823, Colonel)
  m. Dorothea Juliana Drewe (b c1751, bur 06.11.1819, dau of Edward Drewe of Exeter by Dorothea Juliana, dau/coheir of George Treby of Plympton by Charity, dau/coheir of Roger Hele of Graton & Halwell)
  (A) Arthur Kelly (bpt 15.06.1773, dvp 23.03.1822) had issue
  m. (16.06.1803) Mary Godwin (dau of John Godwin of Portsea)
  (B) Edward Kelly (bpt 26.01.1779, d 24.05.1831, Captain) had issue
  m. Sarah Braddon (dau of Edward Braddon of Skirdon)
  (C) Mary Kelly (bpt 30.06.1775)
  m. (12.04.1798) Edward Morshead (rector of Calstock & Kelly)
  (D) Phillippa Kelly (bpt 02.01.1790)
  m1. (16.12.1812) Thomas Sowden or Sowdon of Whitstone
  m2. Thomas Yarde of Trowbridge House
  (E)+ other issue - Arthur (bpt 03.02.1772, bur 27.07.1772), Elizabeth (bpt 30.04.1776, bur 30.10.1851), Susanna (bpt 13.08.1780, d num bur 01.05.1828), Juliana (bpt 08.03.1786, d unm)
  (2) Francis John Kelly (bpt 12.05.1749, Captain, 3rd son)
m. (1782) Elizabeth Oakeley (dau of Thomas Oakeley of Deal)
  (A) Agnes Kelly
  m. (21.03.1809) Samuel Laing of Edinburgh & Orkney
  (B)+ other issue - Henry (d unm, Captain), Elizabeth, Catherine, Mary
  (3) William Hancock Kelly (bpt 06.08.1751, d 02.05.1811, Vice Admiral)
  m. Sally Morton (dau of Judge Magnus Morton in Nevis, West Indies)
  (A) Magnus Morton Kelly (dsp, RN)
  (B) Mary Kelly
  m. Theophilus Clive
  (4) Benedict Marwood Kelly of Holsworthy (bpt 12.08.1752, d 1836)
  Commoners identifies Benedict's wife as Mary, dau of Thomas Coombe of Holdsworthy, but Vivian identifies her as ...
  m. (13.04.1780) Mary Coham (dau of Arscott Coham)
  (A) William Kelly (b 27.02.1782, Commander RN)
  m. (1821) Sarah Cole
  (B) Benedict Marwood Kelly of Salthed House near Bristol (b 03.09.1784, dsp 26.09.1867, Rear Admiral)
  m1. (31.08.1837) Mary Anne Price (d 14.07.1838, dau/coheir of Richard Price of Highfield Park)
  m2. Juliana Boyd (dau of William Boyd of Benfield Priory)
  (C) Juliana Kelly (bpt 01.09.1790)
  m. George Braund of Exeter
  (D)+ other issue - Lewis (bpt 01.09.1790, d infant?), John Tucker (b 23.12.1792, d unm 1818), Francis Coham in London (b 26.04.1802), Mary, Sarah (bpt 07.12.1790), Elizabeth (bpt 19.07.1797)
  (5) Thomas Kelly of Burrington (bpt 03.09.1760, dsp)
  m. (1783) _ Vining or Viny of Stoke
  (6) Mary Kelly (bpt 15.11.1756)
  m. Lewis Robinson (Captain RN)
  (7)+ other issue - William (bpt 10.05.1745, bur 23.06.1745), Susanna (bpt 08.06.1746, bur 29.06.1769)
  b. Grace Kelly (bpt 26.08.1705)
  m. (19.06.1734) Edward Puckey of Liskeard
  c. Philippa Kelly (bpt 06.07.1706)
  m. _ Webbe of Saltash
  d. Susanna Kelly (bpt 15.11.1708)
  m. (23.05.1740) George Werrington/Wormington Bewes of St. Stephens near Launceston
  e. Mary Kelly (bpt 02.05.1709, bur 21.12.1739)
  m. William Kelly (vicar of St. Breward)
  ii. Joan Kelly (bpt 24.04.1672)
  m. (14.09.1693) John Tillam
  ii. Phillipa Kelly (bpt 11.11.1675)
  m. (14.11.1701) Samuel Martyn (vicar of St. Enoder)
iv.+ other issue - William (bpt 02.05.1678, bur 09.05.1678), Mary (bpt 27.01.1669-70, bur 09.05.1676), Elizabeth (bpt 12.03.1673-4)
  B. Thomas Kelly (bur 16.11.1689) had issue
  C. Margaret Kelly
  m. (06.10.1663) Nicholas Deeble (rector of Calstock)
  D. Alice Kelly
  m. (19.07.1664) John Moore (rector of Buckland Filleigh)
3. Margaret or Margery Kelly
  m. Arthur Kelley of Peters Marland
4. Anne Kelly
  m. Matthew Scawen
5. Elizabeth Kelly
  m. John Furlong (not Furland) of Tamerton
6.+ other issue - Oliver (bur 13.02.1656-7), Grace, Mary, Blanche

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Kelly of Kelly), Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Kelly of Kelly), Commoners (vol 2, Kelly of Kelly)
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