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Families covered: Lovell of Harlaston, Lovell of Plymouth, Lovell of Skelton

(1) The families reported on this page share this page for convenience purposes. We are not aware of any connection between them.
(2) Commoners reports that the following Rev. Benjamin Lovell "appears, from strong presumptive evidence, to have been descended from the baronial house of Tichmersh" which is reported on Lovel02. Commoners notes that Benjamin's younger two sons "were evidently named after the eldest and third sons of William Lord Lovell".
Benjamin Lovell (b c1600, a 1658, parson of Preston Bagot, later rector of Leckhampsted)
1. Sir Salathiel Lovell of Harleston (Northamptonshire) (b 1631-2, d 03.05.1713, recorder of London, Baron of the Excheqher)
  m. (c1660) Mary (b c1642, d 09.12.1719)
  A. Samuel Lovell (bpt 18.09.1665, dvp 1706, judge in Wales, 4th son)
  m. (1689/1692) Mary Anne Sergeant (d 04.1736)
i. Samuel Lovell of Kensington (b 1690, d 24.04.1751, Captain)
  m. (c1720) Mary (b 1682-3, bur 09.07.1767)
  a. Mary Lovell
  m1. (1742) Richard Lovell Badcock of Twickenham & Maplethorpe Hall
  m2. _ Barker (d before 1767)
ii. Rachel Jane Lovell (d 1764)
  m. (1732) Richard Edgeworth of Edgeworthstown, co. Longford
  B. Henry Lovell of Harletson & London 'of Northampton' (bpt 07.06.1676, d 12.02.1724-5, 9th son)
  m. Mary Cole (b c1690, d 23.12.1718, dau/coheir of Thomas Cole of London)
  i. Mary Lovell (dsp 24.09.1764/1766)
  m1. (05.11.1730) Hon. Samuel Grimston (b 12.1707, dvpsp 06.1737)
  m2. (1740) William Wildman Barrington, 2nd Viscount Barrington (dsps 1793)
  C. Maria Lovell (b 1659-60, d 08.08.1743)
  m. Joseph Townshend of London
  D. Penelope Lovell (bpt 09.1667, d 08.07.1738)
  m. (29.06.1714) Michael Stanhope (Canon of Windsor)
  E. Jane Lovell (bpt 05.06.1687)
  m. (c1713) Richard Badcock of London (d 12.08.1722)
  F.+ other issue (dsp) - Salathiel (bpt 02.06.1661, dvp), Charles (bpt 21.09.1662, dvp), James (bpt 16.07.1664, dvp), William (bpt 22.05.1668, dvp), John (bpt 06.06.1672, d infant), Thomas (bpt 07.1773), George (bpt 01.06.1675), John (bpt 01.06.1781)
2.+ other issue - Robert, John



George Lovell of Scelton or Skelton, Yorkshire
1. Robert Lovell of Skelton
  m. Anne Beaumont (dau of Sir Thomas Beaumont of Whitley Hall)
A. Philip Lovell of Skelton
  m. Bridget Pennington (dau of Sir William Pennington of Muncaster)
  i. William Lovell (dsp)
  ii. Thomas Lovell of Skelton (d c1579)
  m. Jane Hungate (dau of William Hungate)
a. Thomas Lovell of Skelton (d 1603) the first mentioned by MGH
  m. Mary Herbert (dau of Christopher Herbert of Yorke)
  (1) Thomas Lovell of Skelton (d 1665)
  m. (16.12.1617) Mary Boothe (dau of John Boothe of Burnham)
  (A) Thomas Lovell of Skelton (bpt 16.09.1619, bur 10.11.1680)
  m. (05.04.1635) Philadelphia Atkinson (bur 27.09.1680, dau of Thomas Atkinson of York)
  (i)+ issue - John (bpt 12.09.1665, a 09.1665), Thaoms (bpt 07.11.1644, bur 31.12.1644), Thomas (bpt 30.09.1647, bur 01.03.1664), Sarah (bpt 07.11.1639, d young?), Philadephia (bpt 12.02.1661, a 09.1665), Margaret (bpt 20.03.1659, bur 01.04.1660), Margaret (bpt 26.05.1660, d young?), Mary (bpt 03.02.1666, bur 18.02.1667)
  (B) William Lovell (bpt 13.05.1622, bur 05.08.1668)
  m. Anne Cockhill (dau of Roger Cockhill of Brigg)
  (i)+ issue - Arthur (bur 04.03.1662), Henry (bpt 19.10.1663), Stanhope, Margaret (bpt 26.05.1660)
  (C) John Lovell of Tadcaster (bpt 21.01.1658, 4th son)
  m. Mary Cundell (dau of Francis Cundell of York)
(i)+ issue - William (bpt 27.05.1673), Mary (bpt 02.07.1665, bur 03.07.1665), Mary (bpt 19.12.1669, bur 22.09.1680)
  (D) Frances Lovell
  m. Thomas Cockhill of Brigg
  (E) Beatrice Lovell (bpt 10.02.1623)
  m.(02.04.1647) Arthur Atkinson of Skelton
  (F) Susanna Lovell (bpt 20.04.1627, bur 29.04.1701)
  m1. William Belt of Overton (bur 20.11.1654)
  m2. Edward Stanhope of Grimston (bur 01.01.1658)
  m3. Sir Henry Thompson of York
  (G) Hesther Lovell (bpt 23.03.1638)
  m. Benjamin Masterman of York
  (H)+ other issue - John (bpt 23.08.1626, bur 20.09.1626), Anne (bpt 07.10.1635)
  (2) John Lovell of York (bur 24.09.1637)
m. Lucy (a 1637_
  (A)+ issue - Francis (dvp), Allen (dvp), Thomas, William, George, Beatrix (dvp), Mary, Ann, Elizabeth
  (3) Isabel Lovell
  m. _ Blundell of London
  (4) Elizabeth Lovell
  m. Robert Jackson of co. Durham
  (5) Mary Lovell
  m. Seth Lasenby of Earswick
  (6)+ other issue - Marmaduke of Leeds (dsp), Philip (bpt 24.06.1602)
  b. Audrey Lovell
  m. John Hansby of Easthorpe
  c.+ other issue - Isabel, Philippa
  iii. Robert Lovell of York (5th son)
  m. Katherine Teshe (dau of William Teshe of York)
  a.+ issue - William, Henry, Anne, Bridget
  iv. Henry Lovell
  m. _ Johnson of Newmarket Heath
  a.+ issue - Nehemias, Margaret
  v. Roger Lovell (8th son)
  a.+ issue - Arthur, Raufe, son, daughter
  vi.+ other issue - George, William (dsp), John, Anne, Elizabeth, Jane, Grace



William Lovell of Plymouth (bur 04.06.1706)
m. (c27.5.1685) Mary Rashleigh (bpt 24.11.1657, dau of Robert Rashleigh by Grace Briggs)
1. Trefusus Lovell of Plymouth (bpt 06.12.1691, a 1765)
m. (04.03.1715) Margaret Masterman (a 1765)
  A. Trefusus Lovell of Plymouth (bpt 25.09.1719, a 1773, 2nd son)
  m. (16.12.1754) Mary Vinson of Plymouth
  B. Abraham Lovell
  m. Elizabeth Pitman
  i. Trefusis Lovell (b 16.10.1766, Archdeacon of Derry, Rector in Middlesex, 3rd son) had issue
  m. Margaret Macan (dau of Thomas Macan of Carriff)
  ii. Elizabeth Lovell (b 05.08.1759)
  m. _ Mills
  iii. Martha Lovell (b 27.12.1768_
  m. (20.01.1796) Joseph Whiteford (b 1770, d 1849)
  iv.+ other issue - William (b 21.03.1763, d infant), John (bpt 06.05.1773), Abraham (b 03.04.1771, d 15.01.1774), Jane (b 28.03.1765), Margaret (b 01.01.1765), Nancy (b 28.04.1775)
  C. Jane Lovell (bpt 19.09.1726)
  m. William Keys
  D.+ other issue - William (bpt 11.11.1716), Nicholas (bpt 17.05.1725), Robert (bpt 05.02.1728), Mary (bpt 05.07.1721), Margaret (bpt 30.10.1730, a 1768), Martha (bpt 30.07.1737)
2.+ other issue - William of Stoke Damerell (a 1718), Thomas, Abraham, Martha, Joanna

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