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Families covered: Harris of Hayne, Harris of Kenegie, Harris of Wortham
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John Harris
m. _ Stone (dau/heir of _ Stone of Stone and/or Lifton)
1. William Harris (d 12.01.1547)
m. Thomasine Hayne (dau/coheir of Walter Hayne of Hayne)
  A. John Harris of Stone & Lifton (b c1506, d by 1552, serjeant-at-law, recorder of Exeter)
  m. Elizabeth Kelley (dau of Michael Kelley of Ratcliffe & Southwick)
  i. William Harris 'of Stowford' of Hayne, Devon (d 23.02.1590-1)
m. Mary Grevill (dau of Sir Fulk Grevill of Beauchamp's Court)
  a. Arthur Harris of Hayne & Kenegie, Sheriff of Cornwall (b by 1561, d 16.05.1628, Captain of St. Michael's Mount)
  m. Margaret Davils (dau/heir of John Davils or Davilles of Totely and/or Marland)
  (1) John Harris of Hayne & Kenegie (b c1586, d 06.03.1656-7)
  m1. Florence Windham (b c1596, dsp 01.01.1630-1, dau of Sir John Windham of Orchard)
  m2. (c11.1631) Cordelia Mohun (dau of Sir John Mohun of Boconnoc, 1st Lord of Oakhampton)
(A) Sir Arthur Harris of Hayne & Kenegie, Bart (dsp bur 20.02.1685-6)
  m. (1673) Theophila Turnor (bur 27.07.1702, dau of John Turnor (Turner))
  (2) William Harris 'of Kenegy' (bur 05.1661)
  There is some confusion with this generation. BLG1886 & BEB1841 both show the brother of John and father of Christopher as Arthur. Vivian names this brother of John as William but, in his work on Cornwall, shows him as father of Arthur (bpt 30.10.1630) father of Christopher. However, in his work on Devon, shows that Arthur as d young with William being father of Christopher. As the dates suggest Christopher was of the next generation, we follow Vivian (Devon).
m. (04.6.1625) Philippa Noye (dau/heir of John Noye of Burian)
  (A) Christopher Harris of Hayne & Kenegie (d 25.05.1687)
  BLG1886, BEB1841 & Vivian (Cornwall) identify Christopher's wife as Elizabeth, dau of William Martin of Linderidge. Provisionally we follow Vivian (Devon) which identifies her as ...
  m. Elizabeth Trott (d 26.08.1698, dau of Martin Trott of Langridge)
  (i) William Harris of Hayne, Sheriff of Devon (b c1652, dsp 17.10.1709, MP)
  m. (04.10.1685) Jane St. Aubyn (dau of John St. Aubyn of Clowance)
BLG1886, BEB1841 & Vivian (Cornwall) show William as father of Christopher, John, William & Jane. Provisionally we follow Vivian (Devon) which show them as his nephews/niece, being children of ...
  (ii) Christopher Harris (a 1718)
  m. Jane
  (a) Christopher Harris of Hayne (dsps bur 04.07.1718)
  m. Mary Ann Buller (d 21.08.1726, dau of John Buller of Keveral)
  ((1))+ issue - Arthur Buller (bpt 16.11.1715, bur 18.11.1715), Mary (bpt 13.10.1717, bur 21.10.1717)
  (b) John Harris of Hayne (dsp 05.10.1767, Master of the Household to Kings George II & III)
  m1. Margaret Tuckfield (b c1686, dsp b 13.03.1754, dau of Roger Tuckfield of Raddon, relict of Samuel Rolle of Heanton)
  m2. Anne Seymour (dsp bur 13.04.1774, dau of Francis Seymour, Lord Conway)
  (c) William Harris of Hayne
  m. Jael Thomas (bur 23.09.1770, dau of John Thomas of Tregolls)
  ((1)) Christopher Harris of Hayne (bpt 25.03.1737, bur 08.09.1775)
  m. Penelope Donnithorne (dau of Rev. Isaac Donnithorne of St. Agnes)
  ((A)) Penelope Harris (bpt 31.01.1772, d unm 02.04.1860)
  ((B)) Elizabeth Harris (b 06.08.1773, d 04.1855)
  m. (1799) Isaac Donnithorne, later Harris (d 08.10.1848, son of Nicholas of St. Agnes)
((2)) Jane Harris
  m. William Arundell of Trengwainton
  ((3)) Susanna Harris
  m. Samuel Harness (rector of Stowford)
  (d) Arthur Harris (bur 31.12.1770, rector of Lifton),
Shown by Vivian (Devon) as of this generation but by Vivian (Cornwall) & BLG1886 as son rather than younger brother of William just above.
  (e) Jane Harris
  m. (1724) William Arundel of Trengwainton & Menedarva
  (f)+ other issue (a 1718) - Elizabeth, Lydia
  (iii) Joseph Harris of Parktown (a 1708) had issue
  m1. Elizabeth (bur 27.04.1696)
  m2. (05.01.1700-1, sp?) Cordelia Harris (bur 24.12.1710, dau of John Harris of Wortham) @@ below
  (iv) Arthur Harris (bpt 30.09.1663, d young)
  (v) Philippa Harris (a 1708)
  m. Philip Hicks (vicar of Gulval, rector of Lifton)
  (vi) Lydia Harris
  m. (17.03.1689-90) John Borlace
  (vii) Elizabeth Harris (a 1708)
  m. Rev. Samuel Davyes
  (viii) Margaret Harris (a 1708)
m. George Richards
  (ix) Mary Harris (a 1708)
  m. _ Oliver
  (B) John Harris (a 1708, 4th son)
  (i)+ issue (a 1708) - Philip, John (cleric)
(C) Mary Harris
  m. Thomas Fleming of Landith
  (D)+ other issue - Arthur (bpt 20.10.1630, d young), William (a 1708)
  (3) Thomas Harris of The Mount, St. Hilary, Cornwall
  m. (c07.1618) Joane Hart of Launceston and/or Padstow (bur 15.12.1688)
(A) John Harris of (Lifton, later of) Wortham (bur 10.10.1705, 2nd son)
  m. Mary Hext (bur 31.03.1674, dau/coheir of John Hext of Alternon)
  (i) John Harris of Wortham (bur 28.11.1727)
  m. Dorothy
  (a) William Harris (b 1674, 2nd son)
  m. (12.02.1699-70) Honor Bickford (dau of Arscott Bickford of Dunsland)
  ((1)) Samuel Harris of Smalecombe (bur 14.05.1772)
  m. (21.11.1745) Florence Incledon (bur 21.10.1761, dau of Henry Incledon)
((A))+ issue - Elizabeth (bpt 24.08.1747, d before 1773), Dorothy (bpt 05.10.1752, a 1743), Mary (bpt 07.08.1755, a 1773)
  ((2)) Dorothy Harris (bpt 17.04.1701)
  m. (22.07.1724) Francis Gregor of Trewarthenick
  ((3))+ other issue (a 1722) - John of Georgeham, Elizabeth, Jane
  (b)+ other issue - John (bur 23.02.1673-4), Mary (bpt 26.12.1675, bur 16.01.1675-6), Jone (bpt 24.03.1676-7)
  (ii) Cordelia Harris (bpt 27.09.1664)
  m. (15.01.1700-1) Joseph Harris of Parktown @@ above
  (iii)+ other issue - Charles (bpt 16.08.1654, bur 05.11.16565), Arthur (bpt 22.04.1656, bur 18.10.1657)
  (B) Mary Harris
  m. (02.01.1661-2) Arthur Giffard (rector of Bideford)
(C)+ other issue - Arthur (bur 24.10.1635), Philip (a 1657), William (a 1657)
  (4) Tobyas Harris (6th son) had issue
  m. (c12.1631) Jane Wright of St. Ives
  (5) Philipp Harris (a 1657) had issue
  m. (14.09.1631) Elizabeth Dromant
  (6) Mary Harris
  m. Tobyas Newcourt of Pickwell
(7) Alice Harris
  m. (30.10.1632) William Glyn of Glyn (b c1599, d 05.08.1664)
  (8) Margaret Harris
  m. John Dinham (dsp)
  (9)+ other issue - Arthur, Henry
  b. Izodd or Brygdd Harris (dsp)
  c. Margaret Harris (bur 19.04.1614)
  m. William Grimes or Crimes of Buckland Monacorum
  d. Elizabeth Harris
  m. Thomas Stone of Minver (Trevigo) (bur 28.07.1604)
  e. Blanche Harris
  m1. Thomas Kelley of Kelley (d 05.1605)
  m2. John Northleigh
f. Catherine Harris
  m. Thomas Martin of Somerset
  ii. Anthony Harris of Marwood (bur 10.04.1618, 4th son)
  a. Mary Harris
  m. John Newcourt of Pickwell
  iii. Arthur Harris
  m. (c1579) Katherine Beard
  iv. Alice Harris
  m. John Wise of Sydenham
  v. Willmot Harris
  m. John Trevelyan of Nettlecombe (d 1577)
  vi.+ other issue - John, Oliver
  B. Willmot Harris
  m. William Forster of Hole
2. daughter
  m.  _ Pyper
3. daughter
  m. _ Jackman
4. daughter
  m. _ Cole
5. daughter
  m. _ Allyn

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, Harris of Hayne and Kenegie), Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Harris of Hayne), BLG1886 (Harris of Hayne), BEB1841 (Harris of Hayne)
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